Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 26)

Hello everyone!! I know very well that you all are so angry on me!! And a small sorry wouldn’t calm you!!But, Guys… This is the crucial period for me!!I’m totally busy with job trails!! My future is dependent on this!! But whenever I get time first I will update on SWASAN FF/OS page… Then here!! Just because I don’t have to wait for longer time for my ff to be posted!! I already updated the next part there!! Coming to story I guess you all might have forgotten the story by now!! So, I will give a quick recap…

Swara is house surgeon who loves Sanky to the core!! Ragini and Samaira are her best friends…. Meghana, Ragini, Laksh and Sanskaar studied in the same college…. Laksh established a company and Ragini is working in it!! They both love each other but are not confessing as they very well know that they relation will not be accepted by their families!! Samaira and Sammu are +2 friends who met after 5 years!! These five years Swara completed her MBBS from London!! Swara returns to India as she met with accident there!! Coming to our handsome hero… Sanskaar Maheshwari is Swara’s childhood friend who hated her thinking that she was the reason behind his break-up with his ex- girlfriend Kavitha!! Later realizes his mistake!! Still he avoids Swara because he loves Meghana!! Swara tries her best to gain his attention but fails every time!! Fortunately, Meghana’s marriage is fixed with her cousin Abhi whom she loves!! Here, RagLak also convinces Sanky to make friendship with Swara!! Sanky starts a new friendship with Swara by gifting her new guitar as he broke the old one a day before!! Swara becomes so happy by change in his behavior!! After a series of events they become good friends!! But, Swara experiences strange happenings with her!! She sketches a girl whom she thinks she never met!! She is AMAYA!! The Same day she goes to her father’s colleague Dr. Prakash Banerjee’s place and sleeps due to tiredness!! But she wakes up in her room and her family makes her believe that she never went there!! Same day she leaves to Karnataka with RagLakSan to attend Meghana’s marriage where Sanskaar finds out that she is being hypnotized but Swara’s friend Sammu gives her wrong information about Dr. Prakash Banerjee!! They finds out that Amaya is friend of Swara!! Every trial of them ends at Amaya!! Things get more worse when Sanskaar learns about his past life that he is Raghav, and Amaya is Ana… his lover!! He is more worried thinking that Swara is Sasirekha his wife in past life who after knowing about Raghav and Ana’s love tries to kill Ana using black magic but dies as it fails!! Sasirekha’s father kills Raghav and Ana!! Let’s see what happened next…

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I don’t know for how long I sat thinking about Sasi- Raghav- Ana triangle love story!! I was lost in thoughts until Lucky shouted my name loudly!!

Lucky: How long will you keep thinking about that story yaar… I understand that’s your past life!! But present is more important na!!

“No yaar… I’m not able to think that Swara could do something like that in her last life”

Lucky: buddy… Listen!! First of all It doesn’t matter what happened in your previous life… The only important thing is what you’re now!! And coming to Swara being Sasi… We’re not sure about it!! We have proofs that you’re Raghav and Amaya is Ana!! But we don’t have proof that Sasi is Swara right!!

“Yeah Lucky… I’m thinking much about this!! Let’s go now… We need to know what’s happening at Ammu’s place”

Lucky: Exactly yaar!! Go, get ready fast… Many girls are waiting there to fall for us!! (Winking at me)

We reached the palace. It is beautifully decorated with roses… Red, white, yellow, pink all colors of roses are used here… except for black!! Typical Indians we are… I laughed at my own thought!! We are welcomed by Abhijeet who was standing there talking to someone!! I remembered our last meeting where I almost tried to kill him coz he held Ammu by her waist… But my other friends controlled… I smiled at him and pulled him into a hug!! He was completely surprised by my action!! “I don’t love Ammu anymore…” I thought to say this to him… But I remained silent… My actions said all those!! Laksh watched us with smiling expressions coz he knew that I would do something like this!!

“Where is your Meghu??” I asked him

Abhijeet: She is getting ready for Sangeeth function… You know about girls na!!

Lucky: And what about Swaragini?? Don’t say that they are also getting ready!! They might have started getting ready from morning itself!!

I tried to speak but Abhijeet stopped me… I understand that there is someone behind us… But Lucky didn’t…

Lucky: you know what Abhi…

“Lucky…” I pinched him to stop him!!

“Let him speak na” Ragini spoke from behind

Lucky: Rags… I was telling that you guys get ready very fast… Just like this (he tried to snap his fingers… but he couldn’t)

We both tried to control our laugh!! Lucky should control his tongue… Seeing his expressions no one would believe that he is the Owner of a big firm!! Someone said it correct… How much ever great that person might be, he need to listen to his woman!!

Rags: Abhi… What are doing with these idiots?? Function is about to start… Come inside!! (She left giving angry glares at Lucky)

Abhi: Yeah… I’m coming (He said pulling us inside)

Lucky: I’m dead today!! How much ever I try I can’t control my tongue!!

“It’s okay Lucky… Rags can’t be angry on you for longer time” I assured him searching for Shona!!

I stood nearby the chair arranged for Ammu and checked for Swara in the hall … She is nowhere to be seen!! May be she is with Ammu I thought and concentrated on the girls who are trying to get attention from me!! Lol… Am I that handsome?? I looked at my image in front camera!! Not bad Sansku… I complimented myself… Did I call myself Sansku?? God!! This girl really has a bad effect on me!! Unknowingly my thoughts ran to the story I heard morning!! Ana- Sasi!!

