Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 28)


Guys!! This part is dedicated to KABALI!! I’m sorry I couldn’t dedicate it to commenters!! I will sure dedicate the next part as well as include them in my ff to make Swa/San jealous!! Let me know how you feel about my ff through comments!!

Swara wakes up late and finds Ragini in the hall!! She returns to her room and thinks about the events that happened last night!! Her eyes are swollen and red as she woke up in the mid night and cried thinking about Sanskaar!! Swara cries again thinking that Sanskaar will never love her!! She closes her mouth tightly not to let her cry out!! But Rags who entered the room watches her crying and runs to her immediately!!

Rags: Shona!! What happened?? Why are you crying?? (Hugging her)

Swara: Ra… go!! Rago…. Nothing!! I’m fine!! (Wiping her tears)

Rags: Swara… Please Shona!! Tell me na!! Why you always hide your feelings??

Swara: There is nothing Rago… I’m absolutely fine!! I got a bad dream… I’m scared!! That’s it…

Rags: Shona… Did Sanky say anything to you??

Swara: No Rago… He didn’t say anything!! I’m the one who is expecting much from him… Misunderstanding him… I know that he won’t love me… Still I’m back of him… I should forget him… But I’m not able to!! I love him so much… God… Why are you punishing me?? My only mistake is loving him!! (Crying more bitterly)

Rags: Shona!! Look at me… Please stop crying!! Please… My Shona is very strong!! She won’t cry like this…

Swara: Rago… I can’t bear this pain yaar!! I can’t digest the fact that Sanskaar will leave me after this trip!! He will forget me… He won’t give f*** at me after this marriage… He is with me right now because he needs me… I divert him from Meghana!!

Rags: Shona… This is not true… Sanky is not using you!! He started feeling for you… He changed a lot… He is not like old Sanky!! (Rags controlled herself not to reveal about Sanky’s love… Coz she wants Sanskaar to confess his feelings)

Swara: Still in afraid!! I’m scared to hell thinking that he will leave me… You warned much earlier… But I was a fool…

Rags: Shona… Don’t lose hope… True love will always win… Okay!! Now, go wash your face!! Swara went to washroom without noticing that a pair of eyes is watching her with pain!! Rags come out and get shocked by seeing Sanskaar there…

Rags: Sanky… When did you come??

Sanky: When Swara lost her trust on her love!!

Rags: Sanky… This is not first time Swara behaving like this… Whenever I watch her like this… I feel like she is craving for love from many lives… The only solution or cure for this is your love… Just love her more and more!!

Sanky: Hmmm… I don’t know what to say!! Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve her love… Her love is pious!!

Rags: Whatever I said to her will apply to you also!! Don’t lose hope!! Everything will be fine…

Sanky: Even I want to confess her as early as possible!! But let my feelings get stable… I also have to find out about Amaya!!

Rags: Haan Sanky… You went along with them na… What did they say? And where is Lucky?

Sanky: Lucky is busy with some call and they said that the photo was real one but the frame was fake!! I feel like someone wants you to find it!! So, that we all start searching for it!!

Rags: But Sanky… Whatever happened was a mere coincidence na!! We didn’t plan to go there… Just because some stupid we ran towards the palace… Wait… Wait… There is a chance that it was all planned!!

Lucky: What is planned??(He just reached there)

Rags: Lucky… The night we went for walk and a guy tried to take advantage of me…

Lucky: Haan… That night we went to palace also!!

Rags: Exactly… Did you remember?? He took us in the direction of palace!! And while escaping from him… He didn’t let us go in any direction… Only when we took ran towards palace… He stopped!!

Lucky: Haan… I remember it now!! So this is planned one??

Rags: That’s what I’m talking about!!

Sanky: Guys!! Wait!! Someone tricked you into going to palace!! So you went there and found the photo!! Right??

Lucky: Yes… But who is that??

Sanky: May be Amaya??

Lucky: May be Sanky!! Amaya wants you!! That is why she is doing all these!!

Rags: But, What about the story the old man said!! Lucky told me yesterday night this story when you were busy in romance!!

Swara: Busy in romance… With whom??

She came out wiping the water drops from her hair… She wore a white and pink mix chicken work kurti which is hugging her making her look fit and s*xy!! Sanskaar’s heart missed a beat seeing her like that!! She is looking like a fresh lily flower with dew drops on it…

Rags: Swara… When did you come out?? You take rest baby!! We were talking about the movie which SanLak watched yesterday night!!

