Swara: A triangle love story begins (begining of new friendship)


Nandana Rajasekharan here.I’m back with my FF.Many of you are unknown of the previous story. So read and enjoy recap first.Enjoy it and comment fast

Episode 3


After 5 years things had changed.Sanskar is got married to Kavita because of a misunderstanding between him and Swara.Due to this Swara is missing from 5 years.Ragini and Laksh has a daughter named Swara.Everyone misses Swara so much even Ragini too.When Sanskar comes to know about the truth that Kavita is behind the break up of Swasan he breaks down his relationship with her.Kavita’s mother Kaveri is the new owner of MM.The Maheshwaris are ill treated by her.And It reveals that Swara is in Kerala.She got married to a Keralite named Surya and they have a daughter named Maansi.She is very happy with her family.Swara has a Memory loss and her name is Meera now.Her friend Nina told her that she is not Meera because of her Memory loss she forgot her real identity.Surya went to Kolkata for finding Swara’s where abouts. It reveals that before his marriage with Swara a fortune teller told him that before he meet his life partner he will meet her soul.In Kolkata Surya met with an accident and Sanskar saves him.Sanskar accidentally went through a phone in conversation with Swara.But he cant realized that it was Swara.Sanskar learns that Meera/Swara and Surya love each other very much.At the hospital a stranger comes to Surya’s room

Now enjoy the 3rd part

The man runs to Surya.He slips by the water on the floor.He falls into him.Surya yelps deeply.He pulls him back.
Surya:Are you come here to kill me.
Vivek:Sorry bro water was in the floor.
Surya: omg pls
Vivek: come on dude give me a hug
Surya: Okay come on
They hugs each other. Vivek crimps Surya.
Surya:leave me leave me damn it
Vivek:Sorry sorry sorry I’m sharing my love with you
Surya:Like this??
He looks at Sanskar
Vivek:Who is he
Surya:Actually he saved me
Vivek runs to Sanskar and touch his feet.He shrugs Sanskar’s feet
Sanskar:Ohh leave me leave me please
Vivek:No bro no you saved my friend. You helped us.He is our life.
Surya:Please try to end it Vivek.It’s is the time to end today’s drama.Will you get me some coffee.
Vivek:Off course
He leaves
Sanskar:I think he is a little mad
Surya:No no chance he is a full time mad
They laughs
Sanskar:So why are you here
Surya:for a research about Bengali and Rajastani rituals

Because he doesn’t want to expose the past of his wife.

Maheshwari Mansion

AP:Kavita where is Sanskar
Kavita:I don’t know Badimaa.I met him last time before 3 days
Ap shocked
Kavita:At that bridge where Ragini try to kill Swara.
Ap:Won’t you call him
Kavita:Yeah but he is not answering.
Ap:Okay continue it I’,ll also try.Sujata is so sad also.I’m going to her.
Kavita: okay badimaa
Kavita is continuing to call Sanskar.


Surya sees Sanskar’s mobile is ringing.He attends it.

Kavita:Sanskar where are you. I tried many times from 3 days.I know you are angry to me.But atleast try to attend other’s call
Kavita:Hello who is this where is Sanskar.
Surya: He will never takes your call.becoz
Kavita:Bcoz I killed him hahaha
Kavita is about to cry
Surya:please don’t cry.I’m just kidding. Are you silly
Kavita in anger: Who are you.Where is Sanskar
Surya:Actually I was met with an accident. He saved me
Kavita: ohh my god are you okay.
Surya:Yeah I’m okay.Are you Sanskar’s wife.
Kavita:Please tell to Sanskar to contact us
Surya:Okay you calm down.
The call gets disconnected
Surya is thinking about why he doesn’t want call his family

Gadodia house

Sumi is looking to her family photo
Shekhar:What are thinking sharmishta
Sumi:Today is the 5th anniversary of Swara’s missing
Shekhar: look Sharmishta.She did it for everyone.When ever she get out from her frustration she will be back to us.May be she will moved on
Sumi is shocked
Sumi:But Shekhar Sanskar ?
Shekhar:He also moved on then why are you thinking about him
Sumi:She had to think about others
Shekhar:She will be back soon
He hugs and consoles her

