Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 21)


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Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 19)

Lucky tried to clean some area for them to sleep… But he got hurt by some sharp piece lying on the ground… He removed it and moved his fingers in the dust slowly… He found a small wooden piece… He lifted it and saw some word carved on it!! He turned the piece and was shocked to see the other side… It fell from his hands making sound!! Ragini came near him and took the wooden piece in her hands… She was too equally shocked to see Sanskaar's photo sticked on the wooden piece that too with Amaya!!

Ragini: Lucky… What is this?? What’s happening with Sanskaar and Swara??

Lucky: I’m not able to understand anything yaar!! But Rags… Look every pic here is an oil painting or normal sketches!! But this picture is digital photo!!

Ragini: But Lucky… In this picture they both are in different attire!! Sanskaar never grown beard like this!! And he dressed like a cowboy and Amaya wore a gown from 19th century!! It means…

Lucky: It means this picture is not so recent!!

Lucky turned it to read the carving on the frame!! But most of the wood turned into powder!! So nothing is clear!!

Ragini: Now only Sanky can answer our questions!! What is his relation with Amaya??

Lucky: Haan Rags… we have to wait till tomorrow for that!! You don’t take any stress regarding this!! Okay!!(He said cupping her face)

Ragini: Yeah Laku… But first you have to take care of yourself!! Let me check your wounds!! Is it still paining??

Lucky: Nope… I’m fine!! Ragini… (He said by sleeping in her lap)

Ragini: Haan Lucky!! (Caressing his hairs)

Lucky: Promise me one thing!!

Ragini: What is it Laku??

Lucky: Will you be with me till the end!!(Looking into her eyes)

Ragini: I’m with you right now!! We will be friends forever (Playing with his fingers)

Lucky: Don’t skip this Rago… I know what you’re thinking!!

Ragini: Then why are you asking this Laku!! Why are you makings things harder for me??

Lucky: Rago… I’m ready to fight with anyone for you??

Ragini: are you ready fight with your parents??

Lucky: But Rago!!

Ragini: Please Lucky!! Our parents gave us everything!! They gave us freedom… They trusted us!! And one thing they expect from us is…

Lucky: Our happiness Rags!! (Cutting Ragini’s words)

Ragini: I can’t argue with you Lucky!! It’s too late… Ab chup chap soja!! (Now, sleep silently)

Lucky: Acha!! Then sing a lullaby for me!!

Ragini: Lucky!! Are you kid or what?? Now sleep silently and let me sleep!!

Lucky: Please Rago… Please!!

Ragini: okay… Fine!!

She starts singing beautifully and Laksh slowly forgets his pain and falls into a deep sleep!! Ragini also sleeps on him after a while!!

In the farm house… Shona knocks Sanskaar’s room door!!

Sanky: Shona… What happened??? You didn’t sleep yet??

Swara: Sansku… You know na…. I’m scared to stay alone!! Plus Rago and Lucky hasn’t come yet!!

Sanky: I know Shona… I’m also worried for them… But I can’t leave you here alone!!

Swara: We both can go and search na!!

Sanky: Really?? Planning for some adventure??

Swara: No yaar!! But here also I’m alone only!! You’re in your room and me in my room!!

Sanky: Toh ab kya karenge?? (So, What shall we do now??)

Swara: zyada kuch nay!!(Not much) There is a couch in my room… So you can come and sleep in my room!!

Sanky: What?? Me… Sleeping on couch…that too in your room?? No way!!

Swara: Okay!! You don’t sleep in my room!! I will sleep in your room on the bed and you on the couch… (saying this… Shona pushes Sanky and sits on his bed folding her legs and turns the temperature down of the AC)

Sanky: Shona… ye kya karre tum (What are you doing)?? Get down… If you’re scared go and sleep on the couch!!

Swara: Sansku…. Please… I can’t sleep straight on the bed!! If I sleep on the couch then I will fall down…

Sanky: Oh… Then what is guarantee that you won’t fall from bed??

Swara: Offo… Sansku… I will put pillows beside me na… So, I won’t fall down!!

Sanky: You’re unbelievable Shona!!

