Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 22)


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Ragini woke up due to the sunrays falling on her face!! She stretched her hands and looked at Laksh who was sleeping peacefully in her lap!! She tapped him slowly to wake him up!!

Lucky: Rago!! Please let me sleep for some more time!!

Rags: Lucky… Wake up!! My legs are paining!! We should reach farm house as soon as possible!!

Lucky: (Waking up) you’re really bad Rags!!

Rags: I know… But, now let’s leave from this place!!

Lucky: Do you have the photo with you??

Rags: Yep!! It’s right beside you…

Lucky: Chalo… We’ve find one good person who helps us!!

Rags: Yeah Lucky… I hope the same…

They both leave the ruins and reach a deserted road… After half an hour walk they find an old woman!! When they ask her way to farmhouse… She sends her grandson to drop them at the farm house!! They finally reach the farmhouse!! It’s 6:00 in the morning!! RagLak moves towards each other’s room!! !! Ragini was worried not finding Swara In her room!! Her Laksh stood shocked and signaled Ragini to come to him!! He shows her SwaSan who are still sleeping in hugging position!!

Lucky: Wow… Look at them Rago!! They are much better than us!!

Rags: Haan Lucky… I never thought Shona will become so close to him!! That too in one night!!

Lucky: Rago… You really think that they did THAT?

Rags: What?

Lucky: THAT yaar!! What married people do!! But they don’t look like they did THAT!!
Rags: Stop stressing on THAT Lucky!! Shona will never do any mistake!! And I don’t want Shona to be close with him… Not at least after watching this photo (Showing Sanky and Amaya’s photo)

She immediately goes to Swara and wakes her!!

Rags: Shona… Shona!! Uto…

Swara: Sumi… Mujhe thodi der aur sone do na!! Please!! (Let me sleep for some more time na)

Saying this Shona turns aside and hugs Sanky more tightly!!

Rags: Shona!! I’m Rago… Now wake up!!

Swara opens her eyes and sees Ragini!! She immediately wakes up and shouts Ragini!! Sanskaar wakes up due to her voice and watches RagLak starting at them!!

Sanky: Where the hell were you guys!!

Lucky: We forgot the way back to home… So we stayed in ruins!!

Swara observes Ragini’s scarf tied to Lucky’s head which has blood marks on and asks him with concern!!

Swara: Laksh!! What happened to you!!

Rags: Shona!! It’s a long story… Now get up and go to our room!! I will come and explain everything to you (In a cold tone and pulls Swara to their room giving death glares to Sanky)

Swara: Arey… Rago… Wait!! Stop pulling me

Lucky: (After Swaragini left the room) Sanskaar… What is Swara doing in your room?? What did you do to Swara yesterday?? (Holding his collar)

Sanky: What the hell!! Why would I do something to her?? And if you leave my collar then I can speak say something!!

Lucky: I warn you Sanky!! She is my little sister!! If you do anything to her then I won’t twice before killing you!!! (Leaving his collar)

Sanky: Easy pal!! I’m not a womanizer!! Shona was scared to sleep alone in the room… So she came here!! First she slept on the bed and I on the couch!! Later she got some nightmare so I allowed her to hug me while sleeping!!

Lucky: Ohh… I’m really sorry for hurting you dude!! Actually na I was worried for her!!

Sanky: I can understand… But, remember one thing Lucky I can never hurt her!!

Lucky: I know yaar!! But leave it!! Actually there is something more bigger than this

Sanky: What??

Lucky: Will show it later!! Before that I need a hot shower!!

Sanky: Okay… Wait!! Rags pulled Swara forcefully from my room thinking that I would cheat her!!

Lucky: Actually you’re half-correct!!

Sanky: And what’s the other half??

Lucky: Will let you know!! We’ve to wait for Ragini!

Swaragini & SanLak gets fresh!! Sanky calls a doctor to check up Lucky!! Doctor assures them that it’s a small injury and no need to worry about it and Leaves!! Ragini is still cold to Sanky!! While Lucky signals her to be calm!! Swara receives a call from her parents… So she goes to the lawn while Ragini gives the photo to Lucky and signals him to ask Sanky about it!!

Sanky: Guys… What’s going on?? And Rags what’s wrong with you??

Rags: There is nothing wrong with me Sanky!! I’ m just upset with something!!

Sanky: And what’s that??? Me sharing same bed with Shona!! Dude… Shona is scared to sleep alone that’s why I…

Before he could continue Lucky showed him the picture he got in the ruins!! Sanky stood there shockingly!! He’s not able to understand this!! He felt the ground under his feet was shaking… He spoke with great difficulty

Sanky: What is this non-sense?? Who made this photo??

Lucky: You should tell that Sanky!! We found this photo in a palace ruins!!

Rags: Now, tell us how do you know Amaya?

Sanky: How would I know Amaya?? I don’t even know from where this picture came from??

Rags: If you don’t know who Amaya is then how did you take photo with her??

Sanky: May be this is Amaya’s plan!! May be she knows Shona loves me… So, to hurt her she might be doing all these!!

Lucky: Rags!! May be Sanky is correct!! We know him from years!! There is no point in doubting him!!

Rags: I know Lucky!! I was so hurt to question our Sanky!! But, I was scared about Shona… Don’t how she will react after watching this picture!!

Sanky: Never show this pic to Shona!! She will be hurt!!

Lucky: Yeah!! But we have to find out who made this photo!!

Sanky: Wait… Let me observe this photo clearly!! We might get some clue from his!!

Lucky: Okay!!

They observe the photo under magnifying glass and finds out a name to the right corner of the photo!!

Lucky: “Krishna photo studio” Was written on this photo!! If we can trace where the studio is we can find out who did this!!

Sanky: Everything seems like a puzzle to me!!

Rags: Even for me!! Wait… I know a person who can help us with this!!

Sanky: who??

Rags: Actually a cousin of mine stays in Bangalore!! He runs a photo studio!!

Lucky: That’s cool!! We have to find this out as soon as possible!!

Sanky: I have a strong feeling that Shona’s life is in grave danger!! We have to find out who is doing this as soon as possible!!

They watch Swara coming to them and hide the photo and talk about random stuff!! Swara too joins them!! They plan to visit Meghana!!

Precap: Dhamaka!!

So, Guys… Did you like RagLak’s care for Swara?? What is the Dhamaka?? Who is doing all these?? Is everything planned by some mystery person or by God?? Will Sanskaar be able to protect Swara before it’s too late?? Guess and comment!!

Credit to: Krishna

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