Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 6)

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I don’t know where I was going.. But I didn’t stop.. It was pitch dark.. I couldn’t see anything.. I felt the path familiar to me.. I saw a three-storied stone structure with marble domes and a 150 feet five-storied tower surrounded by a large garden with bright lights at a certain distance..The entrance gate have two large elephant sculptures on either sides of the arch with the emblem around which is written “NEVER TERRIFIED” in Sanskrit… I heard footsteps moving towards the door.. I hid behind a tree.. A group of girls covered with veils, whispering among themselves and giggling went near the door.. I saw a black cloth lying down.. I took it and covered my face and sneaked into the group.. I entered through the small door of the large gate!! The external façade has a big hall behind it..Beautiful carvings on the wall are depicting hidden secrets.. After crossing the façade we entered the central hall supported by two tall pillars… Such a beauty that place was…. I stood awestruck…I was completely lost in admiring it and didn’t notice the girls departing from me.. After a while I heard melodious & magniloquent yet faint music which brought me back to the real world.. I realized that I’m lost in the beautiful yet confusing palace… The central hall has five paths leading to other halls.. Now I don’t know where to go!! So, I simply followed the music hoping that I won’t land in problems.. The music came from second right pathway which led to an elegant stair case… I went upstairs while guessing from where exactly is the music is coming from… It was a huge corridor with around 60 rooms on either side… I wonder how people remember which one is their room!! It would take at least one full day for me to just peep into those rooms.. so I dropped the idea of peeping into the rooms… I walked hastily towards the music.. As I moved closer I felt the music being hummed by someone which pulled me towards it with unknown magnetism…

The corridor ended with another hall which led to a semi-detached room!! It has a huge wooden doors which are half open with flowy curtains which are tied little before the ends to give a beautiful look.. I slowly entered the room by holding my breath.. The walls are carved and painted with beautiful peacock designs.. Few pictures of lord Shiva and Vishnu are seen hanging on those walls… The room is huge with a round shaped wooden bed in the central region and a beautifully Carved dressing towards right side after which there is a very big and spacious lawn.. A girl of early twenties was standing at the edge facing towards the other side by leaning on the arch was humming so beautifully.. It was really magnificent view… Her flawless voice pulled me.. It was quite significant.. I went towards her to get a better view.. Still I couldn’t see her clearly.. Her long curly hair which was moving along the winds is hiding her face.. She wore a beautiful green and blue half-sari with golden embroidery work ..The half-sari is quite revealing… Her beautiful curves can make anyone go crazy for.. I felt jealous for a while being a girl!! She might be very beautiful I thought… Her voice is waking hidden anxiety in my heart.. I never felt so peaceful.. I felt connected to the voice.. I started humming unknowingly… It was same.. How could I hum like her.. She tug the strands of hair covering her face behind her ears and turned towards me by continuing to hum.. I felt like thousand lightning’s strike me at once… How is this possible??? I felt like I saw myself in mirror but with completely different attire…. She didn’t notice me though I was standing opposite to her at certain distance.. She came close without saying anything.. and then.. SHE PASSED THROUGH ME.. Am I invisible?? It was electrifying touch.. but she didn’t feel anything.. But, she stopped humming and turned at me.. I guess she too felt something.. but she ignored it and left the place… I stood there horrified.. Suddenly something pulled me from the room.. through the corridor.. to the central hall.. back to the main entrance and all the way.. I Screamed at my peak… but no sound came out..

Shona… Shona.. Shouted Sumi..

I opened my eyes slowly.. I didn’t understand anything for a while.. I saw mom shouting my name.. Then I remembered everything.. Is it really a dream?? Nope.. It’s a nightmare.. I started sweating profusely remembering it.. I was so horrified… My mom placed her hand on my forehead to check the temperature.. I hugged her tightly and broke into tears with fear..

Shona.. kuch nay hua!! Mamma hai na thumhare sath.. She assured me…

Swara!! What happened beta?? My dad asked with affectionate tone..

Dad.. Please don’t leave me.. I’m scared.. Please mamma!! I pleaded like an infant..

Okay beta.. We won’t leave you.. I will sleep here only.. Now stop crying!! My Mom said and placed my head in her lap..

Everything happened till now was running in my mind!! How I fainted in the hospital.. Lunch with RagLak… Meeting Sanskaar after a long time.. His thoughts gave me relief from the pain!! I felt happy for a moment.. A smile occupied my face and brought spark in my eyes.. But it was interrupted by Meghan’s thoughts!! Their closeness.. I couldn’t stop tears flowing from my eyes.. I don’t know how I controlled my emotions in the evening..I was on verge of crying.. But I managed to stay silent… Everyone including my sir in asked me the reason behind my silence in the guitar class… I pretended somehow in front my parents during dinner.. But I locked myself in the room and broke into tears… Though I know that Meghana is getting married in few days.. But I can’t see her with my Sanskaar.. Why does she always hang out with Sanky!! Well, it was Sanky’s wish.. He want to spend with her before her marriage.. He wants memories with her!! I completely forgot about my dream thinking about Sanky!! I slowly closed my eyes and slipped into deep sleep where no thoughts and dreams could reach me!!

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