Swara: A triangle love story begins (I can’t live with you) (episode 13)

Sorry guyzzz.Please read this chapter too.I will update the next part soon.It will be the end of this flashback…. I know this is stupidity and blender…..I will end this soon.


……I am only writing ffs because I am fed up of this serial….I can write this ff as a unique one.If I wrote like that then Sanskar
will replace Surya.But I am writing the continuation of the serial.So I want to give Sanskar and Swara a new start as 2 human beings.

Guyzzz Maybe I will unite Swarya or maybe I will unite Swasan.But it is not important…I don’t really think that Swasan has a perfect bond they never stood together with trust
.Their relationship is not made by trust…..
Important is they will move on their lives with their better halfs…….

Because I love Swara and Sanskar more than Swasan

So please keep reading….

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Now let’s episode 13

Episode 13

3 gangs are went to their destinations.


In a lab

Receptionist: Sir we don’t know, but we’ll try our best.

Nandan: okay

Receptionist: Please wait there sir

He waits for the result.

Zayid and Surya went to many hospitals but none were come to the hospital at Swara’s abducted date.

At last they found a clinic at the country side.

Doctor: Who are you to ask me like this.

Zayid shows his Id card to him

Doctor: sorry sir

Zayid:Now tell me.

Doctor: Which was the date ?

Surya:May 31

Doctor: Sir please wait a little. I will check my records.

But none was admitted at that day.
A man stares at them.

They returned to home.

Surya is shattered.
Zayid:cool down yaar all will be fine soon…..

Nandu what about the blood samples…..

Nandu:It’s positive. The blood is o-ve

Zayid:Vivi what about you.

Actually I found a box.I don’t think so it is a solid proof.

Zayid:Give it to me

Omg it is that shoe’s box.This is famous shop of Mumbai.

Surya go to his room……

He is crying

Where are you…….
Days are passing…….
I am loving you more and more on each day……
Please come to me…
At least in my dreams…..

He gets a call from his mom.

Surya:Mom I can’t find her…he is crying.
Sethu:Kanna…I know you are upset….

Any other mom will never allow this. But I know you are in truly love with her…….
Where is your bravery that was in you still yesterday…..
Pray to God he will clear all this…..


Hey Suryaa
Suryaaa please wake up

Someone is come to meet you and Zayid…

Surya: who is that..
Nandu: He is from the clinic where did you visit yesterday.He wants to meet both of you..

Surya:You please go I will be there soon.

Nandu: ok come fast..

Surya comes to the hall with Nandu.Zayid and Vivi are already there…

Zayid:So who are you.

Sir I am Seenu I am a staff of that clinic where did you visit yesterday.

Maybe doctor is forgotten. At that a man was admitted there.His leg was injured by a glass piece.So much blood was lossed.I was given the blood to him.

Nandu:What is your blood group.


They are amazed.
Zayid:Why are you remembering this date so keenly?

Because it was night and that day was my son’s birthday. That stubborn doctor never gave me my leave.

So I am leaving.
Surya:Please remain there.

Surya gave him some cash.

Sir I forgot something


He came there in a BMW .2 scorpios are accompanied it.
It was a Maharashtra registration vehicle.


Seenu:Yes sir I noticed it especially because it was a BMW.

I thought of it that why an expensive vehicle like BMW came to our country side…..


Nandan:So that is final.Our destination is Mumbai
But how can we find that man.

Zayid gets a call from Seenu.

Sir I forgot one thing too


Seenu:That man had a tattoo in his wrist.A name

Zayid:Wha what is that.

Seenu:I think it was Ahana…

The call gets disconnected.

Zayid:We got an another clue….

Zayid’s room

Sanam I will call you later.I am so busy.

Surya:Ghar ka call hai.You are not busy here.Then why are you not talking to her.Don’t you love her?

Zayid:No definitely I love her.But I think if we are not stubborn.family will never give a value to us…..

Surya:No Zayid it’s not like that.

Zayid:My dad was also like this. He taught me this.

Surya: okay my friend gud n8

Zayid: okay gud n8

Surya decided to do something for Zayid and his family……

The next morning

Vivi is searching for something….

Suryaaaa where is my toy bike??

Nandu u saw that?

He is crying.

Zayid:He is so childish no?


Zayid:Viviii here is your toy bike.

He runs to Zayid and hugs him.

Thank u bro……
You know my friend, My Papa was a Military man….When I was going to my first standard….. I was conflict to him that I want a bike.Tab unhone mujhe yeh bike diya bola jab main college jaungi tab mujhe ek asali bike doongi.Aur jab main college gaya tab voh iss duniya main hi nahin thi…..yeh bike mere saath hai toh aisa lagta hai ki papa meri saath hai mujhe samajh mein nahin aa raha hai ki main tumhare sukhriya kaise karun

He left

Zayid feels bad.

Surya:Zayid he is not childish.He loves his dad.One day you also will be die.Then what will memorize your son about you.

A stubborn dad right?

Ok what is your beautiful memory about your dad…….

You will be memorable because you are a responsible police officer.
But your family…what about them…. they will never remember you after you die….

