Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 8)


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Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 7)

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Lucky: Thank you so much Sanky!! By the way you should actually congratulate Rags… It was her hard work and talent which made the deal possible…

Sanky: Yep… Congo Rags… Actually na Ragsis very good at blabbering… that’s the reason you got the deal… (giving Hi-fi to lucky)

Rags: Sanky… How mean you are!! You are my best friend… You should support me… but you joined Lucky’s party… I won’t talk to you both!!

Sanky: Pakka na… Thank god.. Lucky aj hum bach gaye!!

Rags tried to say something and she stayed silent.. She looked so cute with her angry pouty face!!!

Lucky: C’mon Rags.. We know that you can stay silent for long time.. and stop pouting..

Sanky: Ahem.. Ahem.. I think I should leave now… Someone is too romantic tonight!!

Rags: Sanky.. Waisa kuch bi nay hai.. Only you have polluted brain over here to think about everything in romantic way!!

Sanky: so.. I should take this as a compliment I guess!!

Lucky: guys.. We met after long time so why don’t we play truth or dare just as in college days!!

Rags: Yes.. Sanky..

Sanky: I know what you guys are up to!! No way… So you better forget about it…

Rags: Lucky.. I think someone is scared of this game.. It’s alright Sanky!! Don’t worry… We understand your weakness!!(Winking at lucky)

Sanky: Scared.. That too me.. Never… And Sanskaar Maheshwari has no weakness.. I’m in..

Lucky: For that we need a bottle to spin!!

Rags: We can’t find bottle that too in this mess… Wait.. I will ask aunty..

Sanky: No need Rags.. I have one.. (he gets an empty beer bottle from the cupboard under his bed)

Lucky: Dude.. You have stock with you!! That’s cool… You should have said this earlier.. I would not have brought her…

Rags: Lucky.. There’s no way that you guys are getting drunk now.. Uncle is downstairs.. You will be caught red handed!!

Sanky: Rags.. I don’t have stock.. Okay!! Now stop shouting… Let’s start the game…

Lucky: But Sanky did you forgot the oath we used to take??

Rags: C’mon lucky!! We aren’t teenagers…. We will obviously say truth!!

Sanky: Haan Lucky!! No need of those stupid oaths okay!!

Lucky: No way guys… Chalo let’s start!!

All three together “WE THREE RAGINI, LAKSH & SANSKAAR TAKE OATH THAT WHATEVER WE SAY/DO IN THIS GAME WILL BE TRUTH AND WILL REMAIN AMONG US” saying this they set everything and Sanskaar spins the bottle.. Its Rag’s turn and she chooses truth!!

Sanky: Hmm.. Rags.. I know almost everything about you!! But I want to know one thing.. How did you overcome the pain of break-up??

Lucky holds her hand and squeezes it lightly to give her assurance.. But she took her hand back

Rags: actually Sanky… A part of me still loves Rahul.. I’m still not able to overcome the pain of break-up.. Coz if you love someone truly, you can never forgot them.. But, our break-up was necessary!! We both are people from different worlds… we can never stay happy together… His over possessiveness hurt me a lot!!Now.. Now I’m just going with flow.. It’s not that I can never overcome the pain.. But it takes time..

(Ragini thinks… This could never be possible without your support Lucky.. You stood by my side in every thick and thin… Your love heals every pain of mine.. I wish I could say this to you.. But I can’t.. I don’t want to complicate things for you Lucky.. But I’ve fallen for you completely.. You are my true love Lucky… I might forget Rahul or any Xyz in my life.. But not you!!)

Lucky: Hmm.. Now.. It’s my turn to spin I guess!!(Lucky spins the bottle and its Sanky’s turn now!!) Sanky.. You are gone now…I will make you do things which you can never imagine!!

Sanky: Really.. I’m scared now.. (He says in very funny way to make Rags laugh)

Lucky: Truth or Truth..

Sanky: what this truth or dare.. Not Truth or truth.. You didn’t even leave me a option to choose!! I got you Lucky!! You want to ask about Swara right!! Fine shoot..

Lucky: You are genius Sanky!! Now tell us why do you hate her.. Oops not hate.. But why don’t you like her?? We want to hear the full story!!

Sanky: Fine… I will tell you guys today why I don’t like her… Actually we both were best friends from school days!! But because of few misunderstandings we are no more friends now.. Okay??

Rags: Wow Sanky.. What an answer!! Will you tell your version or should I reveal about your personal secrets to everyone!!

Sanky: You can’t blackmail me..

Rags: Yes, I can.. Now tell me…

Sanky: Fine.. I will tell everything from start!! I met her for the first time in 5th standard.. She was newcomer to our class.. We slowly became friends due to our seating arrangements.. I guess she had crush on me from that time.. Coz I always see some spark in her eyes for me… I was okay with it.. Later in 7th standard she left the school for the reasons I never knew!!

Lucky: Wow… Sanky I never thought you had fans from school days!!

Rags: Lucky.. Let him continue!!