Maheshwari mansion

Surya got discharged and Sanskar takes him to MM.There is a party there. Sankar and Vivek helps Surya to walk.
Kaveri:So ladies and gentlemen here comes our main host.Sanskar come and cut the cake.
Sanskar tries to object.But Dp objects him.
But Sankar never minded it and he tells to the guests to get lost
Kaveri:Sanskar are you crazy.Why are you doing this
Sanskar:What is going on here
Kavita:Our anniversary Sanskar
Sanskar:May be you are forgotten that we had filed for a divorce.
Surya and everyone are shocked
Sanskar:May be all are forgotten that today is Swara’s missing anniversary too
Ap:Sanskar what are you saying how can we forget Swara
Sanskar:So why are you allowing this party
Kaveri:Sanskar may be you are forgotten that now Mahashwari mansion and properties are belongs to me
She sees Surya and Vivek
Kaveri:Who are they
Kavita:Maa they are Sanskar’s friends they will be here for some days
Kaveri:No won’t allow any outsiders in my house. Say get lost to them
Kavita:But maa
Kaveri:no you get lost kavita
Surya:No aunty I will go from here
Sanskar:But buddy
Surya:No dude I didn’t know that you have many problems
Sanskar cries
Surya:Let us go
Vivek:bye bro
They leaves.Vivek helps Surya to walk along the steps.Sanskar’s eyes are teared.Suddenly a light sparks at him.
Sanskar:Surya wait I’ll come with you
Everyone are shocked. Sanskar leaves with both of them

He parks his car near the baadi
Surya:Please wait here you both. I will come soon

Sankar enters at Gadodia house.Shekhar and family members are leaves from there angrily except Sharmishta.Sharmishta is serving food
Sumi:Sanskar come in beta come in.Can I serve food for you
Sanskaar:No maa No mood for food now
Sanskaar sees the dishes.
Sanskar:Maa Rasgula,aalu ke parata,kheer,kofta,paalak paneer Swara likes all this na
Sumi:Yes beta you know today is Swara’s missing anniversary.
Sanskar:You do this at every year why maa.
Sumi:I don’t know Sanskar but I feels that she will be back at this year
Sanskar:I also dreams that Maa I want a help
Sumi:What beta
Sanskar:Maa I have 2 friends.Actually one of them was met with an accident.They are new to Kolkata.
Sumi:what is the matter beta
Sanskar:Maa please accommodate them at dida’s house
Sumi:But beta dida’s house..
Sanskar: Dida is at Banaras na now it is only for 1 or 2 months.Please maa
Sumi: okay beta I’ll give me the key
Sanskar: okay maa I will get them

Sumi opens the door. The 3 men enters in the house
Sumi:Would you like the house
Surya:Yes off course
Sumi:Have food you all?
Vivek:No aunty.My stomach is playing organ because of hunger
Sumi: Don’t worry I’ll get it
Surya:No aunty we’ll manage
Sumi:No Wait here
She leaves and back with food.
As he take a bit of parata.Meera’s call arrived.
Sanskar:Meera right?
Sumi:Who is Meera
Surya:My wife
Sumi:Alright Kitni saal hui shaadhi se
Surya:4 saal
Sanskar:maan na padega boss.You love each other very much na
Sumi:khush raho donon
Vivek:You both don’t how they irritates others unite.
Sanskar:.Maa you know they call each other un every 10 minutes.Beware of STD Calls
Sumi:So you are from?
Sumi: Right it is a nice place
Surya attends her call.Sharmishta feels that Swara is there
Meera:why are you getting so late for receiving my call.Will you reached your destination
Surya:Yes.Okay I’m sorry.Have food?
Meera:No I’m in front of it and you
Surya:As the same
Meera: okay what are infront of you
Surya:your favorites Aalu ke parata,Rasgula,Kheer etc
Surya:And what is in front of you
Meera:Rice,Sambhar,Aviyal,Mampazapulissery,Palada pradhaman(Payasam/Kheer)
Surya:Meera you know it’s just awesome than your food aunty you are a master chef.
Meera gets jealous
Meera: Idiot I’m gonna kill you
Surya:No no you calm down.It’s just like yours. I don’t know how this miracle is possible
Vivek snatches the phone from him
Vivek:Meeraaa it’s a miracle.It’s just like you.
Vivek:Nooo it’s just like yours
Meera:You idiot try to sleep early. How many beer bottles are in your luggage
Vivek:No Meera
Meera: mm okay give phone to Surya
Meera:I know Surya that you will definitely booze.But I won’t allow you more than 2 glasses. Okay.
Surya: okay my sweet heart Go to bed early
Maansi:Mom give it to me.I want to talk to my dad
Surya:Meera mannu is there.Give phone to her.I want to talk to her.4 days are over
Maansi:hello dad
Surya:My princess how are you
Maansi:Fine dad how are you
Surya:fine dear
Maansi:You know dad I got 1st prize in painting
Surya:congratulations, I’m proud of you dear ummah
Maansi:Thank you dad
Surya:Take care of mom.good night sweet dreams.
Maansi:Ok dad good night
Meera:I miss you Surya
Surya:me too
Meera:Good night
Surya:Good night
The call got disconnected.They ate food together.Swara’s photos are hanging behind Surya.
Will he see them.

Surya tells Vivek that he wants Sanskar to be a part of his mission.But he is disappointed to see something.

So,friends how was this episode.Are you like to Swara and Sanskar meet each other at the next episode.Wait for the next episode.

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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