Immediately flashes of a girl standing in front of me facing her back covering herself with a shawl came to my mind!! She slowly opened her arms and dropped the shawl down… She wore a white full length blouse with contrasting gold lehenga!!She untied the thread of the blouse and opened two buttons till her waist is seen clearly!! She moved it a bit to reveal her beautiful curves!! My heart started beating too fast!! She pulled her lehenga an inch down… “Raghav” was tattooed on her curves in Sanskrit!! “What’s the need for all these??” I spoke with concern!! I could feel her smile!! I reached her slowly and touched it smoothly!! I bent down and kissed it making it wet… It gave her pain for which she moaned!! She liked the pain!! I understood by her moan!! A drop of tear fallen from my eye for her love!!

Sanskaar… Sanskaar…. Loud voice brought me back to the present world!! I looked at the direction from where the voice came!! It was Ammu’s!!

Meghana: What happened Sanky?? Why are you crying??

I realized that my eyes are wet… Immediately I rubbed my eyes!! “Nothing Ammu… Something went into my eyes” I tried to cover up!! A layer of guilt occupied her eyes!! Oh shit!! She is thinking that I’m upset because of her marriage!! “Ammu… Believe me… I’m upset with you!!

Meghana: Promise me that you will move on in your life!!

“I already did I guess!!” I said her smiling sheepishly!!

Meghana: Really who is that??Wait… Swara… Right?? (She questioned me with excitement)

“Hmmm…” I nodded up and down!!

Meghana: Wow Sanky!! I’m so happy for you!! (She was about to hug but controlled seeing the crowd)

“What if Abhi watches us this close??” I tried to tease her!!

Meghana: Abhi trusts me a lot!!

“Yeah… He strongly believes that… No one could bare you!! Understand” I irritated her!!

Meghana: Acha… Will see you after the function!! (She said sitting in the chair)

All the girls pushed me and went surrounding her and started teasing her!!They also stood between Abhi and Ammu not letting them to see each other!!I’m getting bored… I hate Shona now… I couldn’t find her till now!! Top of it these flashes are disturbing me a lot!! I don’t know how to get rid of them!! Suddenly all lights turned off!! I turned back… It’s Shona and Rags!!

They started doing classical dance…Bharatanatyam I guess… “kannaamoochchi aenadaa en kannaa??”

Lucky came near me… I looked at him with question mark face!! It means why are you playing hide and seek with me?? He said pointing the girls who stood as barricade between Abhi and Ammu!!

kaaamoochchi aenadaa en kannaa naan kannaadip poruL poaladaa

andha nadhiyin karaiyai naan kaettaen andhak kaatRai niruththiyum kaettaen

vaan veliyaik kaettaen vidaiyae illai

irudhiyil unnaik kandaen irudhayap poovil kandaen

kannaamoochchi aenadaa en kannaa naan kannaadip porul poaladaa

Lucky: “Why to play hide and seek… I’m like a glass made thing (clearly visible to you)… I asked the banks of river… And I also asked stopping the air… I asked the sky too but there is no answer… And at last I saw you and I saw you in my heart… Why hide and seek when I’m clearly visible to you like a glass!!” This is the meaning of the song!! (He said along the song)

“From when did you learn Tamil??” I asked him!!

Lucky: It’s favorite song of Rags… She lived in Coimbatore during her schooling!! That time she learned Tamil!! And she taught me now!!

Suddenly all the girls who stood between Ammu and Abhi ran behind Swaragini and started dancing for Radha from SOTY song!! Later they danced for other dance numbers gracefully!! I couldn’t get my eyes off her!! Everyone joined in the dance slowly!! Although Swara was dancing her eyes are searching for me!! This time I really wanted to play hide and seek with her!! I stood in front of her for a moment and then went far into the crowd… She followed me… but couldn’t get near me!! I loved this…

Meharbaani jaate-jaate mujhpe kar gaya

Guzarta saa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya

Tera nazaara mila, roshan sitaara mila

Taqdeer ki kashtiyon ko kinara mila

Sadiyon se tarse hai jaisi zindagi ke liye

Teri sohbat mein duaayein hain ussi ke liye

Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara

Maano mujhko banaya tere hi jaise kisi ke liye

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta

Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata

Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

These are the only lines repeating in my mind!! They describe my situation aptly!! I tried to tease her… but at the end… I’m not able to stay without her!! I never felt like this before!! I’m feeling so happy in her presence and absence too!! She is still searching for me!! Everything happened from the day I went to her house to befriend her and then meeting her again in CCD, night walk with her, our journey to Karnataka, shopping… Everything rolled like a movie in my mind!! I felt so happy whenever I saw her smiling!! I blushed a little… She is still searching for me… I went near her my brain immediately reminded me about Ana!! I don’t know why but whenever I think of my past I could only think about Ana… and whenever I think of Sasi I could picture Swara in her place!! I walked hastily outside into the lawn!! I feel like thousand hammers are hitting my head!!

Swara came behind me and offered me a cigarette!! I looked at her with strange expression!! “Don’t you think smoking is injurious to health?” I questioned her though I badly need a cigarette now… I wanted to know how she knew about it!!

Swara: One cigarette doesn’t harm you… But stress does!! And I borrowed this cigarette from Abhi!! He has smoking habit!!

“Thanks… but won’t you ask me why I’m stressed??” I asked her!! However I don’t want her to know about the reason!!

Swara: If I know the reason… Then I wouldn’t have let it reach you!!

I looked at her amusingly!! How could someone love so much!!

Swara: Acha… Now tell me what’s bothering you??

“A girl’s love” I replied her!!

Precap: Guess!!

Guys!! There is a small token of love for you!! I would like to include the three best commenters in my ff as twist makers!! Please shower your love in the form of comments!! Just let me know how much you missed my ff and any sort of suggestions are accepted!!!

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