Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 13)


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I’m sitting idle from past one hour!! Sammu is still in rounds… Rago is also busy!! Hmmm… What should is do now!! I started scribbling on note pad… My signature… Lol… Then I started drawing flowers like a kid…. I guess Sansku is correct… I should stop behaving like a kid!! Unknowingly I started sketching!! I didn’t stop sketching till I heard my phone beep!! It’s a message from Sansku… “My part is done… Rags will pick you for shopping”…

“That’s cool… Seeya tomorrow!! Byee… Take care   ” I replied back instantly and took a look at my sketches…Wow… She is beautiful!! But who is she?? I haven’t seen her… May be I’ve seen her somewhere!! I murmured myself and checked the Sketch in various angles!! But I got no clue about her!!

Shona… I heard someone shouting!! Ohh… It’s Sam!!

Hey Sam… What happened?? Why are you shouting?? I asked him with concern

Sam: Shouting?? I’m calling you from past 10 minutes!! What are you staring at?? (He asked with his eyebrows drawn together!! Should I call it a frown… May be not!!)

You look cute with this expression!! I complimented him and he blushed!! Without his notice I took a pic of him just to send to Sammu!!

Sam: Acha!! Stop complimenting me!! There is a meeting going to be held within 10mins in

Dr. Subash cabin!! I hope you remember!!

Oh shit!! I forgot!! I cursed myself for forgetting things… “Wait I’m coming” I said in hurry and stuffed my notepad pen etc., in my bag and rushed to meeting!! “I hate these
meetings” I whispered to Sammu who is already standing there!!

Sammu: Who loves them?? That too with Dr. Subash’s broken English!! You know what!! Till now he was saying… “All of you stand in a straight circle”

Lol… It’s too funny!! I tried not to laugh too loud!!

Sammu: You must listen this!! He said… “Shhh… Quiet juniors!! The dean just passed away in the corridor”

This time we laughed little loud and Sam heard us!! We stood silent avoiding his death glares…

But not for long … We started our giggling again!! And Sam looks didn’t affect us!! Finally the meeting ended!! But Dr. Subash called Sam and said “You meet me behind the hospital”

Sam: What sir??(with a puzzled expression) Ohh… After hospital work sir??

Dr: yes… Yes… That only!!

We managed to come out of his cabin and broke into laughter!! Sammu I guess behind the shift kuch kuch hota hai!! Lol I said trying hard to control my laughter

Sammu: Hahaha… It’s really funny!! Behind the hospital kate!!

Guess Sammu!! What will they do behind the hospital?? I warn you Sammu!! Sam’s ijjat is at stake!! I said to Sammu and again we started laughing!! Hey wait… Let me show you

Sammu: What??

I showed her the Sam’s blushing pic!!

Sammu: Aww… He’s so cute!! Kab liye ye photo??(When did you took this pic??)

Abhi thodi der pehle!! Jab mujhe meeting ke liye bulane aya tha!! (Just a while ago… when he called me for meeting)

Sammu: Wait!! Mein use bahut sathaungi!!(I will tease him now)

Acha!! Wo sab badme but abhi humein shopping jana hai!! I will call Rago now!! I said dialling Rago’s number!!

Sammu: Okay then… Mein apni cheejan latun tab tak!! Tu yahi wait karr!! (I will bring my belongings.. Till then you wait here…) (She left saying this)

Here I tried calling Rago twice!! She didn’t attend my call but texted me “On the way..Will be there in 15mins”

“Okay” I replied back and waited for her!! To my surprise she came on two-wheeler!!

Rago how will we go on this??

Rago: How means?? Like every time… She snapped at me!!

I mean Sammu is also coming with us!! Didn’t Sansku mention about this??

Rago: Nope… He didn’t!! And you don’t worry… We three will go to shopping on my bike!!I can ride triples…

Hmm.. Okay then!! Where is Sammu??

Sammu: I’m here… Let’s go now!!

