Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 11)


Guys!! Asusual Thank you so much for your response…And I don’t want Sanskaar to realize just in one or two meetings!! It takes time!! Hope you are okay with this!! There are more twists coming ahead which change their lives!! And RagLak fans… I’m really sorry for not updating about them!! Next update is for both Swasan and RagLak fans!!

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Now, let’s go for walk with SwaSan  

Swara goes near the CCD… It’s closed… Sanskaar is waiting outside beside his car!! Swara sees this from behind and does little happy dance!! Sanskaar watches her shadow and smiles at her cuteness!! Swara slowly comes near him and shouts Booo…

Sanky: Awww… Shona what is this???(Pretending to be scared)

Swara: What is this Sansku?? You are scared for this??

Sanky: Lol!! Sanskaar ke dictionary mein Darr nam ke koi cheez nay hai!!(SRK Style)

Swara: Kaha se karide aisi bakwaas dictionary (Deepika style)!! Chennai express mein bhi dekhi!!

Sanky: Shona!! You are still a kid!! (pulling her cheeks)

Swara: What you said!! I’m not a kid… I’m 23years old Matured women!! Understand!!

Sanky: Nope… You are 23years kid!! Nay tho who will do happy dance like this?? (Imitating her dance)

Swara: Shit… Sansku…. That’s really bad manners!! You shouldn’t see when people are dancing!!

Sanky: ohoo… From when did that rule came into act??

Swara: just now!! I said na!! Let’s walk now!! There’s a beautiful park nearby!! It has a lake also!!

Sanky: Chalo!! Btw… Arnav is doc na??

Swara: haan!! He also studied in London!! My senior he is!!

Sanky: In which department he works?? Which hospital??

Swara: You want his Bio data or what???

Sanky: I’ve asked you just like that!! I don’t have any personal interest in your So called bestie (with irritated expressions)

Swara: Acha!!I was just kidding!! Ab gussa math ho!! I will tell you!! He is a psychiatrist!! He did specialization in hypnotherapy!!

Sanky: Ohh!! But, don’t you think it’s completely abnormal to take medicines for nightmares?? Waise kya nightmares athe tumhe!!

Swara: I think the same!! But Arnav hamesha bolte ki nightmares depict what you think!! And I get very bad dreams!! In every dream of mine I will run to save my life!! Like ek type ke dreams continuously ana is psychological disorder it seems!!

Sanky: Hmm.. Don’t say this to anyone but I too get nightmares often!! And every time I get a dream that a beautiful girl I mean I never saw her face… but she was stabbed in front of my eyes!! But I couldn’t do anything!!

Swara: That’s weird!! And If you don’t see her face… Then how can you say that she is beautiful??

Sanky: Sirf face nay dekha!! Bakhi sab dekhliya!! I must say… She has perfect curves!! I wish I could see her face too!!

(He turns to Swara and watches her giving death glares to him… She is looking so cute with her puffy nose and narrowed eyes with her pouty lips)

Swara: Uske sath hi walk pe ja!! I’m leaving!!

Sanky: Shona!! Tum bhi na… You know what you are looking like an angry bird till now!!

Swara: very funny!! I look like an angry bird to you?? I’m going!!

Sanky: Arey Shona!! You know na I’m scared of darkness… Then how can you leave me?? (He pretends to shiver with fear)

Swara: Isko overacting bolte!! Ab bus karo!! I’m not leaving!!

They walk for about one hour in the park talking about random things, making fun of each other!! Swara then receives call from Sumi…

Sumi: Shona!! Kaha hai tu?? Kab wapis athi ghar ko??

Swara: abhi ayi ma.. bus 10 mins!!

She cuts the call and turns to Sanskaar… Sanskaar understands that she has to leave but he wants time to freeze at that moment!!

Swara: Sansku… I’ve to leave now!! Catch you later… byee..(Waving at Sanskaar)

Sanskaar without saying a word pulls her into tight hug… Swara is astonished by his actions!! She feels happy at the same time!! A drop of tears escaped from the corner of her eye… She quickly rubs it without Sanskaar’s notice…

Here Sanskaar is not able to understand the mixed feelings for her!! He is totally confused about his actions!! Finally he breaks the hug and says “Thank you so much for forgiving me Swara!! I’m really happy to have you back in my life!!”

Swara: Ab rulayega kya?? (Trying to wipe her fake tears)

Sanky: Shona!! Tu badi dramebaaz hai!! Ab late hora… Jaldi jao… Acha wait… I forgot to tell you something…

Swara: abhi jaane ke liye bole… Phir rukna!! Ek bath kaho…

Sanky: Acha rukh aur sunn…. Meghana ki shadi ke liye sirf one week hai na… So she is leaving tomorrow to marriage venue…

Swara: but we planned for shopping this weekend na!! How?? Ah How??

