Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 25)

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Next day morning….

Sanskaar woke up late because he slept late!! He came out searching for Swaragini…

Lucky: Good morning Sanky… I guess you had sound sleep??

Sanky: yep Lucky!! But where is Swara? And Ragini too!!

Lucky: Swaragini are not here… I sent them to Meghana’s place early morning!! I hope you remember today is her Sangeeth!! They went for dance practice!!

Sanky: Oh yeah… I forgot!! We will go there… I will get ready in 5mins…

Lucky: But, where Sanky?? To meet Shona??

Sanky: No… Nothing like that!! I want to see Ammu… Like I came here… We came here for her marriage but didn’t meet her till now!! So… I was just thinking to go there!!

Lucky: We will go there in the evening… Because we are not allowed there now!!

Sanky: why??

Lucky: Coz…. Some girls function is going on there!!

Sanky: So we’re free now!! So, I can go and sleep some more time!!

Lucky: Sanky… You had enough sleep!! Now… Let’s have some fun with these (pointing the beer bottles in the cupboard)

Sanky: Oh yeah… Why late let’s start now!! But Lucky, What if they come here??

Lucky: No chance buddy… We got time till evening… So, let’s not waste it!!

Sanky: Wait… First we will eat something!! If I drink on empty stomach then I will sure puke on you!!

Lucky: What?? No… Then grab something to eat!!

Sanky after getting ready and having breakfast comes to Lucky who is waiting for him!!

Lucky: you’re late… I would have completed one full bottle by now!!

Sanky: Cut the crap and pass the bottle!!

Lucky passes him the bottle and they both start enjoying beer!! They are totally thalli now!! 😛 😛

Lucky: Sanky… I feel so good after gulping it!! Since we are having beer after a longtime… Let’s have some man to man discussion now!!

Sanky: haan Lucky!! I remember you didn’t get a chance in the truth or dare game we played last time!!

Lucky: Yes… Yes… I remember!! I didn’t get chance at that time!!

Sanky: So…. Choose!! Truth or Dare!!

Lucky: Dare!!

Sanky: Okay… Then call your ex- and propose her!!

Lucky: Call my Ex?? Really she will kill if I propose her now!! And if she doesn’t Rags will kill me!!

Sanky: Yes… You’ve to!! No choice!!

Lucky: God… Save me from these girls!!

He dials Kavya’s number and proposes without letting her speak!!

Kavya: Is this Laksh?

Lucky: No… This is Laksh speaking!!

Kavya: What? Laksh… What’s wrong with you?? And how dare you to propose me?

Lucky: No Kavya!! Actually na… (Sanky signs him not to say about the game!!) I guess I realized my mistake!! I… I…

Kavya understands that he is drunk and disconnects the call!!

Lucky: Bhai… She disconnected me!!

Sanky: Hehehehe…. She is still angry on you!! You’re lucky Lucky!! Or else you’re bank balance will be zero by now!!

Lucky: Exactly dude!! But, don’t tell this to Rags!!

Sanky: Pakka!!

Lucky: Now… It’s your turn!!

Sanky: Truth!!

Lucky: Playing safe haan? Now answer me… What do you feel for Swara!!

Sanky: Swara is so cute… sweet… Kiddish…!! She has pure heart!! She is naïve…. All she knows is to love!! I’m so lucky to get her love!! I’m not sure…. But I think I’m falling for her!! But don’t tell her anything okay!! First we need to solve this Amaya case!!

Lucky: Haan yaar!! We need to solve that!! She is becoming haddi in your pyaar ki khabab!!

Sanky: Haan… but pyaarrr kiska? (Whose love)

Lucky: Yours love!! You love Swara na!!

Sanky: Do I love Swara??

Lucky: You do love Swara!!

Sanky: Really?? But you said Amaya is my wife na!!

Lucky: Let’s do a thing!! We will go to the same ruins where I found the photo!! We will continue further investigation there!!

They both are still in control coz they didn’t drink heavily!! They drove to the ruins and after lot of search they reach the exact location!! Sanskaar feels sad and happy at the time!! He got flashes of a girl getting stabbed in front of him… A tear drop falls from his eyes!! RAGHAV… I love you!! This is the only thing ringing in his hears!! His heart was shouting “SASI… I’m sorry”!! Suddenly he saw Amaya’s image… It slowly faded and Swara’s image appeared in front of his eyes!! Lucky shook him to bring him back to the world!!

Lucky: Sanky… What happened?? Why are you crying?

Sanky: (he wipes his tears) Nothing Lucky… Something went into my eyes!!

Lucky: Sanky… Who is the first coming into your mind now??

Sanky: Sho… No one!! I was trying to imagine how this place would be previously!!

