Swara: A triangle love story begins (what was the blame on Swara) (episode 6)


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I know many of you are desiring to unite Swasan.But I just want to say to all of you that please don’t collide it with Swaragini’s story.
It’s just a story that I have made after watching Swaragini.Read it as a unique one.So Set up and read it, you would be right and wrong.You all have the ability to think.So you are human beings.When Swalak was the luv birds you can’t be able to accept about Swasan.May be tomorrow other male protagonist will be enter in the show for Swara and may be Sanskar will turns the Villain.Definitely you will vote for that protagonist.Just think about it you are not a Robot.Swasan’s detachment will continues after their marriage too.May be they never live peacefully because the soap belongs to Colors.

According to the history of the shows of the channel a couple never live peacefully.May be these shows lasts for a century too but the male and female protagonists can’t be become happy.Otherwise you want to see them together then you can watch the soap.But their break ups will continues for so long.May be they will unite in this story or may be not.Break ups will continues in all shows actually it is not a fault of the cast and crew of the serial because once you have to move on a story you have to use the help of problems may be it will be a break up too.It was our fault try to think something different otherwise the Serial fan page of fb will fills with unite Swasan unite Raglak,unite Ranvir and Ishaani,unite Simar and Prem….

Episode 6

The sun is rised.Swara opens the window the fresh air blows On her hair.She thinks about Surya.She is so happy to because Surya is with her.She looks outside from the window. Surya is giving instructions to the workmans of the farmland.It was the harvest season.Vishu (a harvest festival of Kerala)is coming.At that day every Malayalees will awake early and their first scene of that day will be the idol of lord Krishna with vegetables fruits and flowers. The special flower of Vishu is Kanikkonna that means golden shower flowers.Suddenly Surya’s mobile rings it shows that Sanskar is calling.She gets irritated. She attended his call
Sanskar:Hello Surya
Meera:Hello Sanskar
Sanskar:Hii Meera how are you where is Surya.
Meera:How can you know that I am Meera
Sanskar:Because your voice is just like my Swara
She gets irritated
Meera:Surya is not here
Sanskar:Okay please said to him that I’ll be there within 2 days
She is shocked

Sanskar:Yes I’ll be there
Meera:Surya is leaving the city today.
Sanskar:No problem I want to meet all of you.
Surya had told me about all of you
Meera:But our whole family is going for a wedding to Bangalore for 1 week.Please come after that.
Sanskar: mm okay
Meera:Thank you.

She discussed it with the whole family and Surya:Meera please don’t stop me.I have to go for Kolkata.we have to clear this
Meera:No I can’t let you go.
Sethu:No mole may be he is right we have to clear this
Suja:but chechi may be it will ruin our family.
Sethu:No Suja if someone is unhappy because of us it will ruin our generations too
Atlast Everyone in the family permits him to go.


Surya:where is your mom
Maansi:She is angry to you and she is at the entrance
Surya kisses on her 2 cheeks.
Surya:When ever she misses me give these kisses to her and take care of her.
Maansi: okay dad
He kisses her once more.
Surya:it’s for you dear.I miss you
Maansi:I miss you dad I luv you

Surya went to the entrance

Surya:are you angry to me
She is silent.
Surya:Won’t say I miss you
She is till silent
Surya: You won’t say goodbye to me.
Meera:because you are going from here not from my mind.

He went to Kolkata

Surya landed in Kolkata.It was early 7 o clock.he called Meera.

Surya:Are you sleeping still now.
Meera:yes because today is Sunday and Mannu has no school so I’ve no responsibilities.don’t you know.
Surya:I want to see your smile
Meera: okay just close your eyes
She smiled
Surya: I don’t want this smile.
Surya:Okay okay just stand up
Meera: what but why
Surya: please stand up and go to the shelf
Surya: Can you see a gift box.
Surya: open it.
Meera is amazed
Meera: bouquet of roses.
Surya:Yes now I can see your smile
Both were smiled unite.
and Gadodias are happy because of his return.