Sanky: Puri bath sunn pehle!! Abhi called her today evening… Muhrat was preponed it seems… So they have to leave tomorrow.. So I thought of leaving day after tomorrow!! There is my cousin’s farmhouse nearby… I will stay there for one week!! So…

Swara: So??

Sanky: will you come along with me?? Actually RagLak will also come…

Swara: Wow… That’s actually cool plan!! You already informed them??

Sanky: Nope… I will inform Ragini!!! You inform Laksh…

Swara: done!! I’ve to go now… Bye… Take care… Drive safe  

Sanky: bye Shona!! Take care…

Shona reaches her home and peeps inside…She sees no one… So enters into the hall slowly without making any noise… As she was about open her room door Sumi switches on the lights!! Shona turns back and finds her Dadi too standing there… She murmurs to herself!! Shona aj tho tu gayi… Dadi bhi hai yaha!! Wo tujhe nay chodegi… Ab kuch bahana soch… Jaldi..

Swara: Wo Dadi!! She faces down and murmurs Thare ko kitne baar bole hum??… Ladkiyan ghar ki ijjat hote… Ye samay pe tumhara ghar se bahar jane kya wajah hai? (just like her Dadi)

Dadi: Chup… Swara!! Thare ko kitne baar bole hum??… Ladkiyan ghar ki ijjat hote… Ye samay pe tumhara ghar se bahar jane kya wajah hai?

Swara: Dadi… Wo kya hai na…

Dadi: Chup Swara… Hum tumhe chup rehne ke liye bole… Is ghar mein koi humari bath ki khadar hi nay karte…(Looking at Sumi) Ab Kade Kade humare muh kya dekre?? Kuch tho bolo!!

Swara: Agar aap mujhe kuch bolne dete na!!

Dadi: Ab humhe sawal karege tum Swara??

Swara: Nay Dadi… Bahut urgent Kaam tha isiliye jaana pada!! Aur aap mere pyare Dadi hai na… Please aj ke liye Chodo na Dadi….(saying this Shona hugs Dadi)

Dadi: Ahh.. Shona… Chodo ab!! Itni der raat tak khana nay khaye toh” wo kya hai Shekhar… Haan Hialth(Health)” kharab hojathi… (Saying this she bring food for Swara and feeds her with her own hands)

Shekhar and Sumi smiles seeing them coz Swara is so stubborn who never listens to anyone except her Hitler Dadi!! And Dadi is angry old Women who only melts for her Shona!!!
This is daily drama in their house… Dadaji also comes there and teases Dadi along with Shona!!

Dadaji: Parvathi!! aap humare Shona pe gussa kare kya??

Shona: Haan Dadu!! Ye parvathi na humesha mujpe gussa karthi

Dadi: Acha.. Ab aap donon milke humein satate…

Shona: Wo toh hum hamesha karte!! Hai na Dadu!! She gives Hi-fi to her Dadu!!

Sumi: Aapke laad-pyaar ki wajah se ye shaithan bangayi!! (She hits Swara on her head slowly)

Shekhar: Mishti… Wo hamari ghar ki roshni hai!! Us pe kabhi hath math utana!! (with serious tone)

Sumi: Is ghar koi samhal nay sakte!!

Suddenly telephone rings… Sumi lifts the call and gets excited listening voice from other side…

Sumi: pari beta!! Kaise ho… Shaan ji kaise hai??

Shekhar: Mishti phone mujhe dedo… Bahut din hogaye meri bachi se bath karke!!

Swara: Shaan jeeju se bath karna hai mujhe!! She jumps from the couch and runs!!

Pari is elder daughter of Shekhar and Sumi… She is married to Shaan and is staying in Dubai!! She calls them everyday night!! And it will be like circus going on there whenever
she calls… After the circus Shona goes to her room and calls Samaira to talk about Sanskaar!!

Sammu: Shona kya hai?? Ye time pe call kyun kare?? Ab tak Sam… Ab tum??

Swara: What? Ab tak Sam ke sath tu kya karri thi??

Sammu: Haan… Wo bahut sataya mujhe!! (She says in sleepy tone)

Swara: Acha… Kya kya karke sataya??

Sammu: Wo.. Usko Romance sujratha ab!! (she realizes what she was saying ) Oye… Kya puchri thi tu?? Kya hona hai?? Call kyun kari!!

Swara: Arey beech mein kyun rukh gayi?? Khair… I’m really happy!! Aj mein Sansku ke sath walk pe gayi…

Sammu: Wow.. That’s great!! I’m sleeping now!! Gudnyt!! Sansku dreams…

Swara: itna jaldi kya hai… Sunna kya hua hai!!

Swara keeps on talking about Sanskaar and sleeps early in the morning!!… Samaira sleeps with phone on her side…

Precap: Swasan-RagLak…

Hope you like this update… What happens to SwaSan on their trip to Karnataka?? Will they come closer?? Or they will separate forever?? What comes between them?? Eager to know… Then please do comment!!

Credit to: Krishna

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