Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 9)


Sorry for breaking my promise once again!! But no thoughts popped in my mind… but, This long update is for you guys!! Hope you like it…

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Sharp light rays of sun poked into my eyes… I woke up twisting my arms and took my mobile to check notifications… it’s still 6:00am… I have lot of time to waste!! Ahhhmmm…. I felt thousand jumpers hitting my head at once… This pain reminded me yesterday’s dream!! It’s not dream… It’s nightmare… Worst nightmare I ever had!! Pata nay is ajeeb sapnon se kab mera jaan chutega!!

Mom came with a cup of hot coffee… I inhaled its aroma until it reaches my cerebrum… Thank you so much Sumi I said hugging her!!!

Sumi: How are you feeling now??

After this coffee, much better!!! I said taking a sip….

Sumi: Okay then… I’m going to temple along with your baba… I’ve prepared your favorite poori today!! Drink it fast and get ready… Don’t leave until I come!!! Haan.. Agar darr laga toh aunty ko bulao!! I already informed her… She kissed my forehead and left the room without giving me chance to speak!!

Urghhh… Can’t you hide things from that aunty I yelled at her!!!

As usual no response… She already left!! I sat on bed recollecting my dream…. Such a beautiful palace it was!! I wish the palace really exists but not with ghosts… I was completely lost in thinking that I didn’t lock the door and didn’t hear calling bell!!

Someone entered into my home…. My room… I saw a familiar figure standing in front of me…. What?? This is impossible…. How can??? I think I’m still dreaming…. No… May be this is my hallucination!!This can’t be real… How can SANSKAAR be here… In front of me… With flowers and Guitar…No way… He is just a fragment of my imagination!! I should ignore these stupid instincts… I should get ready now… mom and dad would be coming any minute now!! I walked past him (oops fragment of my imagination)I turned back at him!!
He is standing there with a question mark face!! Oh god… He is so adorable…

Shona… He called me!!Now I’m pretty sure… This is just my imagination… Real Sanky would never call me Shona… I tried to ignore… But, naughty thoughts popped into my mind!! What if I kiss him?? He is not real… So, he wouldn’t say anything!! Wahh shona… You’re becoming intelligent day by day!! I will also make him propose me… I can do whatever I want to!! But I should check it once… SANSKUU… I called him once… this is going to be fun…. I grinned at him while he walked upto me!! Before he could say something I started…

you look so dashing!! This navy blue shirt suits you perfectly!! Ahh… You look so hot!! Hey… don’t tell all these to real Sanskaar Maheshwari!! He is a big sadu…Khadoos… but
you’re chooo chweet!! You bought me flowers and my guitar too…. Thank you so much!! I said everything in just one breath and tried to hug him!!

Shona… What are you doing?? He ducked and shouted!!

What!!! You’re just a fragment of my imagination… In fact I’m your creator … You should obey my orders!! I said pulling his cheeks…. His cheeks are too soft due to the clean shave…

Wow!! You seem so real… You cheeks are really like pooris… I wonder someday I will eat them!! I said with full excitement …

His eyes widened with shock!! Well, Now things are becoming weird…. If he is my imagination then why isn’t he doing what I say!! Why is he scared of me?? What if he is real?? What if he came here to give me a new guitar!! Oh god!! Cool down swara!! It’s better to ask him

Sanskaar… Are you real?? I asked pretending to be normal!!

Yes.. Swara bose!! I’m real… What happened to you?? Did any street dog bite you??

What the F***… You are real!! No.. I’m sure you are not!! This is just my dream!! Wait I will wake up right now!! I quickly jumped on my bed and covered myself with blanket by closing my eyes tightly!!

Swara Wake up now!! You won’t see Sanky now!! Wake up!! I said to myself and slowly opened my eyes and peeped through my blanket… I saw him still standing there!!

Gosh.. He is real…I’m dead now… I said without uncovering myself

I said you right!! I’m real… I’m not fragment of your stupid dream!! Now please wakeup Swara he said angrily!!

