Swara: A triangle love story begins (coming to you my love) (episode 11)


Guyzz I know you are waiting for my update,I will update it properly because my exams are over.

I want a favor from you all.

Can I update the balance of my ff”Swaragini-Naa seekha mein ne jeena tere bina”after this ff?

I just uploaded the four part of it. I can’t concentrate in this ff.And Ragini is back with her negative role in the show.I love Swara more than Ragini so I can’t make Ragini a protagonist this time in that ff. Because Ragini is hurting Swara and I doesn’t like that.

Please pardon me.

If you want that ff I will update it but it won’t be effective……..

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Now let’s we begin our 11th episode…

Episode 11

Surya ran before the paper…. He had experienced that his life is going from him…….He is dying…..
Please don’t go…….

Nina is attempting to start her hero pleasure……….

Ohh it’s not working… God why I had bought this vehicle….
That quote is right…
Why should boys have all the fun…..
Why should I bought this…..

Finally she succeeded in her attempt…
The vehicle was started

The paper stucks on her face…

What is this…..

She crinkled it and ready to throw it….

But something blocked her eyes


Surya comes to her…

What is this,you had damaged the whole pic…..

Nina:Tell me the truth are you a private detective?came to question me?Yes Meera is missing but I don’t know where she is….

Surya:What private detective? Me?

Nina:yes you are.So you are rotating with her sketches…

Surya:????whaat you know her….
Please tell something about her to me…….please….

Nina:I am doing this till from the 2 months.Now I am fed up.My dear friend I don’t know about where she is….

She leaves…..

Surya is trying the all the tricks that he knows for bring Nina to his way….

One day afternoon.

Nina is selecting dresses from Lakshmy silks vilagio

A salesman: Mam our MD is calling you.

Nina:What?but I am….

Sm:please come with me.

She comes to Surya’s room.

She is shocked to see Surya there.
Vivek(as Karan Goddwani Who played the role of NK in IPKKND) is with him

Surya:Yes I am..No you realized na that I am not a detective.I am the owner of this textile showroom…

Nandan comes with a load of expensive dresses

Surya:I offered you money,ornaments, properties and much more…. and now I can give you only one thing, expensive dresses from my stocks…

Vivi:We will solely give you all of these when you corporate with us….

Nina:??What corporate with you…

She slaps Vivi…
I am not a pr*stitute…
I will show you Bastards…..

She left there angrily….

Vivi placed his right hand on his cheeks because of pain…

Nandu throws the dresses to the floor…

Are you mad Surya we don’t know what is going on her mind.

Surya:ohh God I failed because of him

He is going to crimp Vivi’s neck..

Nandu impounded him.

Why are you angry with him. Are you mad…none will go before a girl whom he had only seen in his dreams….

Surya gives him a insensible smile…..

2nd day after that incident….

The 3 men are sleeping in the bedroom..

The calling bell rangs….

Vivi opened the door.

A man(Who is playing the role of Ritik in Naagin) is standing in front of him..

(yawn)haaaa he yawned….

Who are you….

The man slapped him.
Vivi is conscious now…

What? You hit me but why?he is crying….

Keep manners to girls

Who is that Vivi

Surya comes to them.

Surya this man slapped meT_TT_T??he runs to him with shrieking and secluded on his back.He peeps with placing his arms on his cheeks..

Surya:Who are you and why did you attack my friend.

I will tell you.

Nina enters to the room.

Vikrant,he is the man who is flirting me.

She points out to Surya.

Surya:Oh is it your play.
Nina:Yes you remember?I promised you that I will teach you a lesson.

Vivek:But I am learning the lesson.

Vivi peeps

Vikrant:Where did you get the courage to flirting her…

Surya:What???. I am flirting her.I solely want the information of my Meera.Aur vaise bhi iss main flirt karne ki layak kuch hai hi nahi hai?

Vikranth:???my dear you please calm down.

So Meera is your girlfriend right?

Nina:No Vikrant,she didn’t mentioned to me about him

Vikrant:Where did you meet her first time.

Nandu:In his dreams…..

They didn’t meet each other still now.

Nina:what??? Vikarant he is mad.I think we are in a mental asylum.

Surya:You just shut up?..

“Sneham thonnan oru janmam venda oru nimisham mathi”


Vivi:Bro this is Malayalam….
He is peeping.

Surya:You didn’t get it right? Matlab yeh hai ki”Pyar hone keliye poore janam nahin ek pal hi kaafi hain”

Voh pal kab aata hai kab jaata hai yeh sab uparwale ki haath mein hai.Ek baath bata do tumhe yeh ego Queen se kab pyar hua?

Vikrant:Love at first sight, when I met her in a engagement ceremony.

Surya:Pyar pyar hota hai my frnzz it is not an agreement.

So will you both help me please.

Nina informs him all she knew about Swara

Vikrant:Surya we are wishing to trust you. But we can’t because police are interrogating Nina in almost alternative days….

Surya:It’s okay Vikrant I will manage it.I solely asks about Meera whenever I want. That’s enough for me….

Nina:Okay I will help you
Vikrant: We are leaving now.
Surya: okay…..

They are leaving…

Two mysterious eyes are observing them……

To be continued…….

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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  1. yes please continue na seekha mane jeena there bina ff .I am waiting and I also don’t like ragini.update soon

    1. I will update that definitely. But I can’t concentrate in this ff.you know na dear that Ragini is playing a negative role now.So I can’t write this ff indulgently to Ragini.Because my stories are my dreams. I’m unaware of this ff writing still the previous month.Ragini’s character in that ff was my most awesome character of my story.So I can’t make her positive this time.Sorry sorry sorry

  2. its beyond the awesome… I like ur ff so much.. and esp malayali.. m frm nepal.. so its hard to get to knw abt ur culture but through ur ff I hav got to knw many more…
    and thank u dear.. u and me hav same thought abt rag.. finally my views towards rag matches to u.. rag is doing very bad to swara but still ppl think that its swara who is doing bad to her.. and somehere call her as maahan.. I totally hate these. coz I only watched swaragini for swara frm the frst till now.. my frst priorty is only on swara and after that others.. she is kinda role model for me and I am insipred frm her alot…so ur doing grt job…

    and abt pair in ur ff.. I was little bit disappointed.. but I really enjying this pair frm few days… coz I nvr thought anyone excpet swasan… but in ur ff.. observing the condition meera and shaurya is perfct.. frm ur last part I got to knw what was really happened to swara esp by sanskaar. I was full on angry wid him… so I am supporting u onwards in ur each and every decision.. coz I am swara’s fan frst later swasan in real serial tooo. so keep on dear..and keep entertaining us…

    1. Thank you Sumi.I am so glad to knowing that you are a fan of my ff…..I am so happy because you are loving to learning about our culture…..Give me your support always to me……

  3. Please finish this past one now …and write about present …what will be sanskaar reaction when he will meet swara and see her with surya …

    1. Plenty to say dolly,So why can I end this past so soon.I know you all are anxiously waiting for Sanky’s reaction. More and more are going to be happen soon.So please keep reading my ff..

  4. Nandana can i call u nandu…
    Hey its superb… Am malyali … I liked surya saying
    Sneham thonan oru janmam venda oru nimisham madhi

    1. Yes off course call me Nandu,My frnzz are also calling me Nandu…and you are my friend now

  5. Thank u dear.Njnm malayaliyanu

  6. Superb

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