Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 19)

Actually guys… I thought of stopping my ff due to less comments!! Then realized I shouldn’t do that!! Even if no person comments i will post my ff!! 🙂 🙂

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Ragini gets scared and hides herself behind Laksh!! Laksh taps her shoulder not to worry and asks the person to guide him to farm house… He accepts giving evil smile!!

Person: Bhai shab mein gadi mein hallu jaunga!! Aap mere peeche ayiye(I will move slow on this bike and you follow me)

Laksh: teek hai bhaiyya!! Waise aap hindi kaise jante??(Okay!! How do you know Hindi??

Person: Yahake log harbashajante hai bhaiyya!!Upar se Hindi hamari Rastrabasha hai(people here knows every language… Top of it Hindi is our Rastrbasha)

Laksh speaks some random stuff to him… But, his concentration was only on Ragini!! Finally he stops his bike at a desolate place and pretends to check his bike!! When Laksh goes near him he takes out a rod and hits him on the head causing Laksh to fall unconscious!! Ragini immediately runs to him and shouts Laksh!!

Ragini: Laksh…. Omg it’s bleeding!! Laksh wake up!! Please Lucky….

Person holds Ragini’s arm and pulls her to him… Ragini tries to release herself from him but he is too strong for her!! She finally pushes him away and comes near Laksh and places his head in her lap!! “Laku… please uthon a!! Please…” She pats his cheeks and ties her scarf on his head!! That person comes again to her and pulls her with all his force!! Ragini resists him… She hugs Lucky tightly and shouts “Lucky utho na… Please… You have to save me… Tum mujhe is insaan ke sath nay chod se sakthe… Lucky uthona!!”

But he pulls strongly and tries to strip her… She tries her best to run from him but she couldn’t!! He moves his hand on her neck… Before he could get lower someone hits him hard on his head!! “Laksh…” Ragini shouts and runs to him!! She hugs him tightly!! Lucky holds Ragini’s hand and they both run from there!! After a long run they reach a forest like area with ruins!! They run into the forest as they hear some bike sound!!

Laksh: It looks like palace ruins!! We can stay here till morning!! They we will find a way to go home… Mobile mein signal bhi nay hai!! So we can do nothing!!

Ragini: Lucky… please never leave me(hugging him)… I’m so scared… tumhe kuch nay hua na?? (checking his wounds)

Laksh: I’m fine yarr!! It’s just a small wound!! You don’t worry!! I will never leave you!! I promise…(he says hugging her more tightly)

Lucky switches on mobile flashlight and checks the surroundings!! It is a huge construction which is damaged but few rooms are not so damaged!! So they decided stay in the room!!

Here Swara and Sanskaar are sitting on the bike in the lawn!!

Swara: Sansku… how long will we drive here only… Let’s go outside!!

Sanky: Shona… You should be thankful that I allowed you to ride!!

Swara: Oh please…. Koi yehsaan nay karre mujpe!! (you’re not doing any favour to me)

Sanky: Acha… Toh uthar bike se(get down then)

Swara: Sansku… Leave this… Where are RagLak?? It’s been a long time since they went out

Sanky: Haan Yaar!! Wait I will call them..

(he tried calling them multiple times… But the call couldn’t get connected)

Sanky: Not reachable

Swara: Lets go check na sansku… How long will we sit here only..

Sanky: Yeah chalo… Wait is this any plan of yours to go outside??

Swara: Nay tho!! ( innocent face)… Im worried for them…

Sanky: Hmm me too…but they are love birds na… They might be romancing in this beautiful climate…

Swara: Yeah… That’s true… They were always busy with some or the other work in the city!! Now they got time to romance… But sansku…

Sanky: Haan Shona…

Swara: I need your help in uniting them…

Sanky: Sure Shona!! Im trying from many days to bring them closer… But Rags escapes everytime…

Swara: She is afraid that their families won’t accept the love… And she don’t want to Lucky to suffer because of this..

Sanky: We have one week time na Yaar… We will try our best to unite them

Swara: For that we need to find where they are…

Sanky: We will wait for a while… If they still don’t return then we will search for them with the help of watchmen

Swara: That’s my sansku…( pulling his cheeks)

Sanky: Shona I’m not an infant… Don’t pull my cheeks… ( rubbing his cheeks) I hate it…

Swara: But I love it…

Sanky stares into her deep hazel eyes… He wants to get lost in the world inside her eyes…devour the Goosebumps by her touch…he unknowingly cupped her face and bought it close to him… Before he would do anything Shona interrupted him.. She doesn’t want things to happen like this… She needs his love… Not just to get intimate with him

Swara: Sansku…

Sanky: Oh..im really sorry Shona… I was lost in the flow…

Swara: It’s alright… I’m sleepy.. Lets go inside..

Sanky: Chalo… I will park this bike and come..

Here RagLak entered inside a damaged room… It was roof less… They tried to imagine how the room looked like before damage… Few half-torn oil paint pictures hanged to the wall…the lamps attached to the walls are half broken… Floor has layers of dust which is making difficult for them to step in… Ragini tried to wipe some with the remaining part of her scarf after tying it to Laksh… Pieces of chandelier are observed here and there… They finally made their way to centre of the room…

Lucky tried to clean some are for them to sleep… But he got hurt by some sharp piece lying on the ground… He removed it and moved his fingers in the dust slowly… He found a small wooden piece… He lifted it and saw some word carved on it!! He turned the piece and was shocked to see the other side… It fell from his hands making sound!! Ragini came near him and took the wooden piece in her hands… She was too equally shocked to see Sanskaar’s phot sticked on the wooden piece that too with Amaya!!

Precap: Not yet decided..;)

What is the relation between sanskaar and amaya?? Why is their pic lying in the ruins?? When every picture there was half torn oil painting why is their picture a digital photo?? Guess and comment

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