Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 30)

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Sanskaar keeps on thinking about what Basha said… He couldn’t get rid of those thoughts… He was stressed… Suddenly he heard a beautiful yet faint voice calling him… Raghav… Raghav!! Sanskaar held his head tightly… His fingers are running through his hair to control the pain which he is feeling!! “In every life of mine i will love you… And I want to reborn in the same place where we shared many memories… Will you be with me to re-live all these moments?? Will you love me again and again??”

These words echoed in his mind…. He shouted with pain… Ragini and Laksh immediately went near him…

Rags: Sanky what happened??? Did you get flashes of anyone??

Lucky: Sanky… Let’s go to farmhouse… We will think what we should do later!!

Rags: Haan Sanky… Drink this water (She borrowed water from adjacent house and gave to Sanky)

Sanky: (After drinking water) I’m fine guys… Don’t worry… I will tell you everything after reaching farmhouse… By the time they go back to farmhouse its almost evening… So Swara calls Ragini to know when they will reach Meghana’s place… Ragini informed her that they will be there within an hour… After that she went near Sanskaar and asked him about the flashes

Sanky: Rags… First we should find out about my past… It’s haunting me… I can’t bear this pain!! And I’m sure about few things which the old man told… That I loved Ana but married Sasi!! And that king killed my parents I mean Raghav’s parents!! One more thing!! I just felt that someone’s calling me… Like someone is trying to tell me something!! I guess she is Ana…she said that she will be born again in this place she can relive all those memories with me… So if we are able to find out about the girls who are born in this area almost 22-24 years back… We can confirm that whether she is Amaya or not!! If we know that Ana is Amaya!! Then I will warn her not to interfere in my life… I don’t care about what my past is… I just want future with my Shona to be secured!!

Lucky: Okay… Leave that to me Sanky… I will find out who is she…

Rags: Haan Sanky… Now don’t take much stress…. Go get ready… We should be there in one hour… Swara is waiting for you… I guess she is fine now!! She is talking normally to me!!

Sanky: I hope things will get sorted out soon!! And I’m tired of this journeys yaar!! It’s becoming our routine to travel here and there!! I want to go back to home and eat food made by mom!!

Rags: Me too yaar!!Sick of these journeys!! I so want to eat fish curry made by mom’s hand!! I’m trying to adjust for Meghu… Once her marriage is done then we will leave for Kolkata!!

Lucky: You both are so similar Sanky!! Sometimes na I feel that god created a single person and split that person into you and Rags!!

Sanky: Hahaha yaar!! You know Rags is mirror image of mine and I can flirt with her too!! (Winking at Rags making Lucky jealous)

Lucky: Acha… Bhai… At least leave Rags for me!!

Sanky: Okay baba!! Let’s go… Or else Shona will kill me for going late!!

Trio gets ready and reaches the palace!! It was beautifully decorated!!
As soon as he gets down the car he watches Swara jumping and running towards him… He stretched his arms to hug her but she crossed him and went to Joan Varghese John who stood behind Sanky… Sanskaar looked at them with shocked expression… But Joan was so happy to see Swara after long time… He was a good friend of Swara in her tutorial classes… He still is a good friend of her… Sanskaar wanted pull Swara towards him but Swara ignored him completely and went inside with Joan… Sanskaar went inside with RagLak who were giggling at his condition… He felt something is different… Change in Swara’s behavior disturbed him!! Ragini calmed him… She explained him about change Swara’s behavioral patterns depending on Sanky’s actions… Sanskaar was surprised to hear about it… But glad too!! Mehandi function has started and the very next morning Meghana will be made bride and in the night they both will be tied knot to live together forever in a beautiful relation!! Meghana arrived and sat on a couch arranged for her… Two beautiful cousins of her sat beside her and started applying Mehandi… Seeing them Sanskaar got an idea… He went near one of them and started praising her… She is Swarnamayee parida…

Sanskaar: Hii… My name is Sanskaar… Naam toh suna hi hoga??

Swarna: No… I never heard about you!!

Sanskaar: (choked) now, you heard na… I’m from Kolkata… Meghana’s friend…

Swarna: Hii… I’m Swarnamayee… I’m from Bangalore… Meghana’s cousin!!

Sanskaar: Nice to hear from you… You have a beautiful voice… (Looking at Swara… :P)

Swarna: Sanskaar… I can understand your intentions!! Is she your girlfriend?? (Pointing Swara)

Sanskaar: (Laughing sheepishly) not yet… Will you help me???

Swarna: Sure… I can see your love for her!!

Sanskaar: Thank you so much Swarna!! But, I’m telling truth… Your voice is beautiful!!

All the time during function Sanskaar talks only with Swarna making Swara jealous and Swara talks only with Joan making Sanskaar jealous!! Ragini and Laksh get irritated with this behavior of them… At the end of the function RagLak brings SwaSan to a corner and asks them to solve their issue and leaves the place…

Sanky: Shona… I’m sorry if I did something wrong (With puppy eyes and holding his ears)
Swara: No… Sansku… It’s not your fault… I shouldn’t have ignored you like that!! I have a very bad habit of overthinking…

Sanskaar: Shush… Shona… Stop blaming yourself for this… Now, Leave all these and let’s enjoy the Mehandi!!

Swara: Yeah… Sansku… Wait… (Saying this she shows her hands)

Sanskaar: What?? (He thinks for a while and understands that Swara is asking him to find her name) Wait… I need sometime… It’s so confusing…. Like Greek and Chinese…. Who created these designs yaar??

Swara: You’re not able to find it na… Leave it!!

Sanskaar: (holds her hands) Shona… You don’t have patience… (He points at letter ‘s’ on her palm)

Swara: (Smiles and hugs him) I know you will find out…. Acha… I’ve to leave…. Bye!!(She runs from there)

Sanskaar smiles at her crazy behavior and comes near Swarna to thank her….

Sanskaar: Swarna… Thank you so much….

Swarna: It’s okay Sanskaar… Anyway… It’s nice meeting you!!

Sanskaar: Yeah… Will be in touch!!

Here, Swara too thanks Joan for helping her in making Sanskaar jealous!!

Swara: Joan, Thank you so much for helping me…

Joan: Pagli… Rulayegi kya??

Swara: Haha… Joan these dialogues won’t suit you!!

Joan: Acha… Don’t irritate Sanskaar any more… Bichara he is…

Swara: Yeah… I’m sure that he will propose me within very less time!!

Jona: Okay Swara… Bye… Will meet again on wedding day!!

Swara: Haan… Bye… Take care….

Swara drops him till the entrance and comes inside… She is shocked as well as happy to see Arnav there….

Swara: Annu… When did you come here??

Arnav: Just now… How can I deny Meghu’s invitation!! Tell me… Is there any improvement in Sanskaar???

Swara: Really… Well, Sansku improved a lot!! He may propose me sooner!!

Arnav: That’s cool… Chalo, give me a party… Wait… Before that meet my uncle…

He takes Swara to outhouse of the palace and introduces his uncle to Swara… Swara is stunned to see him!! He is none other than Dr.Prakash Banerjee…. Swara slowly whispers to herself Dr. Prakash…. Before she could say further Dr. Prakash looked straight into her eyes without blinking and started counting one to five… At the end of count Swara fell down… Arnav lifted her and placed her on the bed while Dr. Prakash spoke something in her ears…

Precap: Will Sanskaar know what is happening to Swara??? Guess and guess….

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