Mast magan performs

Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan toh kaise chhupaaye
Ho akhiyaan kare jee hazoori
Maange hai teri manzoori
Kajra siyaahi, din rang jaaye
Teri kastoori rain jagaaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam dohraaye

Chaahe bhi toh bhool na paaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam dohraaye

Jogiya jog lagake
Makhra rog lagaa ke
Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan toh kaise chhupaaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye

Chaahe bhi toh bhool na paaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam doharaye

Odh ke dhaani reet ki chaadar
Aaya tere shehar mein Ranjha tera
Duniya zamaana, jhoota fasaana
Jeene marne ka waada saancha mera
Ho.. sheesh-mehal na mujhko suhaaye

Tujh sang sookhi roti bhaaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye

Chaahe bhi toh bhool na paaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam.. dohraye…

Sanskar is ill treating Kavita.She remembers about the past


Swara and Sanskar got engaged happily.But Ragini was jealous to her because now Swara will live a peaceful life with Sanskar and that Ragini had enjoyed never before with Laksh.Maheshwaris are happy that their properties are came back to them.Ragini and dadi asks the help of Kaveri who is in jail.Ragini is pretending to Swara that she loves her.Innocent Swara believed her.And Kavita was unaware of all of these.Ragini gave Swara some papers and tells her that,those papers are given by Sanskar he wants the signature of Dp.She asked Swara’s help for his signature.Swara helped her.Later it revealed that it was the power of attorney of all properties that belongs to Maheshwaris and all of these are belongs to Swara now.Swara was ill treated the Maheshwaris.But really it was the play of Ragini she used the same drug that she used before Sanskar begun to hating Swara.Kavita holds the hand of Sanskar and the whole family.With the help of her Swara was thrown out of the house. But it reveals that Kaveri had already signed the papers from Swara for her.Swara tried to convince Sanskar and the whole family that she was innocent. But they refused to trust her.

Swara:Please believe me Sanskar I don’t know anything. All of it was done by Ragini.
Sanskar:I can’t trust you Swara because you are greedy.Now you are trying to become my wife because you want my money.
Swara:No Sanskar I only want you Ragini had consumed me that drug.
Sanskar:But why Swara medical test shows that you hadn’t consumed any drugs.
Swara:Oh you want proofs to believe me.
Sanskar:I don’t want any type of literature now please get rid of my life
.I hate you alot.I can’t trust you Swara
She cries.He thrown out her ring from his finger.It was raining. He goes from there.She cried alot.

Daayre performs with Swasan moments

Dilon ki mohabbat ko baandhe kyun
Haaye re!
Dilon ki mohabbat ko baandhe kyun
Haaye re!
Daayre.. daayre..
Daayre.. daayre..

Hain kyun faasle darmiyaan leke aaye re
Hain kyun faasle darmiyaan leke aaye re
Daayre.. daayre..
Daayre.. daayre..

Kaanch ke wo khwaab
naazuk the humare saare
Chhoone se hi tootne lage
Mannaton mein umr bhar ka
saath jinka manga
Humsafar wo chhootne lage

Na marna munasib
Jiya bhi naa jaaye re
Na marna munasib
Jiya bhi naa jaaye re
Haaye re!
Daayre.. daayre..
Daayre.. daayre..

Everyone hated her except Sumi.She moved to Mumbai.But she tried to patch up with Sanskar.Kavita and Sanskar got married and Swara goes missing. After one year the truth has revealed that Swara was innocent when Kaveri comes to rule them.But when Kavita was in opposite side Kaveri mentioned that she will ruin her she takes all the blame on Kavita’s head.Sanskar begins to hate her and love Swara again.Everyone learns about Ragini’s hand in the incident. They hated her and thrown out of the house.But they accepted her because of her pregnency.She changed to her old avatar.Now she is feeling bad to Swara.Love flourished between Raglak slowly.They searched for Swara everywhere but they can’t find her

Next scene

Meera:Hello My lovable idiot
Surya:have you Scene kani(A ritual of the Vishu festival.Everyone in Kerala wake up early and their first scene is Idol of lord krishna with Fruits vegetables and flowers)
Meera:How can I see that because my Krishna is in Kolkata.You know na if I’m Meera you are my Krishna
Surya:And if I’m Surya you are my lotus
The call is over

Vivek comes to him

Surya: What
Vivek: Dida is here now she will no longer accommodate us here

Sharmishta opens the door.She is shocked to see Swara with her luggage

So guys how was this episode.Sorry please wait for Saturday for the next update because my exams are going on

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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