Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 34)


Guys… I know I posted late… But surprises are always late!! Read till the end and tell me if the posting my ff late is justified or not!! šŸ˜›

Sumi: you all might be thinking why am I sharing my daughterā€™s birth secret to you? Sanskaar should know this one or the other dayā€¦ But, because of Lakshā€™s enquiry I had to reveal this to you both (pointing RagLak)

Laksh: Auntyā€¦ Iā€™m really sorryā€¦ I never wanted to involve in your personal matters, but we couldnā€™t digest the fact that Swara is being hypnotized by someoneā€¦ And we also had doubt that Swara is Sasirekhaā€¦ Sanskaarā€™s wā€¦. (Before he could complete Ragini stopped him)

Sumi: Sanskaarā€™s wife in his past life na!! (Sanskaar was hell shocked listening thisā€¦ He didnā€™t expect that they all knew thisā€¦ While Sumi continued) Even Shona knows thisā€¦ And that was the reason we had to give Shona treatmentā€¦

Sanskaar: But why?

Sumi: Swara know about her past life Sanskaar betaā€¦ That too when she was 7 years oldā€¦ She said that she was born for her Raghavā€¦ We thought Swara was possessedā€¦ We took her to many temples, babaā€™s, Hospitalsā€¦ No one could make her normalā€¦ She stopped eatingā€¦ She begged us to take to Raghavā€¦ But, where can we find Raghav? Shekhar went to Karnataka to investigate about this issueā€¦ He couldnā€™t get much detail about Raghavā€¦ He returned back to Kolkataā€¦ We lost all hopesā€¦ One day a friend of his suggested about Dr.Prakash Banerjeeā€¦ We went there to give a last tryā€¦ He gave hypnotic treatment to Shona ā€¦ He made her forget everything through hypnotic suggestionsā€¦ She was fine until she met Sanskaarā€¦ After meeting Sanskaar she got strange dreamsā€¦ She suffered with night terrorsā€¦ Every night she shouted, cried, Laughedā€¦ The only common thing she did was calling Raghav and Sanskaarā€¦ We again took her to Dr. Prakashā€¦ After treatment he suggested us to send her to abroad in the name of higher studiesā€¦ We did the same… There but Shona met with accidentā€¦ And, the reason was Amayaā€¦ So we bought her back to Indiaā€¦ She recovered soonā€¦ Shekhar joined her in medical college using his influenceā€¦ Sammu helped Shona adjusting thereā€¦ Sammu also know about her as she was cousin of Arnav who is trainee under Dr. Prakash Banerjeeā€¦

Sanskaar: I understand why Swara regained her memory after meeting meā€¦ Because Iā€™m that Raghav whom Swara loved in her last lifeā€¦ But, I donā€™t know what happened in the pastā€¦

Shekhar: That you will knowā€¦

Sanskaar: How?

Shekhar: Shona was taken into trance using hypnotic suggestionā€¦ There she revealed her pastā€¦ But, when a person is taken into hypnotic suggestion they can answer only one word questionsā€¦ So, whatever she told was recordedā€¦ I will send you that filesā€¦ You can listen them whenever youā€™ve time Sanskaar!!

Sanskaar: Sure Uncleā€¦ But, what happened in London?? Who is Amaya?

Sumi: Amaya was Swaraā€™s best friendā€¦ She was native of Londonā€¦ Amaya and Shona were very good friendsā€¦ Donā€™t know what happened but she died in an accidentā€¦ Shona was too depressed with her deathā€¦ We planned to bring her back but before that only Swara met with accidentā€¦

Sanskaar: What? Amaya died? When? How?

Shekhar: We donā€™t know that beta!! But Shona blamed herself for Amayaā€™s death and in fact tried to commit suicideā€¦ It was not accidentā€¦ (Looking at Sumi) We hid this from everyoneā€¦ We brought her here and Dr. Prakash treated herā€¦ He tried to erase those memoriesā€¦ But, human brain is an impossible thingā€¦ No one can erase its memoriesā€¦ Not even deathā€¦ Few memories will carry forward to the next life too!! When Shona canā€™t forget her past life memoriesā€¦ How can she forget her present life memoriesā€¦? A day before you all went to Karnatakaā€¦ Shona had drawn sketch of Amayaā€¦ Thatā€™s the reason we took her again to Dr. Prakashā€¦

Sumi: We are worried for our Shonaā€¦ How long does she have to bear this torture? How long does she have to take this treatment? (With tears)

Sanskaar: Auntyā€¦ Please control yourselfā€¦ Everything will become that too very soon!! I promise that!!

Shekhar: We hope that happens!!

RagLak: That will happen uncle, We will take care of Shona!!

Sumi: Thanks a lot for your love towards Shona!! Sanskaar betaā€¦ Arnav will send you those audio files by tomorrow!! Now, we will leave!!