Swara: Okay!! I had enough rest Rago!! I forgot to tell you!! Meghu asked me meet her after an hour!! Arnav also asked me to meet one of his relative there!! So, I will go there now… You guys come in the evening!!

Sanky: Shona… I will also come with you wait!! (He immediately takes his jeep keys)

Swara: Sanskaar… I can go alone!! And Meghana will be busy with her future-in- laws!! You can’t meet her!! (She said in a stern tone and left)

Lucky: Dude… What’s wrong with her?? You both were so good till yesterday!! What happened in one night??

Sanky: Leave it… Let’s think about Amaya!!

Lucky: Yeah… So it means Amaya might have planned everything and tricking us into this illusion!!

Sanky: Not completely… My past is true… But, whatever Amaya trying to prove might not be true!!

Rags: What should we do now??

Sanky: I will do everything!! I will find what my past is at any cost!! I won’t her to control my mind!!

Rags: Sanky… but how??

Lucky: If we can find out about the old man or that A****** who misbehaved with Rags we will know the whole truth!!

Sanky: For that we should go to the exact place where that incident happened with you guys!!

Lucky: Ok done!!

They three went to the place where the man tried to misbehave with Ragini!! They spread in different directions to find out about him!! They tied scarf to their face and enquired about him!! Ragini saw him drinking tea near some shop and immediately called Laksh and Sanskaar to come nearby!! Sanskaar and Laksh reached there and followed him!! That person got doubt on them so he started walking fast!! Sanskaar followed him while Laksh took another short cut and stood right in front of him!! He was startled for a moment and tried to run back!! Sanskaar stood in front of him now!! He immediately pushed Sanskaar and ran!! Sanskaar and Laksh ran behind him!! Cat and mouse chase took place for some time and finally he was caught!!

Lucky literally sat on him and punched his face strongly!! Ragini pulled him back after so much effort!! Sanky held him tightly…

Lucky: Abe kutte… Kaminey… Chutiya!! Tu meri wali pe hath lageyaga!! Ugaad donga tumhe!!

Rags: Laksh… Laksh… Control!!

Sanky: Lucky mardoge kya isko??

Lucky: Isko toh zinda rehna hi nay chahiye!!

Lucky releases himself from Ragini and runs towards that person!! He hides behind Sanky pleading him to save him… Sanky stops Lucky and turns to the man and says “If you want to be alive… Then answer to our questions!!”

Person: Sir… Whatever you say I will do that!! But please don’t leave him!!

Sanky: What’s your name??

Person: Sir, My name is Basha!!

Sanky: Basha?? You mean Rajini kanth Basha??

Basha: Yes sir!! “Basha ek baar bole toh… sou baar bolne ki barabaar hai!!”

Lucky: How dare you to use Thailava’s name!! I will kill you for sure!!

Basha: Sir… Please sir!! Leave me for the sake of kabali sir!! I already booked tickets for 1st show sir!!

Sanky: Lukcy chod do yaar!! Rajni sir ke liye toh sahi!!

Lucky: Aj toh Kabali ne tujhe bacha diya!! But sach bol!! Us din humpe attack kyun kiya??

Basha: Sir… Actually one man gave supari toh divert you to the palace sir!! But after seeing that ma’am’s beauty (Pointing at Rags) I couldn’t control myself sir!! I’m really sorry sir!! But I promise sir… from today I will treat every girl as my sister sir!!

Sanky: who gave you supari to do this??

Basha: I’m a chota rowdy in this area sir!! There is a big rowdy in the town sir!! He gives me contract to do all small works in this area!! But, I just know that one girl gave him money to do that!!

Rags: Do you know anything about that girl??

Basha: Sir, When my boss called to give this work I saw a girl’s photo with him sir!!

Sanky immediately showed him the picture of Amaya to him but he refused saying that she is not the one!! Sanky was disappointed hearing this!! While giving the phone back to Sanskaar Basha saw one girls photo and said that sir she is one!! Sanskaar took the phone and Saw that photo!! He was utter shocked!! Swara… how is this possible?? Ragini and Laksh came to him running… they are shocked to see Swara’s photo!! Sanky held him by collar and asked him again!!

Basha: Sir… I’m 100% sure sir!! I saw this girls photo when I went to talk to him about the deal!! When asked him about this photo he shouted on me to not involve in any matter apart from the deal!! My friend who also works under him told that she is the one who gave supari!! But sir, Along with me the Old man who told you story is also fake sir!! I bribed to him to tell the fake story!!

All three are shocked while Basha escaped from them!!

Precap: truth vs Lies!!

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