Swara The Heartbeat of Family -1

Let start with a mansion where name plate is written as maheshwari mansion ..as we see 2 man of mid 50 are sitting on sofa and lady of mid 50 serving tea to them they are dp ap ram sujata ..let move to a room which is blue in colour its looking classic ..and center a bed is present where boy of mid 20 is sleeping.. He is sleeping on his stomach his silky hair is falling hi forehead he looking handsome in his sleep he is non other our hero Sanskar ..his sleep disturbed by alarm he woke up went to wash room got fresh and got ready in white t shirt blue denim and brown leather jacket .he move another room where a boy of mid 20is sleeping ..his one leg is one corner if the bed where other other corner .sanskar went near boy ..
San:lucky get up..yes its laksh ..
Lak:5min bhai
San:lucky its 8:30 we r getting late wake up fast .laksh woke with jerk and ran to wash room ..sanskar went down where his family having brk fast .he wish them.
San:good morning all
All: good morning
Dp: sanskar where is laksh.
San: he is coming bade papa.
Dp: I dnt kne when this boy will become responsible
Ram: let it be bhaisa he is small.
After 10 laksh came down wearing black t shirt white jacket and blue denim ..they all had brk fast and left to there respective work ..

Screen shift to gadodia mansion
We see a old Lady doing Pooja ..and 2 lady of mid 50 and man of mid 50 and a old man of mid 70  and a boy od mif 20 standing there folding there hands ..soon a girl mid 20  wearing long black top and White  ankel length legging came  running and  stood beside boy ..that boy give smile to that girl ..soon Pooja over all took aarti ..went to dinning table..
Soon two boys of mid 20 came and sat on dinning table ..
Boys: good morning all.
All: good morning
Old man: what’s is this sahil and rajat why u didn’t came to pooja.
(Yes the boys are sahil and rajat)
Rajhil: sry Dada ji .we woke up late .
(Yes the old man is dd)
Dd:woke up late .dnt u feel shame to tell ..all night u do party and mrng u woke up late ..dd is scolding them no one is dare to interpreted him .viys gives pleading look to girl ..they knw only she can save them from Hus scolding ..
Girl:dadu leave na why are rising ur bp ..cool ..from tmrw they ll come ..
Dd:no shona they will never change
Yes the girl is swara
Swa:dadu plz forgive them this time ..plz
Dadu:ok only for I ll forgive ..they all having brk fast silently bcz dd dnt like noise on dinning table …
Dd: shashank and shekar me and parvati going to village .
Shansk: y papa
Dd:beta as a sarpach I should be there na ..village facing some problem so in going.
Shek: when u ll return papa
Dd: beta is my birth place I have my own house there I have lots of responsibility ..so dnt knw when I ll come..all are having brk fast bt one person is not eating she is playing with food all notice this .and they knw the reason.
Old Lady: shona my baccha y r u not eating ..
Swa: dadi I’m not feeling to eat
Parvati came and caresees her hair
Paru:shona beta will. Come soon beta
Swa:plz don’t go na I ll miss u
Parv:aww we miss u too beta ..bt we have to go na we have think abt village people ..she nodded sadly  ..boy who is siting beside her holded her hand 
Boy: baccha eat something
Swa: no shivam bhai I’m not Hungary
Yes the other boy is shivam and 2 men’s are shashank and shekar ..and 2 lady are serving them they are Shomi and janki .
Shiv: doll eat other wise u ll be weak.
..took a morsel near her mouth.
Shib: open ur mouth doll
Swara ate with his hand..after finishing brkfast he kissed her for head.
Shi: bye doll take care  ..all kissd her for head and went to respective place ..
Screen shift to mittal house ..lady and man sitting on sofa ..one girl came wearing skirt above her knees and crop top hairs tied in ponytail.. She is ragini .behind her another girl came wearing mini skirt rearly covering her thighs and short top above her waist she is kavita ..both left yo CLG in car ..
Screen shift to Kolkata university.
Its hustle bustles is there its first day of CLG ..a grp of senior ragging juniors.  Soon soon Sanskar and laksh join that grp ..they boys are sanskar laksh sahil Arjun nikil ..they all are 2 year student ..ragini kavya and kavita to join them bcz they are also second year ..all are busy in ragging..swara came on her scooty ..she parked her scooty and moved to the entrance ..she was going when sanskar grp called her ..sahil who saw swara got tense ..bcz she is very sensitive ..she went near them ..saskar was mesmerized seeing her ..she is simple yet beautiful ..
Lak:whats ur name miss.
she was  getting tense when she saw sahil she got courage ..sahil saw her tense fave assure with his eyes she smiled bcz her bhai is there to protect her ..
Kavita: look his bhenji is she ..
Kavya: true kavi ..they made fun of her.
San:guys stop it..
Lak:ok miss swara now kiss most 2 handsome boys over here .
Swara looked at him shock.
Arjun: yaar lucky 2boys seriously
Lak:yes arjun as u knw I’m also handsome and bhai also she will get difficult to so I have given 2 person and winked.all laughed accept sanhil.
Swara looked at them. She went near them all are seeing her she went near sahil and kissed his cheek all are shock bcz she ingnore 2 handsome hunk if CLG sahil smiled at her lil sis smartness …now laksh face fell pale bcz he knw now only sanskar is handsome boy remain all are waiting her next kiss ..now she getting tense ..seeing her tense sahil took his cell and msg somone ..swara is seeing sahil ..after 2 min sahil saw some one amd smiled ..he saw swara and he action through eyrs  to see that side she him and saw side  and smile brightly seeing the person .all who is noticing her action got confuse seeing her smiling all followed her gaze .all are confuse bt sahil is smiling .swara move toward the person and stood in front of him ..the person saw her and smiled .she smiled back  kissed his ..
cheek ..then she turn to grp and told ..
Swa: so my dear seniors they both are most handsome boys over here in my eyes ..all saw her shocked.. Then she turn to person hugged him and told .
Swa: thank u rajat bhai for coming
Yes that boy is rajat whom sahil msged to come soon..
Raj: hw I ll not come when doll need me ..soon bell rang all went to class..swara and rajat are same class that us 1 St year ..both went to class and sat beside each other ..soon class started and all got busy in lectures ..

Precape: swahil masti ..

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