Everyone left towards their respective homesā€¦ The dark night persuaded the light just like Swaraā€™s thoughts persuaded their mindā€¦ It reflected the gloominess in their heart!! There are not in a stage analyze anythingā€¦. That night Sanskaar received a mail from reputed airlinesā€¦ It was an offer letter for Sanskaar to work as pilot in their airlinesā€¦ But, he should go there in a week!! Sanskaar is now confusedā€¦ It is his ambition to work as pilotā€¦ But, Swara also need himā€¦ He thinks to sort out everything before he leaves for jobā€¦ He has only one week to set everything rightā€¦ He immediately reminded Arnav to send him those audio filesā€¦ Arnav after half-an- hour replied him with those audio filesā€¦ Sanskaar plugged in headphones and before he could listen to those files Annapurna called him for dinnerā€¦ He cursed his fate for such obstacles while knowing his pastā€¦

Sanskaar: Mom, Iā€™m not hungryā€¦ Donā€™t disturb me nowā€¦

Annapurna: Sanskaarā€¦ Your father wants to talk something important to youā€¦

Sanskaar: (Realizes that he has to inform about his offer letter) Okay mom, Iā€™m comingā€¦ You goā€¦

Annapurna left and Sanskaar connected his phone to laptop through USB cable for charging as he couldnā€™t find his chargerā€¦ He checked notifications while Annapurna called himā€¦ He immediately left the room by placing his phone on the laptop!!

There Swara was smiling thinking about Sanskaar and their kissā€¦ She wondered how her life was changed in just a week spanā€¦ Sanskaar will be hers foreverā€¦ No one will ever separate themā€¦ Still her heart says something elseā€¦ Our soul will always predict few thingsā€¦ It will receive signals from our future life and tries to decode themā€¦ But, life isnā€™t that simpleā€¦ If one guesses what happens in their future then no one can treasure the precious presentā€¦ Swaraā€™s life is no differentā€¦ Her eyes slowly closed and her subconscious thoughts woke upā€¦ It was a beautiful past with Sanskaarā€¦ Sorry, Raghavā€¦ Sasi knows how much Raghav loves herā€¦ But, Swara doesnā€™t know anything about itā€¦ But, Sasi in her knows that Sanskaar is her Raghavā€¦ She craved for his love, for his touchā€¦ She got it after long waitā€¦ Their love story was incomplete…. She came back to re-write her love storyā€¦ Will the destiny allows her to write a happy ending??

Sanskaar returned to his room after his dinnerā€¦ It was raining heavilyā€¦ Sanskaar was shocked to see that the closed windows of his room are open and his phone is soaked in huge drops of rainā€¦ Shitā€¦ He exclaimedā€¦ But, it is of no useā€¦ He understood that someone did it intentionally but right now listening to Swaraā€™s story is more important than finding the culpritā€¦ Sanskaar immediately switched on his laptop and checked whether all the files were transferred via USB port or notā€¦ Luckily all files were transferredā€¦ He sighed in reliefā€¦ He locked the door and plugged his ear phones and switched auto play so that he could hear without interruptionā€¦ He didnā€™t notice that transformer which supplies electricity to his locality blasted resulting in power cut and inverter in his house was broken already!! Dr. Prakash Banerjee started speaking softlyā€¦

Dr.Prakash: What is your name?

Swara: Swara Bose

Dr.Prakash: What is your age?

Swara: Iā€™m 15 years old.

Dr.Prakash: What is your parentsā€™ name?

Swara: Shekhar Bose and Sharmishta Bose

Dr.Prakash: Who do you like most?

Swara: Papa

Dr.Prakash: How much did you score in Maths in your 10th class?

Swara: 97

Dr.Prakash: Good Swaraā€¦ Now, listen carefullyā€¦ You can answer all my questionsā€¦ You can answer everything in one goā€¦ You can answer everything in one goā€¦ Take a deep breatheā€¦ Who are you in the last life?

Swara: Princess

Dr.Prakash: what was your name?

Swara: Sasirekha!!

Dr.Prakash: Who was your father?

Swara: Vikram singh

Dr.Prakash: Did you get married in your last life??

Swara: Yesā€¦

Dr.Prakash: Who was your husband?

Swara: Raghav Chandra Singh

Dr.Prakash: Was it a love marriage or arranged marriage?

Swara: It is Love marriage and my father accepted itā€¦

Dr.Prakash: what was your father?

Swara: My father Vikram singh was the powerful king of the Parasurama bhumiā€¦ He was a great rulerā€¦ He treated the people in the kingdom as his own childrenā€¦ Iā€™m his only daughterā€¦ He never treated me as daughter but as his sonā€¦

Dr.Prakash: How was Raghav related to you?

Swara: Raghav is my auntā€™s sonā€¦ My aunt married other caste person much before my birthā€¦ My father was unhappy with their relationā€¦ but never said anythingā€¦

Dr.Prakash: Was your aunt happy with your uncle?

Swara: No, My uncle was alcoholicā€¦ He always abused my auntā€¦ Sometimes physically harassed herā€¦ When my aunt knew that she conceived she thought that Kids would bring change in his behaviorā€¦ But, nothing could change himā€¦ Later on, my uncle tried to sell the secrets of our kingdom to our enemiesā€¦ After knowing my aunt only killed him and then committed suicideā€¦

Dr.Prakash: Does Raghav know about this?

