Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 12)


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Episode 11

Swara wakes up early, gets ready and reaches hospital!! She applies for 1 week leave and goes for regular rounds… During lunch she goes to Samaira’s cabin and sees her sleeping!!

Swara: Sammu… Wakeup… Why are you sleeping at this time??

Sammu: What should I do Swara?? First Sam and then you… You both didn’t let me sleep yesterday na!! And how come you are awake?? You too didn’t sleep yesterday na!!

Swara: That is Swara!! Btw From tomorrow you have double duty!!

Sammu: But why?

Swara: I said you on call!!I’m leaving for Karnataka tomorrow!!

Sammu: But why??

Swara: You’re really Gazini Sammu… Every time I think you’re normal!! You prove me wrong!!

Sammu: Thanks for your compliment… But tell me… Why are you going to Karnataka??

Swara: For Meghana’s marriage!!

Sammu: Ohh… Teri sautan hote hote bach gayi… Uski Shadi ke liye jare!! (The one who escaped from being co-wife of Sanky… You’re attending her marriage??)
(sorry I didn’t find any appropriate word for Sautan)

Swara: Whatever!! Chalo, After work we will go for shopping!!

Sammu: Fine… but let me sleep now!!

Swara: Okay… Take care… Bye…

Swara then reaches her cabin and does video calling with Laksh!!

Swara: Hey Lucky boy!! Ssup?

Lucky: Nothing much Shona!! Busy with hectic schedule… ( Doing some work in his laptop)

Swara: C’mon Lucky!! When were you free to say that you are busy today!!

Lucky: Haan Shona!! But I’m helpless yaar!!

Swara: Acha.. Ye sab chod!!(Leave this ) You and Rago pack your bags and get everything ready!!

Lucky: But why? ( with question mark face… He’s too cute with that expression)

Swara: Dude… Don’t be so dumb!! It’s Meghana wedding in 1 week!!

Lucky: Yeah!! She invited me… I’m planning to go on the marriage day itself!!

Swara: Lucky… This is why I ask you not to stay more with Ragini!! You’re also becoming like her day by day!! Every time busy busy busy (imitating Ragini)

Lucky: Lol.. Shona!! There is nothing like that!!

Swara: really… Then pack your bags!! We are leaving tomorrow in Sansku’s car!!

Lucky: But Shona!!

Swara: No but vut!! We are leaving tomorrow and that’s final!! Can’t you do this much for your friend?

Lucky: Shona I Can’t… Please try to understand!!

Swara: I know Lucky!! You have no value for me and our friendship!!! You know what in front of Sansku I said so proudly that Lucky will listen to me… He is my best friend bolke!!
But you failed me!! Nobody cares for me na!! Neither you nor Ragini… I should’ve known this before!! You enjoy your work!! (She starts crying loud)

Lucky: Shona!! Stop crying yaar!! I will come… Okay!!

Swara: Pakka?? For 1 week?

Lucky: Haan… Pakka!! Now please give a close-up ad wala Smile!!

Swara: ( Smiling widely showing her teeth just like in Close-up ad… Lol) Okay then… Don’t forget take leave from your boss!! Oops.. I forgot you are only boss na!!

Lucky: Haha… Shona!! You’re still a kiddo yaar!! (Swara Pouts for a while, but joins him in Laugh) And you know what??? You deserve an Oscar for your acting skills!!

Swara: Thank you Lucky!! Don’t worry… One day I will be in Hollywood also!! Just wait and watch!!

Lucky: All the best!! Acha Shona!! I’ve to wrap-up few things before we leave!! I will talk to you later Okay!! Bye… Take care!!

Swara: Bye Lucky!! Take care!!

So, my part is done!! I’ve convinced Lucky to come!! Now I’ve to wait until Sansku convinces Rago!!

Here, Sanskaar meets Ragini during Lunch time in her office cafeteria!!

Ragini: So Sanky, how’s everything going??

