Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 17)


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Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 16)


After Lunch we again started our journey and this time Ragini and Laksh drove the car alternatively!! They didn’t allow me because I forgot my license at home and bichara Sansku was not allowed to drive because of the fear that I may disturb him… Lol… I love to do that!! I felt so peaceful after contacting Sammu!! It was just my dream… nothing else!!

I slowly dozed off by leaning on Sansku shoulder!! To my surprise he didn’t push me away!! He tugged the hair strands falling on my face and caressed my cheek!! I pretended to sleep coz I love his attention!! “Shona I will find out what’s happening around you!! I won’t let anything happen to you” He whispered holding me tight!! What’s happening around me… Why is he saying this?? I didn’t understand a word… But I remained silent and continued my acting!! I deserve an Oscar I praised myself!!  😉

He continued…. “I’m sorry for hurting you all these years… You don’t deserve this pain!! And I don’t deserve you … Please Shona forget me… Move on!! It’s for your own good!!” A warm tear drop fell from eye but I wiped it without his notice and slowly separated myself from him!! My brain suggests me to move on but my heart suggests me not to lose hope!! After a long fight I decide not to give up!! Never!! I will wait for him till my last breathe!! Now, I really slept…

This time I got a dream that Sansku took me out for a romantic date!! That’s really cute!!I heard someone yelling… So, I woke up stretching my hands and saw RaglakSan staring at me with horrified expressions!! What?? I questioned them!!

Rags: Did you get any romantic dream??

I shook my head in possible directions…

Lucky: Shona… Say Yes or No!!

“Yes… But how did you know that??” I questioned him innocently!!

Rags: Look at Sanky!! How scared he is!!

I notice Sansku!! He sat like he was attached to the door with his hands covering his face except his eyes!! He folded his legs to cover himself as if someone tried to rape him!!
“What?? Why are sitting like that? Did someone rape you??” I asked him

Sanky: You are dangerous Shona!! Please don’t do anything to me!! I was in relation with other girls in my past but that doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me… (He said stammering)

“What are talking about?? Why would I take advantage of …” I stopped immediately and remembered my dream!! In my dream Sansku took me for a beautiful and then we kissed!!
That too passionate one!! It means I tried to kiss Sansku in real??I looked at Rago for confirmation!! She understood my situation and nodded her head in yes!! Oh god… Why me?? Why ??I cursed god silently and composed myself!!

“Now… Stop doing overaction!! It’s just a dream!! And I didn’t rape you!! I snapped at Sansku!!

Sanky: You didn’t!! But you were about to!! He complained like a kid!!

Awww… He is adorable!! I wish I would’ve kissed him in real!!

“Sansku… It’s okay!! Forget whatever happened here!! I won’t do anything from now!! I promise” I tried convincing to stay normal!!

Sanky: No way!! I will sit beside Lucky!! Aj kal ke zamane mein ladkon ke safety ich nay hain!! (These days there is no safety for boys)(He spoke exactly like my Dadi)

“What the F***!! Sansku I will not spare you if you continue this!! And you will not go anywhere… Sit here… I shouted at him!!

Rags: Sanky… Stop it!! Shona didn’t do it intentionally!! It was her dream!! Stay calm now!!

Lucky: By the way Shona… Whom were you dreaming about??

I was about to say Sansku but controlled myself and Said “ Who else… Varun Kapoor!!”

Sanky: Very funny!! Now maintain distance from me!!! Hatt.. Hatt…

“Urgghh!! I hate you” I yelled at him for his actions!!

Sanky: Wow… What a coincidence!! Me too” (He said and sat normally still leaning on the door)

The whole journey went on like this and we reached the farmhouse in Karnataka @11 in the night!! Since we already had our dinner on the way we threw ourselves on the bed after informing our parents about our journey details!!Shit… I forgot to take my dose I cursed myself and woke up again and took my medicines and slept!!


A maid came early in the morning and woke them!! Swara was still sleeping due to medicines effect!! Sanskaar and Laksh went near Ragini who was sitting in the lawn enjoying climate!! Sun rose shining bright in pure nature filling minds and lives. It looks like the heaven; the picture we have in our mind for a lifetime came into existence.

Lucky: Nice weather na!!

Rags: Yeah!! I loved it!! See how beautiful those trees are!! (she said pointing the beautiful trees little away from the farmhouse near to the forest)

Sanky: you didn’t sleep na??

Rags: I slept for few hours!!

Lucky: Why??

Rags: Coz I was worried about Shona!!

Lucky: Rags… You don’t worry!! I’ve already put my men into action!! They are following Dr.Prakash and Samaira… They are informing me about their every move!! Yesterday night Sammu and Arnav met Dr.Prakash at his home!! After a while Shona’s father too joined them!!

Sanky: What?? Lucky… Why didn’t you inform me this before??

Lucky: Coz Shona is with us all the time!!

Rags: Yeah!! We can’t let Shona know about this!!

Sanky: Rags!! Show me that picture drawn by Swara!!

Ragini gave her mobile to him!!

Lucky: Haan yaar!! I completely forgot about this picture…

Sanky: Rags… Have you ever seen this girl with Swara or heard about her??

Rags: No Sanky!! I have never heard about her!! She might be her cousin or friend from London!!

Lucky: Dude… We can check Shona’s facebook!!

Rags: Wow Lucky you’re becoming intelligent day by day!!

Lucky immediately checked Swara’s fb account!! He didn’t find anything related to her!!

Sanky: Dude… checks her friends list also!!

Lucky: Yaar!! Her friends list is hidden!!

Rags: Wait I will log in into her account!!

Sanky: You know her password!!

Rags: Yup!! We are besties… She knows my password and I know hers!!

Ragini logged into Swara’s account and checked her friends list and then chats!! She opened a chat of year ago in which there is a pic of Swara with the girl in the sketch in front of Thames river!! She checked the name on the chat!! It showed AMAYA MATHUR!! She checked her profile!! But it showed “This account doesn’texist!!”

Sanky: It means Amaya is friend of Swara!! And something happened between them because of which her parents brought her from London and gave her hypnotic treatment so that she forgets about her!!

By the time Lucky received a call!! After the call he came near RagSan and said Dr.Prakash is coming to Meghana’s marriage as he invited by groom’s family!!

No precap

Credit to: Krishna

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