Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 24)

Guys… I know you all might be angry on me for not posting all these days!! But I tried to post it long back!! It was not posted till now… I tried many times to post!! I just hope that at least this time my ff gets posted!! I’m really sorry for this inconvenience!! I’m posting two parts back to back which answers many of your questions!!

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RagLak comes to the mall where SwaSan are shopping!! They find Sanskaar who is totally tired carrying bags and Swara behind him who is smiling at them!! Sanky loos at Rags with a question mark face indirectly asking about the photo, While Ragini signals him that she will tell him later!!

Sanky: Rags… Save me yaar!! I can’t shop with Shona!! I can’t carry these bags anymore!!

Swara: Oh… Please… I just bought few dresses for Me, Mom, Dad, Dada, Dadi,Dida,Pari di, Shaanjiju, Sammu, Sam, Sweety aunty, Ramu kaka…. And…. That’s it!!

Sanky: That’s it?? Like really?? Poora Khandan ke liye karide tum…. Padosan ke liye bi kuch lenatha… (You shopped for whole family…. Should’ve taken some for neighbors)

Swara: Sanky… Thanks for reminding me… Shalini aunty ke liye bhi kuch lena tha… Ruk!! Mein abhi athun (I’ve to buy something for Shalini aunty… Wait!! I will just be back)

Rags: Shona!! Stop irritating Sanky… Look how tired he is… Give him some rest… Let lucky carry some bags!!

Lucky after hearing his name pretends to be busy with an important call!!

Lucky: Hello… Hello… Hello… Haan… No signal yaar!! I will join you guys after the call!! (He tries to go from there)

Rags: Lucky!! Stop…

Lucky: urgent call Rags!! Will catch you later!!

Rags: Lucky… That’s not your phone!! It’s my pocket mirror in which you’re communicating…

Lucky looks at the mirror in his hands and gives it to Ragini and thinks “Lucky beta… Aj toh tu gaya” (Lucky… You’re gone today)

Lucky: Rags… Actually!!

Rags: Shall we go for shopping??

Swara: Rago… I will show you in which what you’ll get

Lucky gave helpless look at Swaragini and followed them while Sanky sighs in relief and sat on the wooden chairs in the kid’s area!!Then Swaragini together shopped some more and this Lucky carried all the bags… It was lunch time so everyone reached Pizza hut in the mall!!

Swara: I want Medium Paneer exotica with cheese burst, Trifle Choco cake, Pepsi for myself!!

Rags: I want a Medium chicken pizza with rest same as Shona!! Acha… Who is paying the bill??

SanLak show hands at each other!!

Sanky: Lucky will pay the bill for you both… I will pay bill for me and Lucky!!

Lucky: No Sanky… You pay bill for these two, I will pay bill for us!!

Swara: Sansku and Laku… Why are you fighting for this simple reason?? Lucky, you play bill for me and yourself!! Sanky will pay bill for Rago and himself!!

Rags: Nice idea guys… You will never get this better deal!!

Lucky: Swaragini… I’ve a doubt… You guys eat this much… Still you maintain your figure… How is that possible!! If I ever eat more na, then my tummy starts popping out!!

Sanky: Exactly yaar!! Even I’m thinking the same… How is this possible!!

Swaragini: That is our secret!! We shouldn’t reveal it!!

Meanwhile the order arrives and they eat food without speaking a word coz they are so hungry!! After sightseeing and shopping more in Bangalore they start their return journey and by evening they reaches farmhouse!! Without wasting a minute SanLak fall on the bed… After all they are tired of shopping with Swaragini… Here Swaragini were sitting in the lawn chitchatting over a hot tea!!

Swara: Rags… It’s really boring without these idiots na!!

Rags: Haan Shona… But let them sleep… They are so tired!!

Swara: I guess… In their lives they will never take any girl for shopping!!

Rags: Hahaha… True Shona… It’s so much of fun to irritate them!

Swara: So, Let’s do a prank!!

Rags: What???

Swara: Come with me… I will show….

Swara goes to her room and brings some make-up stuff and gives them to Ragini!!

Rags: But, Shona… Why did you brought these colorful stickers, Lipstick, eyeliner and your whole make-up bag!!

Swara: Shush… Rago… You talk a lot!! Now follow me…. Silently (Saying she puts finger on her lips and Ragini to does the same)

They slowly reach SanLak room and they both go and sit beside them on the floor without making noise!! Swara takes her lipstick and slowly applies it on Sanky’s lips and signals Rags to do the same to Lucky… Ragini giggles and start applying lipstick on Lucky’s lips!! Lucky moves a little but adjusts himself and sleeps!! Later they stickers in their face similar to Bengali brides… They paint their face as it is a canvas for them!! LOL!! 😀 😀 😛 😛 After painting their faces completely, They give a final touch-up and watches them with satisfaction!!

Swara: Look at him Rago… He is looking so cute like this na!! Najar nalage mere Sansku ko!! (No bad eye should reach him)

Rags: Lol, Shona… He is too funny yaar!! Look at Lucky… how he is looking?

Swara: wow… He is so beautiful!!:P 😛

Rags: hehehe… They are not less than clowns!! Let’s hide before they wakeup… we will record everything okay!!

Swara: Rago… wait!! Let’s decorate them more (she brings designer pallu for them and puts it on their head slowly) Now perfect!!

They both take pics of SanLak and tires to wake them by rubbing feathers on their feet, blowing on their face, tickling them!! Finally they both wakeup and look at each other!!

SanLak: Ahhhhh……….Ahhhhhhhhh…….