I removed blanket and said Hii sanskaar…


Sanky: I said you right!! I’m real… I’m not fragment of your stupid imagination!! Now please wake up Swara!! (he said pretending to be angry)

Swara: Hii Sanskaar (With puppy face).. When did you come here??

Sanky: When you are daydreaming!!

Swara: Actually Sanskaar you never came to my home.. That too with flowers… So I thought it’s my dream!! And wait… You called me shona!! What happened to you??

Sanky: I’m perfectly alright Shona… Wo Kya hai na!! Meghana explained me… I shouldn’t have hurt you!! I’m sorry… Isiliye I brought flowers and a new guitar for you!!! (He gave flowers and guitar to her)

Swara murmers.. Bada aya Meghana ka chamcha!!

Sanky: What?? Did you say something??

Swara: No.. Nothing!! Thankyou Sanskaar!!

Sanky: Shona… No sorry and No thank you in friendship!!

Swara: Yeah!! Sanskaar… I know!! Wait??? What did you just say??

Sanky: Haan Shona!! We both are friends from now!! ( He forwarded his hand towards her) C’mon Shona… Won’t you give handshake to your friend??
Swara held his hand slowly and smiled weirdly!! Sanky laughed at her expressions!!

Sanky: Swara… If ever I come again please don’t assume me as a fragment of your imagination… And please don’t eat my cheeks… Okay???

Swara: Never!! Promise!! (holding her throat)

Sanky: Shona… Call me Sansku!! Just like our school days!!

Swara looks at him with her jaw dropped!!

Sanky: Shona close your mouth!! Flies might enter …

Swara: Sanskaar!! I think you should consult doctor!! You are calling me Shona and asking me to call you as Sansku… These are really signs of sickness!! (She placed her hand on his forehead to check his temperature) You don’t even have fever…

Sanky starts laughing…. Shona you are really funny!! And don’t worry I’m fine… It’s just that I want to forget past … Change everything back to normal… I’m really sorry for hurting you all these days!!

Swara: It’s alright Sansku… Past is past… Present is the best!!Let’s forget everything … we should celebrate this moment!! My treat @CCD today evening!! Well, you have to pay the bill!! 😉

Sanky: Hmmm… I guess I have other plans… Still it’s okay… Now I will leave!! Bye.. Take care.. See you @CCD

Swara: Bye Sanskaar… sorry Sansku… Take care… Byee… Byee.. Byee…

She waves @him until he leaves the colony… Later she goes into her room and stands in front of mirror… She starts screaming by watching herself in mirror… Her hair was complete mess… Her skin is pale and dull with swollen eyes… There are few pimples too… Still she is looking cute…

Swara: Shit!!! Swara… You look scary… God why did you send Sanky like this… you should have given me a sign!! At least I would plait my hair!! Upar se my weird behavior!! At least I should look like a girl in the evening…

She starts applying face pack to look good in the evening!! After sometime her parents return home…

Sumi: Shona… Beta… Kaha ho?? Nashta karliye na?? Jaldi ake Prasad lo…

Swara comes from upstairs and stands behind sumi… Sumi tunrs back suddenly and gets frightened seeing Swara with face pack…

Sumi: Ahhhhh… Shekhar… Bhooth… Shekhar!!

Swara: Mom… It’s me Shona…

Shekhar comes there running!! Mishti Kya hua?? Ye Kaun… Shona beta!! What happened to you!!

Swara: Dad.. It’s just a face pack…

Sumi: Shona… But tum ghar mein baithke ye sab karre?? Hospital kab jate?? Jaldi jao… Breakfast bi nay kare…

Shekhar: Mishti… Leave her.. She is not kid anymore… Shona beta you go… Get ready!!

Swara gets ready and leaves to hospital!! She keeps on checking time… She becomes desperate to meet her Sansku… as soon as the clock ticks 5… She runs from the hospital to CCD…

Precap: @CCD!!

Credit to: Krishna

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