Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 10)

I hope you liked my previous update!! I tried my best to bring Sanky and Swara closer!!

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Swara eagerly runs to CCD… She reaches there before time and waits for Sanskaar!! But, to her disappointment Sanskaar comes there with Meghana!! She gets hurt but hides it!! Suddenly an idea comes into her mind… She gives evil smile and takes her mobile phone calls someone…

Stranger: Hey Shona… How are you?? Kab se tera phone ka intezar kar raha tha!!

Swara: dude… I’m fine!! Ab intezar khatam!! I just came out!! If you are free

Stranger: Bol kaha aana hai??(Without letting her complete sentence)

Swara: Hmmm… CCD near my house!! Actually mere dusre friends bhi hai!! But I’m getting bored yaha!! Tumhare company miss karrun bahut zyada!! (With extra sweetness…
Stranger: I will be there in 20minutes

Swara: okay… Seeya!! Byee.. Drive safe!!
Wow!! Ab mission Sansku Sathao Shuru!! Let me see if he gets jealous or not she talks to herself while Sanky and Meghu reaches her!!

Swara: Hii Meghu!! Hi Sansku!!!

Meghu: Hey Shona.. You call him Sansku!! Wow.. It really suits him!!I will also call him like this..

Sanky: No Ammu!! Only Shona calls me like this!! Please you don’t start or else she will choose another stupid nickname for me!!

Swara: Haha Sansku!! You’re becoming intelligent day by day!!

They choose corner seats with a better view and order three cappuccino… All the while Swara couldn’t do anything except staring at Sanskaar!! She is completely lost in her Sansku!! Though he is lean, petit compared to others… He looks like a perfectly carved Greek sculpture for her!! His bone structure was fine and perfectly symmetrical. It was manly. There was softness in the eyes and gentleness in his smile. He was handsome alright, but inside he was beautiful. He’s a fair few inches taller than her, which she likes… He had tousled dark hair, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were mesmerizing… He had dark eye brows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression. His usually playful smile had drawn into a hard line across his face. His perfect lips ripe for the kissing… She couldn’t help but blush…

They started talking about random things… Traffic, Government, food like anything and everything!! They take many selfies… Swara looks at her mobile every now and then!! She gets excited by seeing a message “Just reached… Turn to your left” She turns and sees her friend waiting for her!! Everything is perfect!! All she has to do is make her Sansku jealous…. And only ARNAV can do this!!

Hey Arnav she shouted drawing Sanky’s attention!! She literally ran to him and hugged him!! By seeing Sanky and Meghana he understood and gave her “You called me for this” Expression!! She released the hug and winked at him saying please na with puppy face!! Goddamn who would refuse her!! Stop melting me with your eyes… I’m in!! he said and pulled her into hug again!! She could see Sanky giving WTF expression through corner of her eyes!! Wow.. Annu… Look at him!! I guess our plan is working she said in chirping tone!! C’mon Shona stop over reacting!!He is not dumb like you!! Okay!! He warned her!!

Okay okay… I will put finger on my lips… She said like a kid and held him by his shoulder and went near Sanky and Meghana!!

Swara: Sansku and Meghu he is ARNAV My bestie!! Annu he is Sanky and she is Meghana!!

Sanky: It’s nice to meet Sanky said forwarding his hand for formal handshake with faded expressions!!

Arnav: Yep!! It’s really nice to meet you too!! Actually I had work in nearby office just thought of meeting Shona!! I hope you guys don’t mind!!

Meghu: It’s completely alright!! If your Shona’s friend then you are our friend too!!

Sanky: yep… Have a seat!! So you are Shona’s best friend but Shona never mentioned about you!!

Swara: I actually met him in London!! There we became very close friends!! He is too a doctor!! He is the one who treated me!!

Sanky: Treated you means?? What happened to you??

Swara: Wo… Actually I met with an accident in London… I was in coma for 20days… Because of my condition my parents brought me back to India…

Meghana: But, How did you meet with accident??

Swara: I don’t remember that!! But I was in very critical condition!! Not only that I forgot many things after accident!!

Arnav: Shona… Let’s not talk about it!! So Meghana… I heard from Shona that you’re getting married in few days right!!I must say… He is really lucky guy to get a beautiful girl like you as wife!!

Meghana: (blushing) Thank you!! Oh god… I forgot to tell you guys my marriage venue is fixed!! It’s actually destination wedding!! It’s in Karnataka in some palace!! Shona you should bring Arnav along with you!! Anyways I will visit your place to give invitation cards!!

Arnav: Sure Meghana!! I will come!!

Swara: (whispers to Arnav) Dude… You should flirt with me to make Sansku jealous!! Not with Meghu!!