They jump from the bed and shout loudly!! Swaragini runs outside hearing their screams!! 😀 😀

Lucky: Sanky bhai… Is that you?

Sanky: Lucky… tum??

Lucky: Bhai… you look so funny!! Hahahaha…

Sanky: you too Lucky!! You look like a clown… Why did you wear pallu that too with loads of make-up on your face!! Lucky… tum??Mujhe pehle se hi tumpe doubt tha!! But aj confirm hogaya!! Door raho mujhse (Lucky.. you?? I’ve this doubt from beginning… but today it is confirmed… stay away from me)

Lucky: What?? You’re the one who wore pallu and make-up too… And you doubt me…. I should doubt you!! I’m not gonna share my room with you!!

Here Swaragini are taking video of them and laughs continuously holding their stomach!! SanLak hear their laughs and come outside and stand in front of them!! Seeing them Swaragini laugh more falling on the ground!!

Lucky: what’s wrong with you… kyun hasre?? (why are you laughing??)

Swara: wait a minute… I will show you!!(She gives them a mirror)

SanLak are shocked to see their faces in the mirror!!

Sanky: Shona… Rags… you are gone today!! I won’t leave you…

Lucky: Haan bhai!! See… what they did to us!! I’m looking a clown!!

They both run behind Swaragini at last all four sit in the hall breathing heavily!!

Rags: Lucky… Please!! I can’t run anymore… Do what you want to do!!

Swara: Me too Sansku!! I surrender… But, before giving us a punishment please do a belly dance na!!

Sanky: Belly dance!! Shona… you’re crazy!! I’m not going to do any belly dance!!

Rags: Lucky… You too shake it baby!! 😛 😛 ( Ragini says seductively moving her hand on his face sensually)

Lucky: Rags… Please!! You can’t take advantage of my weakness… (Stammering… 😛 :P)

Rags: Yes… I Can!! Now, pleeaazzz… Dance for me!! (Moving close to him)

Lucky: (Moving backward) Dancing is better than this torture yaar!!

Sanskaar is shocked to see Rags like this… but, Swara nudges him and he looks her with horrified expression!!

Swara: Don’t expect me to do all these!! You don’t a different treatment!! (She shows him the video of his make-up, snoring and laying his legs on Lucky while sleep)

Sanky: What the hell is this Shona??

Swara: If you don’t dance now… I will upload this video on all social Medias… Then you’re name, fame, reputation everything will be smashed… People will make fun of you… They share this video… No girl will marry you!! You will remain bachelor forever!! So… What your choice!!

Sanky looks at her with unbelievable expressions… He was cursing himself for his actions in the video!!

Sanky: Arey Shona!! Itni si bath ke liye tum utna bada video kyun?? … Dance ich toh karna hai… Karta mein… Not a problem!! (Shona… This is a small issue… why to bring video into this… You want me dance na… I will dance!!)

Swaragini play “Touch me touch me Touch me” song from race movie and then “Mere photo ko seene se “ from dabang and other item numbers!! SanLak dance according to music… doing signature steps!! 😀 😀 😀 Later they get tired… So, Swaragini also leave them free and go to their room and dozes off!! After assuring that they slept… Lucky and Sanky removes pallu, make-up and changes to t-shirts and shorts!!

Lucky: Bhai… Swaragini are making us crazy na!!

Sanky: Haan Lucky… I don’t think we will go home like normal people… after this trip, My family will surely join me in mental asylum!!

Lucky: Haan Sanky!! Yaar… I forgot to tell you!!

Sanky: What?

Lucky: About that Amaya pic!!

Sanky: Oh shit!! I totally forgot about it… Tell me Lucky… Who made that photo??

Lucky: That photo was taken in 19th century!! Two centuries back…

Sanky: What the F***?? How can anyone take my photo two centuries back?? I’m just 25…

Lucky: But Sanky… It is confirmed by the photo studio owner!!

Sanky: He might be lying… How is this possible yaar?

Lucky: That can be possible… If that picture was taken in your last life!!

Sanky: Last life means?? Seriously Laksh… you’re saying that I’m reborn?? From when did you started believing in Re-incarnation??

Lucky: After learning about Amaya?? Just think once Sanky… May be Amaya was your last life?? May be she trying to reach you through Swara??

Sanky: Lucky… I don’t think this is true!!

Lucky: May be Sanky… Swara knows everything about Amaya? She is trying to hide about Amaya so that you both can never meet??

Sanky: Lucky… have you gone nuts?? You doubt on Swara?? She can never do this to me!!

Lucky: Sanky… She loves you… May be she don’t want to lose you!! Just think in other way!! I know this is a mere possibility!!

Sanky: I’m not able to think anything yaar!! I need to some space!!

Lucky: Okay buddy!! I’m going inside… take your own time… but Come soon!! Don’t stress yourself!!

As soon as Lucky left Sanky lights a cigarette and takes a puff!! As the smoke enters his lungs he feels stress free!! He walks in the lawn thinking about Lucky’s words… From the lawn Swaragini room window can be seen!! Sanskaar peeps inside and watches Swara sleeping peacefully!! Her innocent face, curvy lips, beautiful eyes are conquering his heart!! He is not able to understand his feelings… but, he concluded that Swara can never do anything which would hurt him!! So he goes inside and sleeps peacefully!! As soon as Sanky go inside… Swara wakes up and follows him!!

Precap- Not yet decided!! Sorry!!

So guys…Is this Sanky’s re-birth?? Is Amaya Sanky’s wife in his last life?? Do you really think Swara is trying to separate Sanskaar and Amaya?? Comments please!!

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