Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 5)


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@XYZ road
A 25 year old man is running after another man.. They both were running so fast!! The runner jumped from a building and so did the seeker!! They are now running through the market road!! The seeker climbed on to a side wall.. He ran as fast as he can and jumped from the wall and stood in front of him!! He completely blocked runner’s way and grabbed a guitar from the girl who was passing by and hit him hard with that!! His Five feet eight inches muscular body is pulling every girls attention!! His fierce red eyes with a cut on his left eyebrow which is pulled up made them to hold their breathe.. What a man he is?? He now turned completely and smiled at the girl who is running towards him…Oh My God.. This smile will damn sure result in missing a rhythmic beat of the heart!!

SANSKAAR.. She shouted…what is the need to hit him? What if something happens to you!!

(He cupped her face with his hands)

Sanky: Meghana.. I’m fine.. And he deserves much more than this.. How dare he to comment you in front of me..

Meghana: So, you will kill him?? (She asked annoyingly)

Sanky: Ammu..I would have killed him.. But you know I really don’t want to go to jail and stay away from you… Now, let’s go.. See how many stupid’s are staring at you!!

Meghana: you are crazy man.. And I will not talk to you if you ever try to repeat this.. Mark my words Sanky..

Really Meghana.. Do you think I will give you that chance?? No… I’m going to kill him right now.. How dare he to break my guitar!! A soft voice huffed..

Sanky and Meghana turned to her.. It was our Shona.. She was covered completely with the mud as she fell down due to the force with which Sanky pulled guitar from her hand!!She was actually going to guitar class after lunch with RagLak..

Meghana: Shona Tum??

Sanky: OMG.. Chudail.. Bachao…( He hides behind Meghana)

Shona: Mein tumhe chudail dikti??

Sanky: Nahi toh.. tumhe dekke chudail kudh darr jati… Tum us se bhi buri ho!!BTW Whenever I see you something or the other bad happens to me.. God.. Please save me today..

Shona: today even god can’t save you from me..

(Shona starts running behind Sanky and Meghana runs behind them.. )

Shona: Sanky Stop there..

Sanky: No way.. I don’t want to die so soon.. That too in your hands..

While running he looks back at her and slips and falls down.. Shona who is exactly behind Sanky loses her control and falls on him.. Meghana starts laughing by seeing them in that position!!

Sanky: Somebody help me.. A road roller has a fallen on me..

Shona: How dare you to call me road roller… See now, Il not get up from you.. Now die like this!!

(She holds his hands and rubs her face which has mud on his face.. she even takes some mud from side by and applies it on him)

Sanky: Ammu.. Stop laughing and save me.. Or else she will build my grave here itself..

Meghana: No Sanky.. You deserve this…

Shona applies mud all over his body and gets up and runs from there followed by Meghana..

Sanky: hey stop.. Ammu!! Swara!! You can’t leave me like this…

He too runs back of them.. They start mud fight!! Everyone starts laughing at them..

Sanky starts staring at Meghana… he is completely lost in her eyes.. She is really beautiful.. She has naturally pink shaded eyes with dark black lining.. He wants to kiss her rosy
lips.. He controls himself and holds from back and applies mud all over her face!!

Here Shona is lost in Sanky.. She is spell bound with the spark in his eyes… his touch is making her forget every pain in her life.. She was craving just to see his smiley face.. She could hear her heart thumping so loudly due to his presence.. All she want is to hold his hand for her whole life.. She can never stay away from him!! Meghana bites Sanky to release herself from him…

Sanky: Awww.. Ammu.. What are you doing?? See you’re not less than a vampire..

Meghana: you’re actually lucky to have those bite marks…

Sanky: Oh really.. Look at my left elbow… you bit me last month.. But the marks are seen even today!!

Shona realizes Sanky’s closeness to Meghana!! She feels deep pain in her heart.. She feels someone is stabbing her.. She can’t her Sanky being close with anyone.. She wipes her tears before they spill of her eyes!!

Shona: Hey guys.. Bye.. I’m leaving.. Take care..

She moves from there without Waiting for their reply..

Meghana: Sanky.. She might Be hurt by seeing our closeness..

Sanky: I don’t care about her!! And this is the reason why I don’t like her!!

Meghana: Stop it Sanky!! Try to put yourself in her situation!! May be then you will understand her pain.. And I can assure on thing Sanky..

Sanky: (Angrily) I know Ammu.. I may get many beautiful girls like you.. But, I can never get a girl like Shona.. I heard it about 1000 times…But please for god sake.. Remember
one thing… I can neither forgot you nor love her!! Understand.. And what do you think.. I don’t know what about her feelings?? Even I’m going through the same pain.. Then why can’t you see my pain??

Meghana: Sanky relax.. Okay!! Calm down.. Leave this topic.. Let’s not talk about this!! Now, we have to clean ourselves.. I can’t go home like this!!

Sanky: Okay.. Chalo… Let’s go to a mall and do some shopping and then lunch!!

Meghana: Wow..Shopping!! Thank you so much… You are Choo chweet( She pulls his cheeks)

Sanky: Ammu.. Please.. I hate these adjectives like Sweet.. Cute.. So, never call me like that!!

Meghana: No… I’ll call you like this only!! My cutiepie!!

Sanky: Ammu.. You’re really crazy!!

Meghana: Sanky.. If you promise me that you won’t be angry then I have to say something to you..

Sanky: Anything.. Except Shona’s matter!!

Meghana: fine I won’t say anything!!

Sanky: acha.. Okay tell me..

Meghana: you broke her guitar Sanky.. You know very well that she loves her guitar!!

Sanky: yeah.. Don’t worry I’ll gift her new guitar!!

Meghana glares at Sanky angrily..

Sanky: Okay fine.. I’ll apologize her..

Meghana smiles and gives Sanky a side hug!

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Credit to: Krishna

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  1. what sanky loves another girl????oh no den it s not swasan ff???pls dnt do dis….pls pls we want swasan only pls

  2. sorry but I want swasan and I am not liking swaghna scenes please post next update soon

  3. I was thinking abt d intro scene of Allu arjun in d movie idara mayido when he breaks d violin of d heroine….

  4. Oh god,i literally cried .seriously how can he be so rude??Well done

    1. Sanky is not rude.. You will know why he is behaving rudely in upcoming parts!!

  5. Don’t worry dear.. Sanky loves Meghana.. But I didn’t mention that meghana too loves sanky!! 😉 meghana is a positive character and friend of swara.. This is swasan ff.. Even I cant imagine anyone else with swa/san

    1. Ya krishna u r right ,infact from Meghana’s reply , it was quite evident that she don’t love sanskaar and sorry for the above comment .i think i overreacted by mentioning sanky as rude .It’s just he does not want to give false hope to Swara.i hope i am right this time.Sorry dear.Afterall every share of happiness has it’s own struggle and all love stories r not as easy as icing the cake.

      1. Its all right needhi!! And yeah.. There will be lot of twists and turns ahead.. Coz its not just my imagination.. But its a true story!!

  6. please post the next part asap..sankys intro is nyc..

  7. Very interesting! Waiting for the next part❤

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