Arnav: This is what I told you earlier!! Don’t over react!! I know what to do and when to do!!(By placing his arms around her and whispers in her ears…)

Sanskaar feels bad seeing Arnav close to Swara!! He manages to smile at their actions but feels burning sensation inside!! Seeing this Arnav starts flirting with both Meghana and

Swara… Sanskaar feels left out!! Swara sees this… So she leaves Arnav and Meghana and starts talking Sanskaar which make him feel better!! They slowly forget everyone and move close to each other!! After long time Sanskaar observes her!! This is what Arnav wants to happen!! He don’t want Sanskaar to feel jealous but to get closer to Shona!!

Sanskaar started noticing Swara keenly!! He thought Most did not pay attention to her beauty!! But in her ordinariness she was stunning. The clicking of her heels added rhythm to the soft classical music that played onward without pause. Her eyes scanned the room with determination in search of someone… when her eyes met his she smiled. So beautiful it was like the stars themselves, decided to rest behind the soft cushion of her lips. Alluringly, she would blink her eyes from time to time, allowing her eyelashes to flutter like the wings of a butterfly. My god, her eyes were simply spellbinding…

He shook his head slightly to come out of the trance!! But Swara is still in his trance!! It was disturbed by mobile ring!! She took her phone!! Samaira it showed!!

Why is Sammu calling me at this time she thought and attended the call!! Hey Sammu she greeted…

Sammu: Hey Shona!! How is your date going?? She asked with enthusiastic tone!!

Swara: Lol, Waisa kuch nay hai!! Mein yaha sab ke sath enjoy karrun!

Sammu: Sab matlab!! It’s just you and Sanskaar right??

Swara: Haan wo ich… Abhi Annu bi yaha aya!! He is talking to Meghana!!

Sammu: Acha!! So Sanskaar bought Meghana with him and you called Arnav!! Wow… This is called perfect date!!

Swara: Wow yaar!! You’re so brilliant!! Shona ki friend jo hai tu!!

Sammu: Toh isiliye tum subah se bahut excited thi!! Ab coverup karna chod and phone Arnav ko de!!

Swara gives her mobile to Arnav!!

Arnav: Hey Sammu!! How are you??

Sammu: Haan I’m fine!! Actually tumse kuch urgently bath karna tha!! About Shona!! She is getting nightmares again!!

Arnav: (becomes serious but tries to smile seeing Shona) Haan Okay Sammu!! take care… I will manage everything!! Byee now!! I will message you!!

Sammu: Okay… Byeee Annu!!

Arnav after disconnecting the call gives mobile to Shona and asks her with serious tone… Are you taking your medicines properly??

Swara: did you Sammu complain about me to you???

Arnav: It means you’re not taking them right??

Swara: No… I mean I forget to take them yet times!! Now stop giving such looks as I killed someone!!

Sanskaar: But what are those medicines for?

Shona: For my nightmares!!I actually I get stupid nightmares!! Annu I forgot to tell you!! Yesterday I got a nightmare!! It’s too scary!!

Arnav: Shhh Shona!! I will change the prescription!! Take those tabs on time!! Okay??

Shona nods like a kid… Sanskaar thinks It is really strange that someone takes tabs for nightmares!! But he remains silent!!

Meghana: Haan shona!! You better take tabs on time and guys I’ve to leave!!

Shona: Haan Meghu!! Even I’m getting late!! Let’s leave guys!!

Sanskaar: Okay… Shona shall I drop you at home??

Before Swara could nod in yes… Arnav held her and said actually I have to meet her parents… So I will drop her!! Swara gives a death glare to Arnav but understands that he is doing this make her Sansku jealous!! So she stays silent and leaves with Arnav!! It pricked Sanskaar’s heart!! He doesn’t understand about his feelings… He sits on the couch in CCD and thinks about Shona not noticing that everyone left!! He understands one thing that he loves the feeling that Shona loves him!! Somewhere inside him he wants her to love him only!!He can’t bear it if she gives attention to anyone else!! His thoughts are interrupted by a text message from Shona!!

Swara: “Hey… Just reached home… What about you??”

Sanky: Still @CCD!! Will be leaving in five minutes!!

Swara: Ohkay!! Is Meghana with you?

Sanky: Nope!! She left long back!!

Swara: Then.. What are you doing?? Scared to go alone to home?? :p Shall I drop you??

Sanky: LOL… Shona! I’m not a kid okay!!

Sanky: Did Arnav left??

Swara: Yep… Long back!!

Sanky: Okay!! Will you join me for a walk??

Swara: Yep.. Will be there 10 minutes!! Seeya..

Swara jumps from her bed and starts doing happy dance shouting loudly and runs to mirror and checks herself multiple times and leaves for walk!!

Precap: Meghana’s marriage!!

Guys you really want to know what happened in London and what about Shona’s nightmares?? How did she meet Arnav?? Then please comment!! As I said earlier comments really boost my confidence!! And in my ff Arnav is not silent strict etc.. He is very friendly and funny

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