Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 14)


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It was really awesome to shop, eat and have fun with your besties!! We gave marks to the boys depending on their looks, physique and hotness specially!! Sammu gave 9 out of 10 for almost all boys whereas Ragini’s highest score was 7 out of 10!! My highest score was 5!! Coz no one is more handsome and hot than my Sansku for me I said!! While Sammu laughed at my statement!!

Sammu: Sanskaar is hot?? Oh god Shona!! You know what he is as thin as a toothpick!! And you call him hot!!

Rago: Hahaha!! One more thing!! If ever he becomes pilot he need to tie at least 2-3 heavy stones whenever he jumps from flight in case of emergency landing!! Or else he will be floating in the air!!

My death glares showed no effect on them!! In fact they laughed more!! Uff!! Before I could say something my phone rang!!

Shekhar: Shona beta!! Kaha ho tum?? (where are you?)

Swara: dad!! I’m at shopping mall!! Abhi Shopping khatam hui!!(Just now my shopping is done)

Shekhar: Acha!! Jaldi ghar aja beta!! Mere colleague ke ghar dinner ke liye jana hai!!(Come fast!! We have to go to my colleagues house for dinner)

Swara: But dady!!

Shekhar: Shona!! Mein kuch nay sununga!! Come fast!! (I won’t listen anything)

Swara: Okay!! Bye

Urgghh!! Ek din mein itne sare kaam!! (These many works in just one day) I cursed my day and informed about this to Rago and Sammu and we started immediately!! There is no traffic today… Hence, we reached early!! My parents are sitting ready!! I gave them a helpless look and went to room meanwhile Sammu and Rago left on bike!! I got ready and we left for dinner!! On the way, I got a doubt!! What if my parents are seeing matches for me!! What if they are taking me now to see the groom!! Oh god!! Just now Sanskaar started talking to me!! I murmured but my mom heard them!!

Sumi: Shona, We are not seeing any matches for you!! He is your dad’s colleague and he is a Bengali!!

I sighed relief for my mom’s assurance!! Thank god!! He is a Bengali!! Well, I guess it’s my luck that I and Sanskaar both are Marwari!! It will be easy to convince my parents!! But
Rago is not so lucky!! Coz Lucky is Marwari and Rago is Bengali!! Laksh’s parents are ready to get him married even with donkey if it’s Marwari!! Rago’s parents are also strict about getting her married to Bengali!! That’s the reason she is avoiding Laksh even though she loves him!! My thoughts are interrupted by screeching sound made by car as my dad pulled brakes since we reached the destination!! Dr. Prakash Banerjee written on name plate!!

He welcomed us with a wide smile and apologized for absence of his wife and son as they went to nearby temple!! I sat beside my dad and plastered a smile on my lips!! He started asking me about my studies, hobbies etc.. I slowly felt sleepy!! I yawned and then smiled idiotically at my parents!! Mr. Prakash understood my situation and asked me to sleep in the guest room… My mom too said the same and led me to the guest room!! I slowly whispered to her!! Isn’t it awkward to sleep in others house like this?? She replied instantly it’s better to sleep in the guest room than to yawn like an idiot in front of everyone she snapped at him!! Mom, stop treating me like a child I whined!! I lied on the comfy single cot bed and drowned into a deep sleep!!

I woke up because of the alarm sound!! I stood immediately and took my phone to check time!! Oh god… I guess they had their dinner by now!! Don’t know what they will think about me now!! I said to myself unlocking my phone!! It showed 5:00!! What!! How can it be 5:00 when I came at 7:00 for dinner? I looked my surroundings and found myself in my bedroom!! How did I come here?? I ran down immediately and asked my mom!!

“Mom… How did I come here??”

Sumi: Shona beta!! Itna jaldi ut gaye? ( Shona dear… You wake up so early??)

“Mom!! Answer my question first!! How did I come here??”

Sumi: Kaise aye matlab?? Kaha se aye?? Tumhare kamre se kitchen aye tum!!(How did I come means?? From where did you come?? You came from your room to kitchen!!!)

“Mom!! We went to Prakash uncles home right?? I slept in the guest room!! Then how come I’m my room??” I asked with frustration!!

Sumi: Par kal tho hum ghar mein hi tey!! Prakash uncle ko kuch urgent kaam aya toh hum waha nay gaye!! (But, yesterday we were at our home… Prakash uncle had some other work… so, we didn’t go there!!)

“But aisa kaisa ho sakta hai!! I remember going to his house!! Sleeping in the guest room!! And then I woke up in my bed!!” Now, Things are becoming weird I thought at my mom’s

Sumi: Shona beta!! Shant hojao… Kal rath hum unke ghar jane ke bare mein bath kare na… Isiliye tumhe unke ghar ka sapna aya honga!! (Shona dear!! Calm yourself… Last night we spoke about going to his place for dinner… May be that’s why you got a dream that we went to his home)

“But, Maa!! Who will get dreams like this?? It seems so real” I said not being able to accept my mom’s words!!

Dadi: Shona!! Tu attey ke karri?? Wo bi itni subah?? (What are you doing here?? That too this early)

I looked at Dadi with a ray of hope and asked her!! “Dadi… Aap toh bolona!! Kal mein dinner ke liye Prakash uncle ke ghar gayi na!!”

Dadi: Na na beta!! Kal hum apne hathon se tujhe kilaye!! Tum kate nahi gaye (No dear!! Last night I fed you… You went nowhere!!)

I felt so strange!! How could this happen?? May be I saw a dream!! But, everything seems so real!! Still, I can’t deny mom and Dadi!! They are right I guess!! It was just a dream!! I assured myself and left to my room to pack necessary stuff for my journey to Karnataka!!

Precap: Mystery revealed??

Did Swara really go to Dr. Prakash’s place?? Or she dreamed of going there?? What is happening around her?? And who is Amaya?? Want to know!! Comment comment!!

Credit to: Krishna

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