Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 4)


Guys!! sorry for the late update.. I was busy with exams..And really sorry as I couldn’t update Sanskaar intro.. But I promise next episode will be filled with Sanskaar!!

Characters and role played by are given below:

Samaira- Niti taylor
Sameer-Parth samanthan
Meghana- Kusum of saraswatichandra and rest are same..

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I felt pain all over my body.. I forgot my dose once again.. Well, Its third dose which i missed.. Obviously I have to suffer now.. God.. Please send someone.. I couldn’t stop my eyelids falling stopping my view.. S..l..o..w..l..y.. I became unconscious… not completely.. My subconscious memory is still working!! I’m hearing voices… not able to distinguish.. Noisy.. Yeah.. It became clear now.. a baby crawling & clapping happily.. Laughing.. 7months baby.. i saw the baby… lots of happiness in those eyes.. Suddenly those eyes depicted growing fear.. Smile on the face turned into cry.. Baby is crying bitterly.. Searching for the hand which would give assurance.. Safety.. Mothers love.. Fathers affection.. No one turned up.. Yes… Someone’s coming near the baby.. A boy (3 and half years) with royal attire came near the baby… He took the baby.. Baby smiled at him.. It was so beautiful… He Swirled her cuddled her though he is too young to lift her.. He tried his best…He smiled at her.. She found mothers love and fathers affection in him.. He gave her assurance with a kiss on the forehead… Baby’s smile grew as he kissed on her forehead… she laughed because of the tickling sensation!! He slowly said… Bolo na.. Laghav… Bolo Sasi Laghav… it was so cute whenever he tried to speak… with his small lips turning into pout.. Mujhe kab Laghav bulati?? Kab bari hoti?? Bahooott dinons se tum mujhse bath nay kal le.. bolo na… Mamaji bole.. tum bari hoke na mujse bahhott bath khelegi.. pal tum bath nay kal le. Bolo na … Suddenly everything turned into Dark.. Ashes.. I could only hear screaming… everyone sobbing to their death… Pain in those eyes…Whole place is filled with pool of blood and corpse everywhere.. WHAT HAPPENED???
I felt pain in my veins..A fluid is rushing through my veins giving me much more pain.. and I forgot everything.. Ahh i sighed.. Light rays from the window are poking my eyes.. I heard Samaira shouting Swara.. Swara wakeup… as I rubbed my eyes… I could now hear Sameer too..

Are you okay?? he asked me…

Yeah.. Feeling much better…I replied weakly…


Samaira: How can you be so irresponsible?? Can’t you take care of yourself.. Do you need someone to remind everything from time to time..???

Swara: Sammu relax I’m fine…

Sameer: Swara.. You should take care.. I agree with Sammu..

Swara: Sorry Sam.. I will take care from now!! Pakka.. Pinky promise.. Said swara holding her neck with pout face..

Everyone smiled at her childish behaviour…

Just then RagLak arrived..

Ragini: Shona what happened to you?? Why are looking so dull?? Don’t say that you forgot to take tabs.. I will kill you then..

Swara: Sammu & Sam prepare get ready everything.. Call police and inform them also.. A murder will happen here..

Ragini: Stop it Swara.. If you continue doing like this… then I will not to you!!

Swara: Lado.. you Stop blackmailing!!!Oh God..I ‘m the one who is suffering and everyone are scolding me… Please show mercy on me.. I’m your cute kid no.. Please lord save me…

Ragini: if you continue like this then even god will not save you!!

Swara: Haan Lado.. I forgot to ask you… how was your sudden meeting???

Ragini: Haan Shona.. you know what!! We tied up with Maheshwaris now!! The meeting went well… It was lucky’s dream.. Finally it came true today… Seriously.. Starting a
company all alone and now tying up with one of the top most company is not a small thing!!I’m so happy today.. So, me& Laksh planned for [email protected] favourite restaurant.. but,.. Hey wait.. Are you trying to divert the topic?? Do you think I’m so dumb that I can’t understand your stupid plan to divert me..I can understand everything.. Why Shona.. Everyone thinks that I’m dumb.. Even Lucky sad that I’m dumb..And you Know…(Swara interrupts her)

Swara: Oh my god!! Ragini.. tum kitna bolte ho.. Look at Sammu & Sam their ears are bleeding.. Bichare they are!!

(Sam and Sammu laughs at Swaragini)

Swara: Aur Lucky.. How dare to call her Dumb…Only I can call her Dumb.. I have patent rights for that!! But if you really find her dumb then choose some other name.. (Winking at laksh)

Laksh: Phir toh sochna padega.. It will take time.. 😉

Ragini: Shona & Laksh.. You both are really mean.. I hate you both!!

Laksh: How many times should i tell you.. Don’t call me Laksh. Call me Lucky!! Even Lakuu sounds good.. If you call Me..

(Lucky pulled her towards him by her arms.. she was so near to him..she stood frozen feeling his breathe… they both are lost in each other’s eyes..)

Samaira: Ahem.. Ahem.. This is hospital.. Romance is not allowed here!!

(Sam held Samaira by her waist and pulled her closer to him and whispered in her ears)

Sam: Oh really Sammu!! Don’t pretend baby!! You love public romance right??

Sammu: Sam!! Stop it.. Shona is watching us..

Sam: no baby.. She lost in her thoughts and she is a kiddo..It’s perfectly even if we romance in front of her!!

Sammu: shameless you are!!

Swara: Well Sam, It seems like you love public romance.. and I’m not a kiddo either!!

(Swara starts laughing and both the couples release each other’s partners..Sammu and Ragini both are blushing so deeply that their faces turned completely into Red)

Sammu: I need to attend a patient.. His condition is worse..

Sam: Yeah.. Even I need to attend him.. His condition is really worse..

Swara: oh really! May I know the disease with which he is suffering?

(Sammu & Sam both at a time says Cholera/ Aids)

Sammu: No he is suffering from Aids…

Sam: No, he is suffering from cholera

Swara: Sammu. In our hospital no patient is suffering from Aids.. And Sam.. Cholera is completely eradicated.. Stop giving Lame excuses.. Say it straight na.. you both want to Romance..

Sam: Swara.. Seriously i need to attend patient.. Catch you later bye… take care

(he pulls Sammu along with him and SwaRagLak burst into laughter seeing them )

Ragini: so, chale Swara!!

Swara: sure.. And I’m so happy for you guys… Congrats lucky

Ragini: I know why you are happy.. After all Sanskaar is Maheshwari.. Right??

Swara: Of course Lado.. But I know about Sanskaar!! Nothing on the earth could bring him to office and work with you guys.. He might come just to chill with you guys and disturb you!!

Ragini know.. Chalo na Shona.. I’m so hungry

Swara: Okay Lado..But no chicken!!

Ragini: oh god… What is this punishment?? Okay but this is the last time.. Next time I will eat chicken for sure..

Laksh: My dear angels… We are really getting late.. If we don’t start now, we will reach the restaurant for dinner!!

SwaRag: Yeah.. Let’s go.

Precap: Sanskaar intro..

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Credit to: Krishna

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