Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 15)


My dear friends!! I’m really sorry for not updating all these days!! I was busy with sudden visit of my relatives!! I tried my best to give a longggg update!! Please don’t bash me if you don’t like this!!

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I’m waiting from past one hour and these stupid’s are like nowhere!! I said to myself for 34th time… Laku is texting me constantly… I would reply him only if have an answer… Still I replied him!! “They will be here at any minute and then we will come to you!!” God… Why me?? I cursed my fate… And finally they arrived!!

Sanky: Don’t curse me… All credits to your bestie (sarcastically)

“We will deal with that later… But Lucky is eating up my brain from past 30 mins… Let’s move fast” I said pushing my luggage into the trunk!!

Sanky: Hey easy… That’s my jaan… Handle with care!! He said referring to his car…

“Sure” I said and slammed the door!!

Sanky: Shit… Rags… Stop it… We will be At Lucky’s place within five minutes.. Don’t punish my jaan!! He said caressing the car…

Swara: Stop your cat fights and Sansku move this piece of junk fast!! (He passed death glares at us and started the engine!!!)

We giggled at his actions!! Coz we always love making fun of his car… It was his graduation gift by DP uncle… He treated it like his son… Volkswagen VENTO!!! His life I must say!! We both tried our best make fun of him

Sanky: Shona!! Till now you were silent!! Now seeing your bestie you got energy to tease me haan??

“What Shona was silent?? That too in your presence?? Shona is everything okay?” I asked her with concern

Swara: Yeah Rago… I was thinking about my dream actually…

“Shona please”…. I and Sanky shouted at once… We are tired of her dreams!!

Swara: I hate you both… (She said with pout face)

Sanky: No one here is dying to love you… Okay?? He said so arrogantly…

Swara: No one here is dying to love you!! She said imitating Sanky

“Guys please now you don’t start cat fight” I yelled at them!!

Swara: He is the one who started…

Sanky: Stop blaming me shona!!! I gave up now!!

They both fight like a married couple… I laughed at my thought….

Sanky: Shona… Stop now!! We reached Lucky’s place…

Swara: Thank god!! Now Lucky will take my side and bash you!! She said like a kid who is going to complain to her dad!!

Sanky: What?? You will complain to him about me?? Lol…

Here I’m trying my best not to laugh at Shona’s antics… God… She will not behave like this Sanky’s absence… Something really happens to her when Sanky is around!!! I diverted my gaze to Lucky!!! My Laku…. He gave a wide smile but it turned into a pout!!! He is angry at me for making him wait!! “I’m really sorry Laku…. “He is melted by my words… Well Laksh singhania being angry on Ragini chatarjee…. Impossible!! I blushed at my thoughts but hid it immediately and stared at a bird on the current pole…

Swara: When Lucky is here… What is the need to stare at the bird?? (In a whispering tone)…

Chup bait… I shushed her and took my mobile watching random pics in it.. One pic caught my attention!! It was actually sent by Shona… A pencil sketch drawn by her… I showed that pic to SanLak…

Lucky: Dude… She is hot!!

Sanky: Yeah… she is damn beautiful… Who is she Rags?? (He asked enthusiastically)

“My Nanima… Why?? Want to marry her??” I asked shooting daggers at them…

Lucky: Nope!!! But you both don’t have similarities… (He said exchanging glances at me and that pic)

Sanky: I guess you nana was really lucky man!!

Swara: Show that to me (she took my mobile)

Ufff I sighed “you both have polluted brains” I said pointing SanLak…

Lucky: Thank you!!! We will take that as a compliment…

Swara: She is not so beautiful… And it looks more like scribbling than a sketch… Is she really your nanima

“That’s your sketch!!do you have memory loss problem kya??” I was confused…

Sanky: She is a lady gazini!!

Lucky: RagSan… Stop teasing her!! Shona has a good memory!! He said giving hi-fi to Shona!!

