Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 18)

Hello guys!! Thank you so much for your response… But I’m little disappointed because of less comments!! Anyway I will put Swara’s past aside for sometime and continue with Sanky’s realization and I’m really sorry for this late and short update!! Next update will sure have dhamaka!! Please be patient till then!!

Lucky: Dr.Prakash is coming to Meghana’s marriage as he invited by groom’s family!!

Swara: Who is coming from groom’s side??

Lucky: Wo… wo… (he stammers)

Sanky: koi pehchanate ke!!(some known person) Btw you proved a saying today Shona!!

Swara: Acha!! What is that Sansku??(with excitement)

Sanky: Naam liya shaitan hazir!!

Swara: even I’m thinking the same about you Mr. Dumbhead!!

Sanky: you call me dumbhead??

Swara murmurs to herself “Obviously you’re dumbhead!! Or else who wouldn’t really take advantage of a girl who is ready to go any extent with him??”

Swara: Oops… Dumbhead is not a proper word to describe you!!

Rags: stoooooooppppp iiitttttttttt!!(shouted too loud)…. I’m fed up of you both!! Enough now.. if you continue like this I will lock you both in a room forever!! Understand??

Yes… they both said with finger on their lips just like children in the kindergarten do!!

Lucky: Okay then!! What shall we do know??

Shona: Sightseeing!! I love this climate a lot!!

Rags: Me too…. This environment is so soothing… It seems like all my worries are drifting away!!

Sanky: Okay… I will inform the driver to take us to the nearby beautiful locations!!

Swara: Cool then I will get ready first!!

Sanky: Shona… No… I will get ready first!!

Lucky: Dude we have bathroom in every room in this house!! You both can get ready at the same time!!

Sanky: But, There is bath tub only in one room!! And Shona will take lot of time to get ready!! Instead of locking the bathroom door she will lock the bedroom door due to her fear!!

Swara: Sansku… How dare you reveal my secret!! Now, Pay for deed!! (saying this she ran inside the house)

Sanky: Shona stop!! (He started running behind her)

Lucky: They will never change (Laying his hands on Rags shoulders)… Chalo… while they continue their fight we will get ready!!

Inside the house Swara reached first and locked the room door where Sanky started banging the door!!

Sanky: Shona… I’m sorry okay!! Now, get ready fast!!

Swara: Really!! But, I don’t accept your apology!! So, wait for at least an hour!!

Sanky: Shona baby!! You’re so sweet na… Please… (He looked so cute while pleasing her <3 <3)

Swara: Please me more!! Meanwhile I will get ready!!

After teasing him a lot Swara came out the room and Sanky immediately ran inside shouting “I will deal with you later!!”

Swara: Try and try until you succeed (Mocking Sanky)

Finally they get ready and leave for sightseeing!! At every beautiful place they stopped the car and took many selfies!! By evening they reached Kolar in Karnataka where three southern states Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka meet!! It has mixed culture of all three states…. People speaking in all three languages can be seen!! And it is also one of the beautiful places in India!! The beach of Kolar is so astonishing!! Swara saw an exhibition held over there!! She forced others to go there and did lot of shopping!! After that RagLak sat on a bench as they were tired!! Swara insisted Sanky to take giant wheel ride!! It was the largest giant wheel they have ever seen!! Whole city can be viewed whenever lifted alternatively!! Swara held Sanky’s hand tightly and shouted at highest pitch!!

Sanky: Shona!! Stop shouting… My ears are bleeding!!

Swara: It’s fun Sansku… You also shout!!

Sanky: No way!! I’m not scared like you!!

Swara: really!! Then help me… I want to stand!!

Sanky: Are you nuts?? You will fall down!!

(Shona pulls along and makes him stand where Sanky started to shiver whenever wheel is lowered)

Sanky: Shona… Let’s sit!!

Swara: Someone said he is not scared for anything!!

Sanky: I’m sorry baba!! Please let’s sit!! I’m really scared!!

Swara shouts at operating guy!! Bhaiyya faster… faster!! He smiles at her and increases the speed!! Sanky holds her tightly this time!!

Sanky: Shona… You are really dangerous!!

Swara: Hahaha…. The great Sanskaar Maheshwari is scared of heights!! Okay fine… Let’s sit now!!

They both sit but Sanky still holds her and she feels so happy!! Wow Shona… you’re improving day by day!! The giant wheel gradually decelerates and retards!! They went near RagLak and started their journey to explore the city!! By evening they reach the outskirts of the village where Sanky’s farmhouse is and take a nap for a while!! They wake up for dinner…. After dinner RagLak leave for walking and SwaSan talk about random stuff!! Swara while waking in the lawn watches a bullet parked there!!

Swara: Sansku… Is that bike yours??

Sanky: It’s actually my dad’s bike!! He loves it more than me!!

Swara: Wow… it got a s*xy body yaar!! Sansku…. (she looks at Sanky with evil smile on her face)

Sanky: No… Shona!! I’m not gonna allow you to ride this bike!!

Swara: Please Sansku… please… (She pleads him with her puppy eyes… Who can reject that??)

Sanky: Shona… Just check your height once!! Your feet can reach the stand!! How can you ride it!!

Swara: I will manage Sansku… Please na… Please!! (She holds his chin and pleads him until he accepts)

Sanky: You know what!! You’re too stubborn!! I will let you ride this… But one condition I will balance the vehicle and you ride it!! Okay??

Swara: Done… Thank you so much Sansku!!

Here RagLak reaches the city outskirts through the shortcut and forgets the way to go back to the farmhouse!! A guy comes there on a bike… Lucky stops him and asks him help them to go back to farmhouse!! He stares at Ragini with full of lust in his eyes and accepts to help him!!

Precap: SwaSan romance and RagLak??

What is thaat Dhamaka which will changes SwaSan lives!! Guess!! 🙂 🙂

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