Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 23)


Hello everyone!! I’m back to kill you with my mysteries… LOL!! 😛 Will reveal little in this update…  I know most of you said that you’re bad at guessing 😉 !! But guys… Guess something!! Sharp your brains!! Coz every time I write a update I will modify my plot!! So, if you guys guess something and if I like it I will add it my next update!! So please do guess and comment!! 

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Swara: So Sansku… Where are we going today??

Sanky: To Bangalore!!

Ragini: You both for shopping… Me and Lucky for some work!!

Swara: God… Won’t you get bored working all the life!! I thought you came here to enjoy!! But no!! Work… work… Work (Shona continues her blabbering while all others look sharply at her) what?? Why you guys are staring at me??

Ragini: Shona!! There is a saying… “Think before you act”!! You need to follow that!!

Swara: Why?

Ragini: coz the work which we have is to purchase a gift for Meghu and meet my cousin to borrow DSLR to click our pics!!

Swara: Oh… That’s cool then!! Let’s leave… Chalo chalo… It’s 2 hours journey!! Should start early to reach early and shop more!! (Saying this she packed her stuff and sat in the jeep)

Lucky: Rags… Why did you tell her about visiting your cousin’s place?? She might get doubt!!

Rags: No Laku… If we hide this from her she will get doubt!!

Sanky: That’s true Man!! Or else she will eat my brain first!! Now Let’s go before she start some more hungama!!

They reach Bangalore and Sanky drops RagLak at Ragini’s cousin’s place and leaves with Swara!! Ragini introduces Lucky to her cousin and after a formal chat she asks him about “Krishna photo studio”

Cousin: “Krishna photo studio” … Ragini…. We can’t identify the exact one coz there are many photo studios with that name in Bangalore!!

Lucky: Actually there is a logo under the name!! It’s Lord Krishna’s feather on the old digital camera!! (He shows the cropped pic of logo from the one they found in ruins)

Cousin: This one!! Well, I know about this photo studio…. This is our rival photo studio since 19th century!!

Ragini: Rivals from such a long time?? How could that be possible!!

Cousin: You know na Ragini… These photo cameras are introduced into India after the arrival of Britishers!! But even before that when Portuguese entered Kerala… They bought one along with them and one of them taught my paternal great grandfather how to use it!! Later he purchased these cameras and started a photo studio… His assistant learned to use camera from him and started a photo studio named “Krishna photo studio” its logo is also similar to ours!!Later my grandfather shifted business here!! That’s how we reached here!!

Lucky: Wow!! You guys are running this business from a long time!! Yeah!! But if your great grandfather belong to Kerala then how you’re Ragini’s relative!! Coz she is Bengali na!!

Cousin: Actually my mom’s keralite and dad’s Bengali!!!

Lucky: That’s cool!! You’re parents are true inspiration (He said winking at Ragini)

Ragini: Okay!! But where is that photo studio??

Cousin: It’s 5kms far from here!! I will give you the address!! It’s easy to find that studio!!

Lucky: Thanks yaar!! Will leave now!! Have loads of work!!

Cousin: Can’t force you!! But next time you guys should have lunch with us!!

Ragini: sure yaar!! Thanks for the info!! Bye… Take care!!

They set off to find the Krishna photo studio!! After a hour they reach Krishna photo studio!! A person comes to them and asks about them!!

Lucky: We need to meet your owner!!

Person: Sir, If you tell me your names we will inform him about you!!

Lucky: Tell him that Laksh Singhania of LS industries came to meet him!!

Person: Sure sir!! Please wait!!

He comes back in a while and guides RagLak to his owner’s chamber!! Laksh introduces himself and shows him the photo and asks him about it!

Owner: Sir… By seeing this photo I can say that it was taken in 19th century!!

Lucky: But, How is this possible?? The guy in this photo is just 25 years old!!

Owner: Sir… I’m so sure that this photo belongs to 19th century!! Please check this photo frame!! These wooden carved frames are used in the starting days of our photo studio!! I have same type of frame in my home!! If you I will show you that!! And Sir, we are working in this field from many years!! So we can tell about the age of the photo just by seeing it!!

Ragini: Okay sir!! But can you tell any more details about this picture??

Owner: Mam… Did you see the carvings on the wood!! They are not just simple designs!! They are Malayalam words!! These are made especially by great grandfather’s brother!! (Saying these he showed them his family pics in his phone which are also in a similar frame) After him no one did this type of carvings!! He didn’t even teach this to his children which proves that this photo belongs to 19th century!!

Ragini and Laksh were shocked to hear this!! They are still not able to believe that whatever you said is true!! Ragini tried to ask some more questions but Laksh signaled her to be silent and they left the place after promising him a deal from his company with the branch in Kolkata!! After they left a girl from the other room gave him some amount and left that place covering her face with Scarf!!

Ragini: Lucky… I’m not able to understand anything!!

Lucky: I know Rags… Everything seems like a puzzle…

Ragini: How can Sanky’s photo belong to 19th century!!

Lucky: May be this is Sanky’s second life!!

Ragini: What?? Second life?? Lucky!! Do you believe in reincarnation??

Lucky: I don’t Rags!! But seeing everything I feel like believing them!!

Here Swasan are busy with shopping!! Actually Swara is shopping and Sanskaar is helping her to select!! She is rejecting everything he is showing her!!

Sanky: It’s horrible to shop with you!!

Swara: thank you!!

Sanky: Shona… Select something and stop rejecting!! It’s been two hours and you purchased nothing!!

Swara: We girls have logic behind our shopping!!

Sanky: There is logic behind time waste also??

Swara: Yes there is… (Hitting him with her elbow) We girls never have choices!! From birth we never got chance to select the school we go… higher educations… Job… Marriage… Kids… and even for the kid’s names!! The only place we get to select something of our choice is shopping!!

Sanky: (immediately falls on his knees in front of her) Shona… Please!! Select whatever you want!! I will wait!! But, Please don’t give such emotional speech (Wiping his fake tears!!)

Swara: Sanky!! You’re gone now!! How dare you to insult my logic!! (she runs behind him in the whole mall)

Precap: Sanskaar finds out truth!!

What is the truth?? Is this really Sanskaar’s second life?? If it is, then what about Swara?? Who is the one gave money to the Photo studio owner?? Why did she do that?? Will RagLak able to solve the mystery?? Guess and comment!!

Credit to: Krishna

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  1. Lovely pls update soon.

  2. Uff!!Now who’s this mystery girl??Is she Amaya or Megha or some other?? I don’t believe in reincarnation and all..But I think the mystery definitely is related to Sanky’s past life..
    Nice episode BTW.. 😀

  3. Superb episode again with a bang I think it is Samira

    1. I mean the scarf girl who gave money

  4. At least open the suspense in the next update…..

  5. Awsm,full of suspense.Waiting for nxt.

  6. Awesome….

  7. Missed me?????? I missed u and my comment here….lol
    But uh know I can’t comment on further episodes as I will be busy with studies and stuff as am going back to skool…vacations are over…
    I will definitely read ur story as if I don’t…. ur mystery will never let me sleep…
    Not able to guess anything…
    Just confused…
    Sorry a lot…Sorry till infinity for not commenting and not being able to comment in future….
    Great chappy…waiting for next eagerly 🙂

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