Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 16)


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What the F***!! This is what I thought when I heard about Swara’s meeting with Dr. Prakash or may be her dream!! But, after Lucky’s justification I became silent!! We tried to divert her and succeeded!! We reached dhaba… I went near washroom giving some excuse to call my friend Shiv who stays in Defense colony
pulling Lucky along with me!! He stood there with a questione mark on his face

Shiv: Hey Sanskaar!! Watsup dude???

“Yaar… I’m fine… Just need a help from you!!”

Shiv: Yeah!! Sure… Tell me what you want??

“Do you know who Dr.Prakash Banerjee is?? He lives in your area!!” I asked trying to sound normal

Shiv: Yeah… I know him!! He is my uncle… But why you want to know about him?? Is everything fine with you and your family??

“Yeah… Everything is fine…” I answered him!!

Shiv: Then why are you asking about a hypnotherapist??

“Who is hypnotherapist?? I asked about your uncle!!” I was so confused now… So, I switched on the speaker so that Lucky also listens this!!

Shiv: My uncle Dr. Prakash Banerjee is a hypnotherapist!!

“What?? Really??” I shouted forgetting my surroundings!!

Shiv: Yeah dude!!

“Oh… Okay!! Hmmm… By the way was he at home yesterday??” I controlled myself and questioned him!!

Shiv: Yes… He was at home!! Actually a patient came to his place!!

“Okay!! Thank you so much Shiv!!” I felt so numb…

Shiv: it’s alright yaar!! But why did ask me about him??

Me: Nothing yaar!! Actually I heard about him… One of my friend’s cousin has some psychological issues so he was searching for a hypnotherapist!! But I forgot his name!! I will
suggest him to consult you uncle once… Dude… I have to leave now… Catch you later!! Bye… Take care… I hanged up the call without revealing any detail about Shona!!
What I heard from him literally gave me a high voltage current shock!! He is a hypnotherapist…. And he was in his home last night which means Swara went to his place!! But, Why did her parents hid this from her?? Why did she went there?? No… No… She was taken there without her knowledge!! But why?? Why?? Urgghhh… I’m really frustrated now!! I was startled when someone tapped my shoulder!!

Lucky: It means Swara is being hypnotized to forget something

“Exactly!! Ab Swara ko ye bath kaise kahenge??”

Lucky: Hmmm… Yes!! But first we have to find out why her parents are doing this to her???

“Wait!! Jis kaam ke liye aya tha khatam karke jayenge” I said directing him inside toilet!!

Lucky: Oh yeah!! I forgot!! Yaha chalo… He said by combing his hair with his fingers!!

By the time we come outside Shona was waiting outside!!

Lucky: Shona!! What are you doing here?? You shouldn’t come here!!

“It’s really bad habit to peep into Men’s toilet!!”

Shona: Shut up you both!! I’m waiting for you from such a long time and Wait… Are you unloading a whole water tank or what??

Lucky: Hehehe Shona!! We are actually discussing something really personal!!

Shona: Whatever!! Actually… I spoke to Sammu!! She said that Dr. Prakash Banerjee is a govt. employee!! He went to his native place for some work!! So, it was just my dream!! I’m happy now!!

(She said everything in just one breathe)

Another shock!! I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry on this situation!!Before I could say something Lucky spoke

Lucky: Shona!! That’s really good news!! But, this is not the place for you to come!! Let’s go now

Shona: Oops… I totally forgot!! I was so excited na!!

He held my hand tightly and signaled me to stay silent leading me outside!!

“Poof” I exclaimed and followed him!! Now what was the only question running in my mind!! I whispered the same to Lucky!!

Lucky: ”Ab kuch math kaho!! Pehle hum sach ka patha karenge”

“Okay!!” I said and smiled at Shona as she stared us doubtfully!!

Shona: You guys are behaving weird!! And stop holding hands like gays…

We immediately released our hands and went to Ragini!! But, she is lost in her own thoughts!! I guess she is also thinking about Shona!! We have to find this I said to myself and tapped Ragini to bring her back to real world!!

Rags: Hey!! Kaha mar gaye tumlog?? Kabse I’m waiting for you!! (Where did you guys die?)

Lucky: We can see that!! Now let’s order something!!

Rags: I want Butter chicken, tandoori naan, mutton biryani with khababs …

Lucky: Rags… you know na we don’t eat non-veg!! Order just for yourself!!

Rags: Oh hello… That’s exclusively for me!! You guys eat those tasteless vegetables!!

Swara: Rago!! If you say like this I will not allow you to eat non-veg!!

Rags: Acha!! Then stop me if you can… (Winking)

Swara: Then, I will vomit on you!!

Rags: Swara….

Swara: Ragini…

Lucky: Swaragini please stop you drama and Shona let’s order something veg!!

Swara: Butter naan, Paneer butter masala, crispy corn Manchuria, vegetable biryani with raitha and pan at the end!! That’s it for today!!

“Khafi hoga?? Ya aur kuch managavu??”(Is it enough?? OR should I order something else) I said sarcastically

Swara: Nakko!! Aj keliye adjust karungi!!(No… I will adjust for today)

“Thank god!! I guess this Dhaba wala is going to construct a new one beside this!! Hai na Lucky??” I questioned him!!

Lucky: Haan yaar!! I too feel the same… But don’t say it loud!! If they hear then they will kill us!! He shushed me and orderd for us!!

Rags: What’s going between you both??

“Nothing” we both said once!! “Concentrate on your order please” I said teasing her!!

Rags: Thanks for your suggestion… I don’t need them!! (Mockingly)

Meanwhile when Swara went for hand wash… I and Lucky explained the whole thing to Rags!! She too expressed the same doubt!!! We planned to find out the truth!! But one thing which we couldn’t understand was why did Samaira lie to Shona?? I questioned Rags the same!!

Rags: It means Samaira knows something about Shona which we don’t know!!

Lucky: So, we have to find out a way so that Samaira blurts out the truth to us!!

Rags: We can ask her straightly na??

Lucky: Nope… If we ask her directly she won’t reveal the truth to us!! First we need to deal with Dr.Prakash Banerjee

Shhh… I shushed them seeing Shona coming towards us!!We again started our nok-jhok while RagLak were busy with their silent romance wink emoticon

Here, Samaira was shocked for Swara’s question about Dr. Prakash!! She somehow lied to her and immediately called Swara’s parents and informed them about Swara’s doubt!!

Shekhar: Sammu beta!! How can this happen?? How can she remember things even after hypnotic treatment??

Sammu: I don’t know uncle!! But we can do something!! Arnav informed me that Dr.Prakash uncle will be attending Meghana’s marriage as he got invitation from grooms side!! We will talk to him!!

Shekhar: Teek hai beta!! But don’t tell this to your aunty!! She will be worried!!

Sammu: Okay uncle!! Right now I’m in hospital… I will contact Arnav this evening and inform you about this!! You don’t worry…. We will take care of her!!

Shekhar Thank you beta!!

Precap: Suspense!!

Will RagLakSan able to find out why Shona is being hypnotized?? Why Sammu and Arnav involved in this?? Will Swara know about this?? Will this journey bring Swasan together?? Don’t miss commenting!! Suggestions are accepted!!

Credit to: Krishna

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