Swara: A triangle love story begins (back to present life) (episode 5)


I know you are waiting for my update.Frnz I’m Nandana Rajasekharan and you are going to enjoy the 5th part of my update with new twists

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Episode 5

Surya and Vivek landed in Kerala.Surya was fully silent.Vivek’s stupid jokes no longer made him laugh.He was alone in his room.It was locked by him.Many of the family members are unaware of his return.Many of them knocked the door but he didn’t opened it. Meera,Sri,Surya’s grandmother Rajeshwari and Sethu are went to Guruvayoor Temple.Surya gets a call from Meera.

Meera:My lovable idiot are you back.
Meera:Why Surya?You didn’t say anything to me. when you called me last time.Anyway if you mentioned me that today you will be back so I won’t come here
Surya:Swara I’m so tired.I’ll call you later
Meera:Swara?who is Swara?Your new girl friend?
Surya:Meera I’ll call you later.
The call get disconnected. Rajeshwari:Meera mole you know why Guruvayoor is more important than other Krishna temple because the idol that worshipping here was worshipped by lord Krishna.After his incarnation is over this idol was floated in the sea.It comes from Gujarat to Kerala.Guru Brihaspati and Vayudev placed it here together. So this place is termed as Guruvayoor
Sethu:Amme(means mom)I know this story but I’m loved to hear it from you
Sri:yeah muthassi(means grandmother)
They notices Meera.She is looking so tensed
Sri:What happened Edathi
Meera:Nothing.Surya is back

Sri:Really?you have to be happy but you are so tensed?what happened edathi
Sethu:You please go I’ll talk to her
Muthassi&Sri are leaving for buy things that are selling at the nearby stores
Sethu:What happened mole
Meera:Nothing mom.I think Surya is not in a good condition.Ritu had told me that he is refusing to talk to someone and is alone in the room.I think that he will share his problem with me.But he didn’t.I know he definitely found out my past.Mom I’m afraid of my past.
Sethu:Meera don’t be silly, all will be all right. We are in front of Unnikannan(means little Krishna) you just pray to him he will clear all these problems.

Varma Mansion

Vivek:I don’t know Meera.He told me to pack my luggage after returned from MM.I asked him about it many times.But he was totally silent
Meera: okay Vivek thank you
Vivek: okay Meera thank you

Surya continued to avoid Meera.She is heart broken.

Agat tum saath ho performs

Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
‘gar tum saath ho..
Agar tum saath ho

Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
‘gar tum saath ho

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hain
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

Nandan,Sri and Ritu made a plan to unite them

Sri:Edathi It’s mind blowing
Ritu:We have a plan.
They tells the plan to Meera.
Meera:I think it won’t works
Nandan:Meera please trust us.
Ritu:Yeah edathi trust us
Meera: okay I’ll try my best.

At the evening. Surya gets a call from Maansi’s teacher

Teacher:Mr Varma I’m Maansi’s teacher
Surya:Hello madam what happened?any problem?
Teacher: Actually I called you for telling this
Surya:What?madam please tell me. Is she okay?
Teacher:Actually Maansi is refusing to go to home.
Surya:What? but why?
Teacher:She wants to see both of you together.She will only come home when you both you both comes together here
Surya:Okay madam we will be there in 15 minutes
Teacher: okay


Teacher: I only allowed this to see them together
Nandan:Sorry madam we are only doing this for their happiness.
Ritu:Yes madam we want our home’s happiness back.
Maansi:Uncle I want one more ice cream
Ritu:You devil,you finished 3 ice creams still now and now no more ice creams
Maansi is crying
Maansi:I’ll say the truth to dad that you both were asked me to stay here
Nandan:No dear please don’t do that.Don’t you think that we have to destruct their estrangement.Don’t you love them?
Maansi:Yes.I love them very much
Nandan:we will give you 10 ice creams in the way to home
Maansi: okay
She is happy. She hugs Nandan

Varma mansion

Meera is taking dress from the cupboard in her room.

Surya:Meera we have to go to Mannu’s school
She is silent and she never mind it.
Surya: Don’t you hear me.we have to go there
Meera:I’m hearing you.But did you trying to hear me in these days. I asked you many questions but you didn’t answered me still now.
Surya:We will discuss it later now you come with me.
Meera:Her teacher also called me too.I’ll go there alone.I want to change.So please get lost.
She is ready to go there.

Sri:Edathi you have to pick her from school.And remember you have to hand over her to Nandan and Ritu on the way. They will wait for you near university college.But you have to drive the car.Take him to a lonely place and find the reason for his silence
Meera:Sri I’m afraid
Sri:you don’t worry everything will be fine soon.
She consoles her.Surya is awaiting for her but she never minded him and move for a taxi.
Surya holds her wrist and take her to car.