Swara: Exactly!! Rago… You have memory loss… You’re showing others pic as mine!! You know Na I can’t even draw a proper circle!! Then how can you think that I’ve drawn this beautiful sketch???

“You sketch well Shona!! But, why are you behaving weirdly??” I asked her!!

Sanky: really? But I never knew that!!

Swara: You knew nothing!!

Lucky: Guys… Please stop it!! And Shona…. Rags told me many times about sketching talent!! Then, how come you don’t know about it??

“Haan Shona!! You gifted me a sketch of mine for my 18th birthday!!” I tried to remind her…

Swara: Really Rago?? But I remember nothing!! I guess something happened to my memory…

Sanky: I said you already!! She is memory loss patient!!

Swara: Stop making fun of me Sanky!! Or else…

Sanky: Or else what??

Swara: Or else … I will tickle you!! (She started tickling him from back)

Sanky started jumping from his seat and Lucky immediately took the steering to control the car!! Sanky applied breaks and luckily no damage happened to us as the road was empty!!

Shona!! We shouted altogether at her!!

Shona: I’m sorry!! It was Sanky’s fault!! He is the real culprit!!

Sanky: What? It was you who tickled me!!

Lucky: Sanky… Shona!! Stop fighting and Sanky you go… Sit back and fight with Shona!! (He opened the door for Sanskaar to go back and sit)

Sanky: Lucky… Shona should be punished!! Not me…

“Exactly Lucky!! Stop taking Shona’s side every time!! She is not a kid!!” I said crossing my hands…

Lucky: Rags!! I know that… Let me complete first!! Shona if you repeat this again, I won’t allow you to eat pizza for one whole week!!

Shona: Pakka!! I swear on Sanky that I won’t repeat this!!

Sanky: So, You want to kill me or what??

“Lucky… Leave them!! They are not going to change!! Sanky you go back and sit beside Shona…” I said pushing Sanky aside and sat in the passenger seat beside Lucky!!

Lucky: Are you coming with us or want to stay here?? (He asked Sanky who stood outside like a statue)

Sanky: Fine… I’m doing this just for the safety of Jaan!!

Shona: Even Lucky is asking you not to drive for the safety of Jaan!! Everyone here knows how bad driver you are!!

Sanky: Whatever… (He said throwing his hands in air)

Finally they stopped their stupid arguments and it feels like a silence after a tsunami!! I thought of taking a selfie!! But, my phone is not with me… I turned back and saw Shona checking my messages!! “Shona… mobile de selfies lenge!!” (Give mobile… we will take selfies) I asked her!! She didn’t respond!! Guess, she was reading my convo with Lucky!! Oh god… There was a complete non-veg convo between me and Lucky!! I shouted immediately “Shona phone de…”I don’t mind if Shona knows about our convo!! But, I was scared as Sanky was peeping into the phone!!

Swara: Don’t worry yaar!! I’m not reading your personal messages!! I was checking our watsapp chat!! Kal ka!!

“Acha!! Teek hai!!” I sighed in relief!! “But, why don’t you check it in your phone??” I questioned her!!

Swara: Did we really chat yesterday after shopping??

“Haan!! You actually asked me about Some Banerjee!!” I replied

Swara: Really?? But I’m not finding our chat in my phone!! (She said showing her phone)

It might have deleted!! I said taking a clear look at her mobile!!

Swara: But, this convo means I went to Dr. Prakash Banerjee’s place!!(She murmured to herself)

Yes… Now, don’t tell me that you forgot everything what happened there!! I said sarcastically…

Swara: Yes!! I forgot everything what happened yesterday!!(she was almost on verge of crying)

Sanky: Shona.. Kya hua??(what happened) (he asked with concern)

Swara: Yesterday after shopping, I went to Dr.Prakash uncle’s place with my parents!! We had a formal introduction after which I felt so dizzy!! So, Uncle asked me to sleep in the guest room!! I slept there but woke up in my room today morning!! When asked Maa and Dadi about this… They said we didn’t go to uncle’s place yesterday as he had some other works and going there and sleeping my just be my dream!! But these messages in Rago’s mobile clearly state that I went there!! (She said everything in just one breathe and took a break) I’m confused now!!

