Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 3)


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I wished her all the best and came back home.. I know she want me to accompany her till Hospital.. But Lucky informed me about sudden meeting which i have to attend at any cost.. She is so disappointed.. Shona is a crazy girl.. Kids are far better than her… but i know how to convince her 😉 (CHOCLATE GIRL she is).. well, I have to rush or else lucky will kill me!! Lucky.. His thoughts resulted in wide smile with little blush..I controlled my expressions and ran towards my scooty..and i reached my destination.. LS INDUSTRIES!! I saw lucky waiting for me near my cabin..

Lucky- What is this Rags..You are late even today!! (He said with fake anger.. he can never be angry on me!! )

Ragini- sorry Laku..(With pout face) u know what?? Today is shona’s first day in hospital as house surgeon.. So I went to temple along with her.. She even asked me to accompany her till hospital..but i didn’t… because of this sudden stupid meeting…
( before I continue my blabbering.. lucky shut my mouth with his hand and took me inside)

Lucky- continue your blabbering in front of the presenters.. But please don’t eat my brain!!

Ragini- What!!(With a shocked expression) do you think i eat humans!! No way.. I just love chicken.. And you know yesterday night I ate chicken biryani.. It was just awesome.. Next time I will bring some for you.. And listen.. Don’t tell this to Shona!! She will kill me if she gets to know about me..
And yeah in return I won’t reveal your secrets to anyone… especially to aunty… Deal okay??

Lucky was staring at me all the while so he didn’t listen a word!!

Ragini- Lakuuuu… Come out of the dream world.. Wake up (I shouted)

Lucky- you are so beautiful.. !! (I started blushing and said Laksh what are you…i tried to say.. but he interrupted Me) RITHU.. this dress really suits you..

(He again started his flirting.. this is too much.. how can he flirt with every girl he sees.. I glared at Rithu angrily)

Ragini- Rithu what are you doing in my cabin?? (I shouted at her)

Rithu- Ragini mam I came to give this file to you..

Ragini- Keep it on the table and leave now!!

(Rithu kept the files and ran out my cabin with fear)

Lucky- what is this Rags?? Why are you shouting at her?? You know.. Rithu is really looking so cute today

Ragini- Lucky.. We have meeting right now.. Let’s leave..

Lucky- Rags.. Can you smell something burning..

Ragini- What?? Where?? OMG we should call fire service.. Why aren’t these fire alarms working?? Lets run Lucky..

Lucky- Oh my dear Rags.. you are really Dumb head!!

Ragini- I’m not Dumb head… you are big… fat.. Penguin.. You are that dog in tom and jerry.. you are Oogy in Oggy and cockroaches.. You are kalia in chotabheem !! You are…

Lucky- I’m Sorry Rago ma!! But please don’t compare me with the cartoon characters!! (He said with a pleading face.. and wiping his fake tears!!)

I burst into laughter seeing him like that… Lakuu you are really funny..

Lucky- Hehehe.. very funny!! Stop laughing..Now let’s go inside…Ragini.. This meeting is very important for us.. I’ve been waiting from long time to work with Maheshwaris.. And only you can handle this.. I trust you completely Rags..

Ragini- Thank you so much Laku… I promise you i will never you down.. Wish me ALL THE BEST

Lucky- All the best Rags.. Now lets go.. they might have reached by now..

Ragini-you go and receive them Lucky.. I need to take some files

Lucky-Okay.. but come fast..

(he left my cabin and i collected all the necessary files and left for meeting hall)

I entered the meeting room and wished everyone. I started my presentation.. And I can see satisfaction in everyone as I continued my presentation..

Ragini- Well, this is the new venture which are planning to launch.. Now, I request Mr.Laksh Singania our Chairperson to takeover..

Lucky- So, Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari.. I hope you liked this.. shall we proceed further with this deal??

DP-Sure laksh Singania.. As soon as you are done with the paperwork inform me.. I am ready for deal..

Lucky- Thankyou DP ji.. Everything is ready.. You just need to sign these papers.. I can’t wait any longer to start this venture..

DP- I’m very much impressed with you Mr. Laksh..I’m so happy to work with you!!

Lucky- Thankyou so much Sir, It’s our pleasure..

DP-Lucky.. I think You can call me uncle.. the official meeting is done right? And Ragini beta.. your presentation is really nice.. I’m so proud of you both!! I wish Sanskaar learns something from you..

Ragini- Don’t worry uncle.. Sanky is the best!! He is much more capable than us.. But he is just not interested in business.. let him do whatever he wants to.. I’m sure he will succeed in whichever path he chooses!! After all he is SANSKAAR MAHESWARI!!

DP- I just hope for his success!! Lucky and Ragini.. you both should come for dinner today..

Lucky- But uncle,

DP- I don’t want to hear anything Lucky.. You both should come and its my order!!

Ragini- Okay uncle.. We will come for sure.. but don’t tell this to sanky!! We will give him a surprise..It’s been a long time since i haven’t seen him!!

DP- Even i haven’t seen him from a long time. I will be surprised if he stays at home during dinner time..

Lucky- Don’t worry uncle.. we will take care of it!!

DP- I’ll leave now.. Take care!!

Lucky- bye uncle.. Take care…
(as soon as everyone leaves meeting hall.. He hugged me tightly…)

Ragini- (I hugged him back).. I know how happy you are.. no need to thank me okay!!

Lucky relieved me from his hug and wrapped me by his arms

Lucky- because in friendship there is NO SORRY and NO THANKYOU!!

(Lucky is again staring at me..and thinks..I know what he is thinking.. He wants to be more than a friend.. but it’s not possible.. I can’t give him more pain)

Ragini-  But laku.. I’m so hungry!! (I tried to distact him and I succeeded..)

Lucky- What is this Rags.. You are really Bhukkad..

Ragini- I know.. Now let’s go to my favourite restaurant.. I will have chicken today!! 😉

Lucky- so you want chicken na!! Wait il tell this to Shona!!

Ragini- Oh shit.. I totally forgot about her.. I should have called her once.. she might not have taken her medicines yet.. she is so careless.. (I can’t bear if anything happens to her)

Lucky- Don’t worry Rags.. She will be fine.. and she is not a kid like you okay!! She is a doctor..

Ragini- stop making fun of me Laksh!! I’m worried for her.. I don’t know why.. but i’m getting a feeling that she is fine.. Lets go to hospital na.. It falls on the way to restaurant also.. We can take he along with us for lunch!!

Lucky-Okay Rags.. Now stay cool.. we will pick her from hospital.. call her and inform about our plan..

Ragini- Thank you so much Lucky.. (I gave a peck on his cheek and realised what i have done).. I’m sorry Laksh.. I didn’t do it intentionally.. I was so excited that after a long time we three are going out so..(I pouted as he looked at me by pulling my gaze away from him!!)

Lucky-Its okay Rags.. I can understand.. And who is this LAKSH?? Call me Lucky!! Or Laku..Okay!!

Ragini- Okay Laku!! Let’s go..

Precap- SANSKAAR intro and Samaira shouting SWARAA!!

Sorry if it is too long..

Credit to: Krishna

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