Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 27)


Hello guys!! I’m sorry for being late…As promised I’m including Sree, Darsha and Sweetie as twist makers!! I added three members coz my ff needs them and I took last four parts best commentors!! For change in the next update I will make the best commenter as a person who helps Swara/Sanskaar in making the others jealous!! So, guys!! Read my ff and drop your precious comments… Get a chance to flirt with Swara/Sanskaar!! Love you all!! <3 <3 <3

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Swara: Who is that girl??

Sanky: There is one girl who loved a guy… He too started liking her… But his past is haunting him…

Swara comes near Sanky and place her hand on his chest!!

Swara: Ask him to follow his heart…

Sanky: This heart is stupid you know!!

Swara: Yeah… I know… Your heart is as stupid as you are!! (Hits his forehead with hers and runs)

Sanky pulls Swara by her waist hugging her and caresses her back… Swara is shocked by his actions but remains silent as she too likes it… Sanky slowly moves her pallu and checks for tattoo on her curves… Bur he could find nothing… He is a bit disappointed as the girl in the flashes is not Swara but hugs her more tightly coz he don't want to lose her!!! They stood like that for half an hour when Swara slowly spoke….

Swara: Sansku… Are you feeling any better??

Sanky: No… Stay like this!!

Swara: But legs are paining na…please… (With pout expression)

Sanky: Swara… You could've said me earlier na!! (He lifts her gently) okay now??

Swara: No… I said that you're legs are paining!! Now put me down..

Sanky: (impressed by her concern) Shona!! I will absolutely fine whenever you’re with me…

Swara: Really!! Then put me down… Your arms will pain… He puts her down by seeing few girls coming there…

Swara was about go when Sanky pulls her into another tight hug and lets her go!! Swara immediately runs inside and blushes thinking about his actions… She is happy now… But reality strikes her that Sanskaar doesn't love her!! Tears well up in eyes… She wipes them and goes to Ragini… By that time the function is completed… So they take leave from Meghana's family and set to farmhouse!! Abhi asks them to drop his friends Sree, Darsha , Sweetie as they stay in nearby Sanskaar's farmhouse…

All the way Swara avoids him… Sanskaar assumes that she is feeling shy to be near him and doesn't say anything!! Sree, Darsha and Sweetie try to befriend Swaragini!! Swara doesn't speak much but Ragini becomes good friend of them… They introduce themselves as archeologists who specialized in antiquities…

Sanky: that's cool… can you tell the age of objects by seeing them??

Sree: yes… we can tell the age of the objects… but not just by seeing them…

Darsha: we need to run few tests… only then we can tell the age…

Sweetie: actually… we have all the necessary chemicals for the test with us in our room….

Sanky and lucky look at each other as they both are thinking same…

Lucky: acha… Do you anything about this place… like its history!!!

Sweetie: yes… we came here to know about this place history a month ago!!

Darsha: we gathered most of the information!!

Sree: we already made a thesis about it… we are leaving tomorrow to Kochi for further research!!

Ragini: but… Why kochi??

Darsha: coz we have few antics which are leading us there… it's a bit confidential… sorry

Ragini: oh.. That’s alright!!

She watches Swara who is asleep due to stress and slowly requests them stay there for one more day so that they help them with Sanskaar’s past!! They get down at their destination… Swaragini & SanLak reach farmhouse one hour later!! Swara is still sleeping!! So without disturbing her Sanskaar lifts her and drops her on the bed in their room!! While dropping Swara holds Sanskaar’s collar tightly!! She mutters slowly… “Don’t leave me… Sansku!! I will die if you leave me!!” Sanky kisses her forehead assuring that he will not leave her!! Swara sleeps with a smile on her face… RagLak are become so happy watching his love for her!! Ragini hugs Sanky tightly showing her happiness!!

Sun rises the next day!! Swara is still asleep… So Ragini stays with Swara while SanLak meet the three girls whom they met previous night!! They show them the picture of Raghav & Ana… After examining it for one hour… They inform SanLak that the photo is 2 centuries old but the frame is new one which is made few months ago but few decomposing chemicals are added to make it look like old one!! SanLak gets shocked hearing this!! Laksh remembers the words of the studio owner about frame!! He explains them about whole scenario and which shocks them!! Slowly they start speaking!!

Sree: Actually we came to research about the same palace which you’re talking about!! We checked with many people… No one knows the actual story about it!!

Darsha: It seems like someone is trapping you!!

Sweetie: There is only one who can solve this!!

SanLak: Who??

All three together: It’s you Sanskaar!! You still have past memories!! Try to find who your enemies are!! And automatically you will find out who is doing this!!

Sanky: Thanks a lot for your help!! If I didn’t meet you guys I would be in false assumptions!!

Sree: No Sanskaar… Please don’t talk like that!!

Darsha: Yes Sanky!! We did what we should do…

Sweetie: And Sanskaar… We’re friends na!! So, No sorry and No thanks between friends!!

The trio starts their journey to Kochi!! Here, SanLak too leaves to farmhouse!!

Precap: Guess…

Credit to: Krishna

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