Swara: Noā€¦ My father hid this from Raghavā€¦

Dr.Prakash: But, why?

Swara: Because my father doesnā€™t want Raghav to have negative impression on his fatherā€¦

Dr.Prakash: Okayā€¦ How did love blossom between you??

Swara: My father raised Raghav as his own son… After my birth he fixed my marriage with himā€¦ From the moment I came to know about our relation I started loving himā€¦ Even Raghav reciprocated my feelingsā€¦ My life was like a melodious songā€¦

Dr.Prakash: Was everyone happy about your relation?

Swara: yesā€¦ everyone was happy about our relation

Dr.Prakash: When did you marry Raghav?

Swara: when I was 16 years old we marriedā€¦

Dr.Prakash: What was Raghavā€™s age at the time of marriage?

Swara: Raghav was 20 years old at the time of our marriageā€¦

Dr.Prakash: How long were you both together?

Swara: We were together for 8 yearsā€¦

Dr.Prakash: So, you both lived together for 8 years naā€¦ Did you consummate?

Swara: yesā€¦

Dr.Prakash: Then how many children did you have?

Swara: I had no children

Dr.Prakash: Why?

Swara: Because I couldnā€™t conceiveā€¦

Dr.Prakash: Was the problem with Raghav or you?

Swara: No, Raghav has no problemā€¦ Iā€™m infertileā€¦ That is why I couldnā€™t conceive!

Dr.Prakash: Okayā€¦ Then how did you die??

Swara: It was murder

Dr.Prakash: Who killed you

Swara: ———

Dr.Prakash: Swara??

Swara: ————-

Dr.Prakash: Sasirekha?

Swara: Haan

Dr.Prakash: How did you die?

Swara: I donā€™t rememberā€¦ My heads painingā€¦

(The effect of the sedative decreasedā€¦ Hence, Swara couldnā€™t answer his questionsā€¦ At this point Dr.Prakash canā€™t give her more sedativeā€¦ So he stopped his session for that day)

Dr.Prakash: Okayā€¦ Take a deep breatheā€¦ Youā€™re not Sasirekha nowā€¦ You are Swara Boseā€¦ You will now forget everything happened in this sessionā€¦ This session is erased from your memoryā€¦ You no more remember who Dr.Prakash isā€¦ You are now lying on your bedā€¦ You are going to a deep sleepā€¦ Youā€™re going to deep sleepā€¦ you are sleeping peacefully without any dreamsā€¦

The audio clip ended as Dr.Prakash took Swara out of tranceā€¦ Sanskaar felt disgusting to hear about his father in his past lifeā€¦ He was also shocked to learn that Swara at the age of 15 has gone through a trauma because of her past lifeā€¦ He waited for the next clip to playā€¦ The clip started with Dr.Prakash continuing his questions from the last sessionā€¦ This time he gave more powerful sedative so that he can question her for long timeā€¦

Dr.Prakash: Sasirekha??

Swara: Yes

Dr.Prakash: How was your married life with Raghav??

Swara: Raghav loved me so muchā€¦ He always pampered meā€¦ He also took the responsibility to rule our landā€¦ He was a man of every girls dreamā€¦ I always felt that I was lucky to make him mineā€¦ He saved me from every dangerā€¦

Dr.Prakash: If Raghav is there with you to save you from dangersā€¦ Then how did you die?

Swara: Because Raghav killed meā€¦

Sanskaar scandalized for a momentā€¦ He never thought that he was a ruthless person who killed his loveā€¦ Till now he only saw flashes of a beautiful girl getting stabbedā€¦ Now, he realized that she is none other than his Swaraā€¦ and he was the one who stabbed herā€¦ It seemed like time halted for once and his memory train took him back to that worst moment which never thought would happenā€¦

She didnā€™t try to runā€¦ She stood right in front of him like a goddess of loveā€¦ How could he ever do that?? She trusted him and he betrayed her!! But, why?? She gave upā€¦His sword ran through her body piercing her skin, fleshā€¦. Blood was oozing out!!! Yet she felt no pain!! He might kill her but not her love!! She smiled weakly at him and fell on the groundā€¦ I loveā€¦ thatā€™s all she could say before closing her eyes may be forever!!

I know you all are shocked after this twist… But picture abi baakhi hai mere doston… Wait for more…

PS: Please comment and let me know how you want the narration of past…
-Is it through these audio clips??
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-Or both?

You all might have read the Silence In Darkā€¦ New FF of mineā€¦ It has very less commentsā€¦ Just let me know through comments whether you want me to continue it or not!! Depending on the comments I will update next part!!


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    Oh my God wat a twist Dr…. It was really unbelievable …. So amazing Episode Loved it …. Actually I couldn’t comment earlier as I joined tu a month ago and since then u rarely updated so I read ur ff full few days ago….. But really ur story is different and I love this kind of stories … Update soon

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    Krishnaa !!! update soon dear,, this is one of my fav FF.. so plzz don’t be late.. i missed it soo much.. i read ur another new FF too.. that is also superb..
    n about our opinion regarding Sanskar’s past.. then i would love to go through d 3rd option.. it will be more curious to know..
    tHnk u dear… ;-*

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