Lucky: Lie… I can identify your lies!!

Sanky: Okay!! Only person I can remember is Shona!!

Lucky: So you love her??

Sanky: Lucky… I need some time yaar!!

Lucky: Okay!! Let’s search for some clues!!

They both search all the rooms… But they found no clue!! When they were about to leave they heard footsteps coming towards them!! They hide in one closed room under a wooden table which is almost in decaying stage!! They moved more inside without touching the wood!! And sound of footsteps slowly decreased!! They sighed in relief and came out of the room… Suddenly an old man appeared in front scaring them!!

Old man: Who are you?? What are you doing here???

Sanky: I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari s/o Durgaprasad Maheshwari!!

Old man: Acha… But what’s the need for you to come here!!

Sanky: We are actually retuning back to farm house… but we lost our way!!

Old man: Okay… Don’t worry!! I know every inch of this place… I will guide you to farm house!!

Sanky: Thank you so much!! But what is this place??

Old man: Once upon a time!! King of this area used to live here!! This area wasn’t divided at that time!! This place along with 120 villages nearby served as kingdom and it was a juncture of all four sates!! He was generous!! He treated all the people like his own child except for one!! His sister married a low class person against his wishes… He accepted them but treated badly!! There were rumors that he killed his own brother-in-law!! Some said it was suicide!! By that time his sister has a son of 3 years old!! Unable to bear her husband’s death she too died after a year!! But the king took good care of her son because he didn’t had children even after 5 years of his marriage!! Many suggested marrying again… But he loved his wife… So he didn’t marry anyone!! But, after a year of his sister’s death he was blessed with a daughter!! He was disappointed a little but happy because at last there would someone who can take over his throne after him!!

Sanskaar gets angry listening the story of king’s sister but remained calm!! He leads him to vehicle and they set to farm house!! The old man continued story!!

Old man: After 10-15 years, Portuguese entered our country through Kerala!! Since our kingdom is a juncture of all four southern states they liked it very much!! Our king too invited them with respect… He allowed them to stay here!! The Portuguese went back to his country and came again along with his daughter!! She was so beautiful… My father saw her when he was a kid… He always described about her!! The King’s nephew who was 20 years old by that time has fallen for her!! She too reciprocated his feelings!! Their love was eternal… But the destiny had other plans for them… King forcefully married his daughter to his nephew!!

Lucky: whose nephew? Dada it’s really confusing!!

Old man: I will tell you their names…. That will be easy!! The king’s name is Vikram singh… His daughter’s name is Sasirekha Vikram singh… His nephew name is Raghav Chandra singh!! And the Portugal name is Ana!!

Sanky was startled hearing those names!! He couldn’t understand anything!! But, he felt so connected to the story after listening to those names!!

Old man: Raghav was forcefully married to Sasirekha though he loved Ana!! Sasirekha being one and only daughter grown up as spoiled brat!! After marriage when she got to know about Ana and Raghav’s love… she tried to kill her!! She tried some black magic techniques which back fired and she died!! Vikram Singh who couldn’t bear the death of his daughter killed Raghav and Ana!! But before death they took oath to unite at least in the next birth!! Later, the king realized his mistake!! But it was too late!! He died in guilt… After him there was no one to take care of this palace and other properties… Slowly British government took all the properties but this palace was damaged by that time so they also ignored it!!

They reach the farm house!! They thank Old man for his help and talks about their love story

Lucky: Poor lovers!! I hope they take re-birth to make their love successful!!

Sanky: Hmm!! I too hope the same!! (Suddenly an idea strikes him) Are there any photos of them??
Old man: No beta!! But I can identify that Portugal girl because my father described about her a lot!! Since she is the first foreign women who came here… So, my father has drawn a picture of her!! So I can identify only her!!

Sanky immediately shows him the picture of Amaya which is saved in Lucky’s mobile!!

Old man: She is the one beta!! She is Ana!! But, how did you get her picture??

Lucky: Actually his father wants to purchase this land… So, last time when he came here… he found a photo!! So, we clicked it!! Historical photos na!! We’re so interested to know about history!! Isiliye!! We will go inside now!! We are tired!! (Saying this he pulls Sanky inside)

Sanky is really shocked to know about Amaya being Ana!!

Sanky: Lucky!! I’m not able to understand anything!! How can Amaya be Ana?? If she is Ana… then why I’m in that picture?? Does that mean… I’m Raghav??

Lucky: I too feel the same Sanky!! From the beginning of our journey… everything what happened till now led us here!! Swara forgetting Amaya… Finding yours and Amaya’s photo in ruins… What might be the relation between Swara and Amaya?? If you’re Raghav and Amaya is Ana… Then is Swara Sasirekha??

Precap: Not yet decided!!

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