Maansi:dad mom are you together again
Surya:yes dear
Meera looks him with a smile.
Surya:Thank you mam
Teacher:it’s my duty but remember.You have to become happy atleast for her.
Meera: okay mam shall we go
Teacher:yes off course
Maansi:Bye mam
Teacher: bye mole take care

In the car both of them are silent.On the way Nandan and Ritu take Maansi to home.They are alone in the car.Meera take him to beach.It was twilight.

Surya:Meera Are you mad.why we are here at the evening.
Meera: Do you remember this beach before 5 years.There was an evening at that day too.Both of us were alone here.But I was a spirit at that day.It was the time for my departure to heven.But you won’t let me go.You hold my hands with love and trust Today I’m here because of you only for you.But you are trying to avoid me now.Then what will I do.I know Surya you had definitely found out my past.Don’t you think that I have the right to know that. Please tell me about my past.
She touched his feet and crying.He caught up her
Surya:definitely You have the right to know that but you will be disappointed
Meera:No Surya I’ll over come that because you and my entire family is with me.so please tell me,I’ve children?

Meera:I’m married?
Meera:Then what
Surya:You are a divorcee and he is still waiting for you.
She is shocked
He tells the entire story to her
Meera smiled
Meera: oh you idiot you feared me alot.I don’t want to be Swara.Swara is dead before 4 years.Now I’m Meera for now and for ever.
Surya:don’t you think about Sanskar and your entire family?

Meera:How can I care for them.How I caan I care for Sanskar who had any trust in me.How can I care for my sister who had cheated me alot.How can I care for my father who had never accepted me in my childhood and I had lived fatherless.And he had no trust in me.How can I think about my family who gave me only pain
Surya:But what about your maa?
Meera: I only wanted to meet her
Surya: but we are responsible for Sanskar’s condition. I’m his friend and I have to do something for him.
Meera:So what are you trying to say.If Sanskar is willing to accept me after knows everything will you let me go
Surya:I don’t know come lets go
Meera:Now you can go Surya but you have to answer me if you are trying forward this story.

The family members knows about Meera’s past.They rejects to move on this story.Surya is alone at that house because of his attitude towards Meera
Geetha(Ritu’s mom):No we have to forget her past
Ramakrishna Varma(Surya’s dad):That’s it Geetha we have to end this
Sahadev(Nandan’s dad):But chetta what about Surya?
RKV:he’ll be alright soon


Sethu:what are you thinking Suja
Suja(Nandan’s mom):Chechi I’m thinking about Surya.I think he can no longer love Meera
Sethu:Suja what are you saying.Their love is not weak
Ritu comes there.She looks very afraid.
Sethu:Apachi(means aunt)there was a call from Kumarettan our godown is burning because of short circuit.
Both of them are shocked.
Sethu: omg Meera is there
They are shocked
Suja:you please call Surya we are going to godown

Surya was in office
Ritu: Chetta(means elder brother) our godown is burning.
Surya:I know Ritu Kumarettan will handle it
Ritu:But chetta Meera edathi is there
He is shocked
Surya:what ?Ritu are you kidding?
Ritu:No chetta it’s true
Surya runs from there. He started his car and go for godown. He entered into the godown. But he can’t find her.Finally he finds her at a corner. He lifted her between the burning fire.She was unconscious.
Surya:Meera Please open your eyes.Please look at me.I can’t live without you.
He hugs her and cried alot.Finally she opened her eyes.
Meera:Surya I love you Surya please don’t leave me don’t hate me I can’t live without you
Surya:No dear how can I hate you I love you more than you love me I can’t live without you.They hugs each other.

At their bedroom Surya is helping Maansi to do painting.

Sethu: Surya can I take Mannu to my room
Surya:Yes off course mom
Maansi leaves with Sethu

Later Meera enters into the room. She is combing her hair in front of the mirror. Surya hugs her from the back.
Surya:I love you
Meera kisses him
Surya: don’t go away from me.
Meera:Never ever if I’m Meera you are My Krishna
Surya:And If I’m Surya you are my lotus
They hugs each other.His mobile rings silently. It shows that Sanskar is calling.

Surya gets a call from Sanskar.Meera attends it accidentally. He tells her that he is coming to there

Please try to understand,If Sanskar and Surya are together it means only friendship.Please don’t collide it with an immoral relation.So Please please please try to understand. It is a request.

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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