Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 2)

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In the 1st part I mentioned that It was swaras first day in her office but there is correction.. swara is a doctor (working as house surgeon) . So it will be her first day as a Dr. in hospital…
So, here we go..
I wanted her to accompany me till hospital.. but she is really busy.. so I went alone.. Well, I’m excited.. After all Medicine is my passion.. I always wanted to become a doctor.. May be this could bring some respect towards me in my sankys eyes.. Or else he might think that I’m good for nothing!!! My thoughts were interrupted as I heard someone calling me..
Samaira- Hey Swara… Thank god you came early today.. I thought you would be coming late as in college days..

(I gave wide smile at her and ran to hug her.. after all she is the one who understands me better than Ragini.. but Ragini is always the best to me…)

Swara- Hey Sammu… Stop taunting me okay!! Even I learnt about punctuality and discipline in my school days.. so stop giving lectures to me..

Samaira- Acha.. really!! I know very well about.. Day by day you are becoming insomniac.. Last night when did you slept?

Swara- Wo sammu.. we are getting late na!! let’s go.. (I said to escape from scolding.. Well, She too knows that about my madness for Sanskaar and my dreams which never let me sleep)

Samaira- There are still 10 mins left for us to report to our Dean..

Swara- I( with a tensed face) slept for just 15mins yesterday and you know about my dream but still questioning me?? ( my eyes welled up with fake tears)

Samaira- stop crying.. You are a cry baby.. Let’s go we are getting late.. and haan stop thinking about Him..

Swara- That’s impossible my sammu baby ( I winked at her).. Catch me if you can!! ( I shouted while running)

She gave me a look like “ tu kabhi nay suderegi” 😉

Samaira- swara ki bachi.. wait for me…(she too started running behind me)

We both reached at the same time and started laughing loudly.. We reported to our dean and went for regular rounds.. I checked around 6 patients and most of them were suffering with viral fever.. I gave suggestions to them regarding their diet and dosage of the medicines..

Again my thoughts ran around Sanskaar.. is he taking care.. Omg I should inform Ragini not to let sanky eat and drink whatever he want.. he is really careless.. top of it he is foddie.. he cant control himself whenever he sees Dahipuri.. Now a days this roadside chats are made of dirty water and under unhygienic conditions.. I came out of thoughts and took my phone to call Ragini.. Noo.. There is no need for you call him.. MEGHANA is there to take care of him.. My inner voice shouted…
Meghana.. uff…. The person who I hate the most.. she was my friend.. But she betrayed me.. not exactly.. but she is the reason behind sankys hatred towards me… may be not.. it was your mistake.. My inner voice said.. Meghana is a good friend of sanky..

I can’t think anymore… I felt slight pain in my head.. Oh no.. I forgot to take my tablets once again.. what kind of doc i am?? And slowly my whole body started shivering.. I tried to stretch my hand to get the tabs on the other end of the desk before that i became unconscious!!

Precap- Guess !

I’m sorry for short update.. and if possible in the next part il introduce RAGLAK POV!!


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