Sanky: So… Where did I stop?? Yeah … I met her again during my vacations after 12th standard!! We became best-friends once again!! But at that time… I was in relation with Kavitha… Swara didn’t knew this… So she confessed about her feelings and our closeness to Kavitha!! I don’t know what happened between both of them… She misunderstood that me and Swara are in relation!! She assumed that I was cheating her… She never gave me a chance to explain.. She broke-up with me!! And I thought this was all because of Swara… So I started hating her.. I was hurt.. How can she do this to me?? I trusted her as friend… but she ruined everything.. Now.. I’m happy for whatever she did… I don’t want to waste my feelings for the girl who didn’t trust me!!

Rags: but how can you be so sure that Swara did all these?? And you said that Kavitha assumed things… Then how can you blame Swara for Kavitha’s misconception??

Sanky: yep I realized it after meeting you guys in college… You know Rags.. When I came to know that you are Swara’s bestie… I thought to avoid you!! But, you became my best friend… I completely understood that Swara didn’t do anything… She was innocent… But, things were not same as before!! I’ve fallen for Meghana!! And I don’t want Swara to wait for me…

Lucky: Sanky Shona loves you so much… Please give her a chance!!

Sanky: I know she loves me madly!! But … I don’t want to give her false hope!! She deserves someone who is much better than me… But she didn’t give up… She did all crazy things!! She was waiting for me from past seven years!! Who would really do that … We barely met once or twice per year… But every time we meet … I tried my best to hurt her so that she stays away from me …But, She never did… Instead she started loving me more… In fact, I love Meghana… But I can never love her the way Swara loves me!! You might be wondering how I Know about her love… Well, I have sources Rags!! She was my best friend once… We both know each other even before we meet you guys!!

Rags: Hmmm that’s a long story!! I know you don’t want to give her a chance… But please don’t avoid her… At least be friendly to her!! Shona is going through the same pain which you are going through now… Could you bear it if Meghana ignores you the way you ignored Shona!! Though Meghana is getting married, you wanted her to be with you… You want memories with Meghu… Then Can’t Shona expect the same from you!!

(Sanky starts thinking.. All these days, I ignored her thinking that she would forget me… But, she never did!! She loved me truly… I can’t hurt her more)

Lucky: Sanky… We all know the reason why you avoid Swara… Even Swara knows about all these… But she never complained about you!! She always took your side… You know what Sanky… You blamed Shona for your break-up with Kavitha… But she literally begged Kavitha to patch-up with you!!

Sanky: Really?? But why did you guys hide this from me??

Rags: Coz… Shona never wanted you to know about her love… When she learned about your relation with Kavitha… She tried to move on… She even went to abroad just to stay away from you… Before leaving she met Kavitha about your relation… But Kavitha Spoke all Shit about you… Shona couldn’t take it anymore… So she slapped her… Well, that ended Kavitha’s chapter in your life!! She left for her studies without informing anyone… After completing her studies she came back here… She thought you would forgive her… Accept her as a friend!! But, again destiny played with her… You’ve fallen for friend!! After all these chaos she gave up Sanky!! She was traumatized every time she saw you with her friend… Every time you tried to hurt her, taunted her… She felt happy coz you spoke to her… Don’t let her go!! I thought of saying all these to you long back.. But you never gave me chance!!

Sanky: I’m really sorry Rags!! All these days, I behaved like an idiot!! I deserve her hatred!! No… I will make sure that things fall in the right place!! I will correct every mistake I did!! I will seek her forgiveness by giving her double happiness… I will be a good friend to her… But, right now… I can’t promise about love!!

Rags: That’s all we want Sanky!! Thank you so much (She hugged him tightly with happiness)

Lucky: I guess it’s time for group hugs!! Let me join you!!

He came near SanRag but suddenly Sanky moved backwards making Rags fall on Lucky… Sanky starts laughing seeing at their condition!!

Lucky: Ahh!! Rags… You are so heavy!! I’m getting crushed beneath you!!

Sanky: Lucky.. Tu tho aj gaya!! Thank god somehow I escaped from Shona this evening!! But you can’t dude…

Lucky: What!! Why and how did you escape from Shona!! And wait…you called her Shona!! Wow.. What an improvement???

Rags: Haan Sanky!! What happened in the evening?? (Still on Lucky)

Lucky: Rago!! Am I looking like a pillow to cuddle on?? I mean I don’t have any problem if you wanted to …

(he slides his hand on her waist without Sanky’s notice and before he could complete the sentence she shouts loudly and jumps)

Rags: Lucky.. What are you trying to do??

Sanky: Rags!! What did he try to do??

Rags: Nothing… He did nothing… You were saying something about Shona!! Continue…

Sanky remembers Shona’s gestures and laughs hard.. He controls himself and tells them everything happened in the evening… And he continues laughing… RagLak too joins him!! AP calls them downstairs for dinner and they spend quality time with each other… After dinner RagLak take DP& AP blessings

Sanky: Lucky is bar tu bach gaya!! but next you will be the first person to choose truth or dare!!

Lucky: sure dude… Byee for now!! Take care…

Rags: Byee sanky.. Take care..

RagLak leaves and Sanskaar thinks about Shona!!

Precap: Swasan!!

Hope you guys like this  

Credit to: Krishna

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