Okay!! Let’s go shopping… I shouted with excitement… And we three sat on the bike and Rago started the bike!! The bike was moving like a snake in the busy traffic road!! Well,
Rago tried her best to balance the vehicle… But not after my selfie trails!! I don’t know what happened for a while!! But, I realized that now I’m lying on ground with my legs still on bike!! Sammu literally did a somersault before landing on the ground!! And our great driver escaped as she jumped off the vehicle before falling down… Now, she is standing beside the bike laughing badly at us!! Sammu got up but I couldn’t since my legs are still on bike!! Rago came running towards me to help me!! But, no… She lifted her bike and started checking it… Leaving me on ground!! Sammu on the other hand started laughing!! God… Some help me I yelled at them…

Sammu: Oh… Wait dear… I’m coming

I sighed in relief and extended my hands … but she too started collecting her stuff!! You’re disgusting guys… I said and stood up myself and fell down again as the ground was slippery!! God… Why me?? I looked up!! This time they both came to me and helped me!! I stood up and gave them death glare… They tried hard to control their laugh… I gave up and joined them… I don’t know how long we stood there laughing but now we can’t go to shopping since all our clothes are filled with mud… Actually Ragini was clean!! But I and Sammu didn’t like it… So we offered group hug for her!! She tried to escape but she can’t !!

Rago: Happy now Shona!! You ruined my dress… She yelled at me..

Yep… I’m satisfied now!!

Sammu: Ab shopping kaise jayenge??(how will we go for shopping)

Rago: Idea!! Shona… tere ghar yehi pass mein hai na!! Waha jake dress change karke car mein shopping ko jayenge!! (Shona.. since your house is nearby we will go there…
change our dresses and go for shopping)

Wow… Masthh idea!! Chalo, Jaldi jayenge!!(Let’s go fast then)

We reached my home and without getting noticed by Dadi we entered my room!! Now choose any from this wardrobe and get ready fast!! Agar Dadi dekhliye khatam aj!! (If Dadi sees us then we are gone) I warned them!!

Sammu: Zara sabar karr!! (Just wait)

Rago: Shona… Wait please!! Stop eating our brain!! Because of you only all these happened!!

Now, stop blaming you guys… I will go down and check Dadi!! Okay I said and went down


Sumi: Shona… Ye kya hai tumhare kapadon pe?? (What is this on your clothes?)

Shona: Maa… Daag ache hai (Mom.. Stains are good)

Sumi: Kuch bhi bolti!! Ye kapde aise hi rakungi mein!! Tu saaf kar isko!!(Whatever Shona!! I will keep this clothes aside… You clean them)

Shona: Okay maa!! Hitler tho nay hai na?? (Hitler is not there in home??)

Sumi: Swara… Respect your elders… Your Dadi went to temple!!

Shona: Thankgod… Maa.. I will go to shopping now!! Take out lunch box for my bag and please wipe the dust of it!!

Sumi: Shona…

Meanwhile Ragini and Sammu comedown!! Sumi offers them tea!!

Sammu and Ragini together: Nay aunty!! We have to leave now!! Bahut late hora aunty… Next time pakka!! Sying this they left dragging Swara along with them!!

Sumi Picks up Swara’s bag and shakes it to remove dirt!! Swara’s notepad falls down and pages turn open due to the wind!! She picks the Notepad and looks at the Sketches Swara has drawn!! She gets shocked by seeing those sketches and drops the notepad!! She immediately runs near the Landline and calls Shekhar…

Shekhar: Hello, Sumi…

Sumi: Shekhar!! Shekhar!! Shona…

Shekhar: Mishti Kya hua Shona ko!!( Mishti What happend to Shona)

Sumi: Wo phir se uski chehra utari!! (She again draw her face)

Shekhar: Kiske??(Whose?)

Sumi: AMAYA!!

Shekhar: What?? Saying this he dropped his phone!! Oh god… Not again!! I can’t let my Shona suffer!!

Sumi: Shekehar… Shekhar!!

Shekhar: (Picks up his phone) I’m coming home… You don’t worry!! We will sort this!!

Sumi: Okay Shekhar!!

Precap: Guess!!

Who is Amaya?? How is related to Swara?? What’s the reason behind Sumi and Shekhar tension?? Want to know?? Then please comment!!

Credit to: Krishna

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