Swara: Hahaha… I know Sanky…

Sanky: Whatever… Now please increase temperature!! It’s too cold here!!

Swara: But Sansku..

Sanky: Shona!! Don’t tell me that you will sweat even in these cold conditions!!

Swara: No Sansku… Only for some time!! I will increase the temperature… Kush?? Ab sone de!! (Happy… Now, let me sleep)

Sanky: Pata nay kaun karega tujse shadi?? Bichara!! (Don’t know who will marry you!! Poor guy)

“It’s you only” Swara murmured to herself and covered herself completely with blanket!!

Sanky looks amusingly at her antics and shifted his gaze to his mobile!! After a while due to some power supply issues transformer nearby got busted producing loud sound!! Swara jumped from the bed directly on to Sanskaar with fear!!

Swara: Ahhhhhhhh

Sanky: Ahh… Ahhh… Ahhhhhh!!

Swara: Ahhhhhh!!!!

Sanky: Shona… kya hua?? (What Happened?)

Swara: Dog… No… It’s hound!! It’s following me!! It will kill me!! Please save me!!

Sanky: Shona… What dog?? Which one??

Swara held his hands while closing her eyes tightly… Tear drops are falling on her cheek… Fear was clearly visible on her face

Swara: Sansku… Please… Mujhe chorke math jao!! (Don’t go anywhere leaving me)

Sanky: (wakes up immediately and holds her) you are okay!! You’re fine… I’m here… with you!! Okay… Shona… Open your eyes!!

Swara: Nay… Nay!! (No)

Sanky: Shona… Shona!! (Shouting loud)… See!! There’s nothing here!! I won’t let anything happen to you!! Look at me!!

Slowly opens her eyes and finds Sanskaar in front of her and checks the surroundings…. She assures herself that there is no one in the room except herself and Sanskaar… She immediately hugs Sanskaar tightly!! Sanskaar too hugs her back and pats her back to give her relief

Swara: Sansku… I got a night mare again!! It was so scary!!

Sanky: Shona!! Did you take your medicines??

Swara: No… Sansku… I forgot them… But first listen to me!!

Sanky: Okay!! Tell me… (Still hugging her)

Swara: You know what!! I was dressed like a princess and going somewhere along with some other girls… Then… I sat in a car only to see a big scary hound beside it!! It’s growling!! I was scared… I tried to come out!! But the door was locked!! I’ve thrown the things around me on it and tried to break the door!! It tried to bite me Sansku… With its big mouth and hanging tongue… It looked ugly!! I finally broke the window… Opened the door and ran outside!! And you know what!! Waha pe I saw three such hounds coming to me (She opened her eyes large and constantly had a fear expression on her face…. She looked cute and funny!! Sanskaar tried hard to control his laugh and listened to her) I was so scared Sansku… I ran so fast… but just imagine three hounds running behind!! I still tried hard!! And then I heard a loud sound and then I jumped on you!!

Sanky: Shona… Is this really your dream??

Swara: yeah Sansku!! It’s so terrifying na!!

Sanky: Haan??? Haan… Shona… It’s really scary!! Now… Take your pills and sleep now!!

Swara looked at him helplessly and had her medicines!!

Sanky: Shona!! You don’t worry!! I will sleep beside you… Okay!! You can hug me while sleeping… But nothing more than that!! Okay???

Swara: Pakka!! Thank you so much Sansku!! You’re the best!!

Sanky: Haha… Shona!! I’m not so good okay!! You know my hormones secretion is too high now!! How could I control myself seeing you like this?? (Winking at her)

Swara: Sansku… You’re so bad!! I hate you (Beating him pillow)

Sanky: Arey… Shona!! Please… Stop it! Okay!! If you beat me like this I will sleep on the couch only!! Then Sleep alone on this bed!!

Swara: Sansku… Acha teek hai!! Now let’s stop this pillow fight and sleep!!

Sanky: Okay!! But remember… Don’t try to take advantage of me!!

Swara looks at him angrily but laughs hugging him and sleeps peacefully!!

Precap: Swasan!!

I hope you all liked Swasan bonding!! I tried my best to bring them together!! But this is just starting!! There is a long way to go!! 😉 😉

Credit to: Krishna

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