Sanky: Cool!! I must Thank you Rags for making me realize about Swara…

Ragini: Stop being formal Sanky!! You both are my friends!! It’s my responsibility!!

Sanky: hmm… Yeah!! You’ve one more responsibility to fulfill!!(Smiling sheepishly)

Ragini: What??

Sanky: Actually I and Shona planned something!! I mean it was her plan!!

Ragini: Wow… You both are planning things together!! Very much improvement in just one day!!

Sanky: I Know!! Actually we planned for a trip to Karnataka!! For Ammu’s marriage!!

Ragini: That’s cool na!! but Marriage is after 1 week!! What’s the need of planning so early( sipping cold coffee)

Sanky: But we are starting tomorrow…

Ragini: What? (Ragini spits the coffee and coughs) That’s too early Man!! I can’t come!!

Sanky: Rags!! Stop overacting!! Okay?? That’s not too early!! It’s been long time since all of us went somewhere!! That too TOGETHER!!

Ragini: But Sanky!! I’ve loads of work!!

Sanky: So you mean to say ki you are busy!! But I’m jobless!! Right?

Ragini: What?? When did I say that??

Sanky: That’s what you meant right!! (With fake anger)

Ragini: No Sanky!! Why would I say that?? Acha baba!! I’m sorry!!

Sanky: I don’t need your sorry!! I’m leaving!! (Pretending to leave)

Ragini: Sanky… Wait!! I will come to Meghu’s marriage!!(Runs behind Sanky)

Sanky: No need… You’re busy no!! Go do your work!!

Ragini: I’m really sorry na Sanky!! (Holding her ears) Please!! I will come tomorrow with you guys!! But, what about Lucky?

Sanky: Shona manage karlegi!! You don’t worry about that!!

Ragini: Acha!! What?? It means you both planned this haan?? Sanskaar Kamina!! Wait I will kill you!!

Sanky: Hehe… Rags!! All this emotional drama plan was Shona’s !! Or else you know me na!!

Ragini: Hmmm!! Shona has a great impact on you Sanky!! That too in just one day!!

Sanky: Rags!! This is what I’m scared of… After Meghana, I don’t want to fall for anyone!! But, Shona… I can’t resist her love!! Her affection melts me completely!!

Ragini: But tell me one thing!! Would you be able control yourselves during Meghu’s wedding??

Sanky: That’s the reason I’m taking Shona with me!! I know Shona will keep on entertaining me with her stupid acts during wedding!!

Ragini: But!! I warn you Sanky!! If you ever take advantage of her or try to play with her feelings…Then I won’t even think before killing you!!

Sanky: Chill Rags!! I’m not Rapist or serial killer… And who would take advantage of Kiddo!! You know what!! If ever she gets hurt… She will start crying “Mummy…” Like a school going kid!!

Ragini: LOL… Sanky!! Stop making fun of her… Okay??

Sanky receives a text from Shona “My part is done!! What about you??Don’t forget to inform Rags about shopping!! I’m going for rounds now… I will also call after my work” He
shows this message to Rags!!

Sanky: See how questions in just one message!! I wonder, how are you bearing her from these many years!!!

Ragini: Sanky!! (Before she could complete she gets call from Lucky) Okay… Listen… Inform Shona that I will pick her from hospital for shopping!! I’m leaving now!! Bye… Take care… see you tomorrow!!(Saying this she attends Lucky’s call and goes from there)

Sanky: ye Ragini bhi na!!! (He message Shona… “My Part is done… Rags will pick you for shopping”)

Precap: SwaSanRagLak!!

Guys… So how Is SwaLak and Ragsan bonding?? I’m really if I disappoint you guys!! I can’t promise any Dhamaka in the next episode!! But I can assure the within 2-3 updates everything will change!! Before that I need your suggestion guys!! What should I update first… Swara’s past in London or Sanskaar’s realization!! I want to reveal Swara’s past in London first!! But I’m ready to go with your suggestion!! Your opinion matters a lot!!

Credit to: Krishna

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