Sanky: But, why would Maa and Dadi lie??

Swara: How would I know that?

Lucky: May be Shona… Everything happened was just your dream which seemed so real!! And this conversation shows that you both spoke about your assumptions regarding that Prakash uncle!! I didn’t mention anything as “You went to his place”

Swara: But I remember very clearly that I said all these to Rago only when I’m on the way to his place!!

Sanky: Shona… Rags told me that you guys were so tired yesterday!! May be because of the stress you felt like this!! (He saw her disappointed face and continued) Still for your satisfaction we will enquire about Dr. Prakash!! Happy??

Swara: Thank you Sanky… (She gave side hug to him) Wait!! Sammu’s house is nearby his!! I will call her and ask her to enquire about him!! But, she is already doing double duty… She won’t get time to enquire about him!!Still, I will ask her!!

Lucky: Don’t worry!! Tell me where does he stay?? I will try to trace out!!

Swara: He stays in Defense colony!!

Lucky: Your work is done!! But, Right now I’m feeling so hungry!!

Swara: Me too!! Lucky is there Pizza hut or dominos nearby??

Sanky: Shona… This is city outskirts!! You won’t find any Pizza hut or Dominos here!! Lucky… There should be a Dhaba in just half-a-kilometer!! Check for it!!

Swara: It’s alright!! I will adjust with Paneer butter masala for today!!

Finally our Shona is back!! But, it’s weird!! I still didn’t understand one thing!! Shona is really a good artist!! Her sketches were so beautiful!! She even sketched a collage of Sanky’s pics which is hidden in her room!! She, herself sent this picture to me!! Then, how could she deny this?? She messaged me yesterday!! I even saw her leaving to Dr.Prakash’s place while I was returning from Sammu’s house!!(Swara and Ragini stay in same colony)!! What happened there?? Why her parents lied to her??I can’t even ask all these questions to Shona!! Her health would be affected… Everything seems like a black hole to me!! Information is going inside my brain but I’m not able to conclude anything!! I came out of my thoughts when Lucky tapped my shoulder gently!!

Lucky: Where are you lost?? We reached the Dhaba!! Let’s have something… Chalo!!!

“Nothing…Let’s go!! I said putting a smile on my face and followed Laksh!!

Precap: Mystery continued???

I know this update will not reveal much mystery!! But, this is one such important updates which has clues hidden!! So, will Ragini be able to find out the mystery?? Who will help her?? What might be the reason behind Swara forgetting things?? Guess and comment!!Suggestions for the plot changes are also accepted!! I will wait for your comments…  

Credit to: Krishna

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  1. I think it is related to her London past. Or may be she is having personality disorder.

    1. No swara has no personality disorder issue! But haan it is related to her London past!!

  2. good one. is swara having amnesia ?

    1. No swara is absolutely fine!! Guess..

  3. awesome i loved it…..update next asap pls

    1. Thank you!! Will try to update asap

  4. Very NYC and interesting one..update next part asap..

  5. Arey yaar ! I couldn’t guess anything….not even a bit…..
    What is London past?????
    I read all the parts but I don’t remember anything about it except that she was suggested medicines by her doctor cum friend Arnav…..
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update next asap

    1. I will try my best to reveal swaras past asap!! I’m modifying my plot everytime I update to reveal the mystery asap!! Everything will clear within 3-4 updates!!

  6. I think ahona has lost her memory power …that’s why she is behaving like this….

    1. Nope!! Swara has a good memory power!! But… you can still guess!! coz i’m may add a new twist from your comments!! 🙂 🙂

  7. Hey Krishna,
    Is this story based on any novel?? If it is then I know the reason but one thing I can say the way you wove the characters in your FF is truly commendable.. 🙂
    Looking forward to know how the mystery is gonna unravel.. 🙂
    Stay blessed and be happy 🙂

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