Zayid please go……..,go and hug Sanam….. .And say her that I am in love with you…..I can’t live without you……… Maybe these words are filmy……. But sometimes these words make life live……. Once you will express your love to her you will be free…… Free from your fear and feelings…….Love is life Zayid.Jao jaake jagada karo usse manao usse…..and when you will be free take her to a long drive……. Make small surprises for her……agar tumne tumhara dill usse dikhaya toh kuch nahin hoga Zayid….one day maybe she will leave you then she will only take this good memories with her and you also……

Go go and spend sometime with Rizwan….Take his drawing book and help him to draw……Go to his PTA meetings…… Go to parks or a ice cream parlours with him…. Say him that I will be a best dad in the world…… Because once he becomes a father like you at that time he will only show that he was taught from you……

Go to your Ammi…..and speak her about his medicines……. Eat a bit of roti from her hand…..Give her a new dress…….these all things will never harm you…

Zayid:Surya but how I can do this….. They will never trust me….. They will never accept my changes……

Surya:Probably they will never accept but they can never elope from your love my bro…..

Zayid is in his bed…Sleep was far away from him…..

He dialed Sanam’s number…..

She attended that…..

Hello Zayid

Hello Sanam(as Heena Khan ,Akshara of YRKKH)

Why did you call me Zayid……

Zayid:Kuch nahi bas yuu hi,Where is Rizwan,is he asleep?

Sanam:Yes Renu is asleep. Have food?

Zayid:Yes,have you ate something?

Sanam:Tum nahin thi na bas man nahin kar raha tha….pata hai Ammi ne tumhare liye tumhari pasand ka Biriyani banaya hai aaj hamhaari anniversary thi na issliye…..
I was bring a gift for you…

Zayid:I love you Sanam….

She is shocked…..

I don’t know but I can’t live without you….I didn’t expect that one day I will express my love…… I didn’t bring a gift for you….. But I will there soon…I am coming to Mumbai…..I will give an awesome gift…..

Sanam:(she is emotional) No Zayid I don’t want your gift….bas yeh kehna hi kaafi hai…..it is a beautiful anniversary gift for me……

They are sharing their most beautiful moments….

3 days later


Vivi come fast…..

Nandu where is my air ticket…

I don’t know Surya…

Surya it’s in my custody you don’t worry about it….

Okay Zayid…..Viviiiiii come faaaasst

Yeah yeah I am coming….

Surya did you name Vikrant and Nina…

Zayid I named them they will accompany us from the airport…

Okay Nandu

Vivii where were you….

Surya I was calling Raju to clean our guest house…..

(Zayid will accommodate in his own house in Mumbai,Surya,Nandu,Vikrant and Vivi will be in their guest house and Nina will go to her home.)……

Zayid:Let’s go……

4 of them are exits from the house with their luggage….

They take the luggage to the car…..

Zayid is driving the car.Surya is on the front seat(left side).Vivi and Nandu are on the back seat….
He is looking into Swara’s sketch….I am coming to you my love…… I will be close to you…… Please wait for some more time…. Fresh air blows….The car is moving through the road amidst of windmills
It was twilight…..He is enjoying that twilight…..

Surya and his gang came to Mumbai to find Swara…..At last they found her in coma(please don’t collide it with Vismayathumbathu movie I swear thousand times I have an influence in that movie. But ghosts and other supernatural forces are no longer a part of my ff because I am not believing in them.It was Surya’s delegation from god to save helpless Swara…..that movie is a exactly a spiritual movie but my ff is not like that….).Saxena is arrested by police. His daughter’s name was Ahana which was a tattoo on his wrist…. He was in police custody……

Surya is in seashore…..He is lying in a rock and fallen asleep.

Someone is touched his forhead…..he wakes up

Meeraaa are you here…are you okay now.

Yes I am here Surya..

But I am going from this world..

Surya:where?Please don’t go from me…

Swara:No I have to go Surya.Bhagvan mujhe bula raha hai…..Meri zindagi yahan khatam ho rahi hai par…..Mujhe pata hai ki tum mujhe bahut pyar karti hoon.Par mujhe jaana hoga….

Zindagi ne mujhe baar baar dokha diya hai(She speaks about her past with Sanskar,Laksh, Ragini and other relations but Surya feels that she is speaking about Saxena)

You gave justice to me and others…

Surya:Meera please don’t go don’t go from me…..

Swara:Mujhe jaana hoga Surya kyun ki main tumhari Meera nahin ban paungi main tumse pyar nahin kar sakti.Main bahut maili ho chuki hoon…Zindagi ne mujhe aisa bana diya tha saayad.Mujhe tumhaari pyar ki hak nahi hai…..I am going Surya, with my tragic memories and alot of tears of mine…..I am unlucky I can’t live without you…..

To be continued……

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  2. No I want swara n Surya together plzz don’t separate them

    1. Are you really want this.I want others view too

  3. Don’t unite swara sanskar, let it be swara surya, they have a cute daughter, it will be injustice to her

  4. Swara and surya make good pair so don’t separate them.

  5. Tell me.. that lines their naa, is swara soul is speaking to surya..??so swara is in coma..??

  6. Tell me.. that lines their naa, is swara soul is speaking to surya..??so swara is in coma..???

  7. Nandan it touched my heart..I think swarya pair is good..coz they hav a daughter also..bt if its swasan then h can make surya die n make sanskar accept swara n mansi..

  8. Hey be with ur story don’t change it
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