Swara- A tale of Trust & Betrayal (Episode 1)


This is a tale of love and friendship. This shows love and hate relationship of two best friends Swasan & Swaragini. This is not a sibling story.

Devotional songs are running in the Mp3 player..

Sumi please reduce the volume I shouted.

Sumi: Shona wakeup. You are already late.

please Sumi, 5 mins more I said without opening my eyes.

Sumi: No shona, wakeup fast. You have to go to Temple.

Sumi removed my blanket and a wide smile occupied her eyes seeing her cute daughter.

I woke up by rubbing her my hazel colored eyes which turned red due to tiredness. Yes, I didn’t sleep the whole night. Same old dream. same old memories. I’m scared that I may become insomniac within short period. I don’t understand one thing, how can 15mins dream ruin my favorite thing( SLEEP) in the whole world..….??

Arey Sumi.. you are not even letting me to sleep peacefully. I shouted at her and took my phone expecting message from Ragini. As usual no text from her..so , I texted her.

swara-hey rago..

ragini-hey shona..

swara-well, you remember me!!??

ragini-baby you know you are my bestie.. i love you..

(then why didn’t she text me in the first place)

swara-love you too.. and rago will you accompany to temple and then to office?? you know today is my first day to office!!

swara-only if you are free…

ragini- baby you don’t need to ask me.. you can order me!!

ragini- and sorry meri maa… stop being sarcastic..

swara- 😉 okay rago..see you @temple.. byee.. tc.. love you!!

I’m so confused about our friendship. Does she really cares for me?? Is she pretending?? Oh god.. Swara stop thinking.. She is the only person you can trust upon. Don’t let her go as Sanskaar..


I wish I could see him at least today.. I know he won’t wish me.. Like NEVER.. Is that really big sin that he is punishing me like this..??

Sanskaar…. I need you… I just want to see you… I promise you. I won’t utter a word.. I beg you… please.. One glance is enough.. Please Sanskaar… please.. I LOVE YOU SANSKAAR!!

Sumi: Shona are you getting ready?

I wiped my tears and came into the real world. Well, Shona.. There’s long way to go. Don’t give up so easily. Yes Sumi.. I shouted and got ready.I wore a simple full blue colour chudidhar with pearls studded all over the dress. Oops.. it was MY Sanskaars favourite color. Most of my dresses are blue In color. I totally forgot which color I used to like during my childhood.

SHONA.. SHONA.. shouted Ragini without coming upstairs.. I’m coming I said and ran down..

My face lit up seeing her…

Ragini- Someone’s looking too beautiful today!!??

Swara- After all Its sankys fav color… I winked at her!!

Ragini- You are Crazy Shona

Swara- I know Rago!! Im crazy for my Sanky

Ragini- Shona.. he doesn’t give at f**k @you.. still you are back of him??

Swara-Lado.. I’m not back of him.. -_- And I love him.. <3..If he doesn’t give a f**k @me, why don’t you convince him that I’m not wrong.. It was just a misunderstanding !!

Ragini- Do you think I never tried??

Swara- It’s not like that.. I’m just can’t bear this anymore.. i cant stay away from him..

Ragini- I know baby.. you love him a lot.. but whenever I talk about you.. he stays silent.. he won’t utter a word.. but Trust me.. He doesn’t hate you.. its just that he doesn’t love you and don’t want to give you false hope..

Swara- Its ok Lado… Leave this.. we reached temple.. lets pray!!

( Though today is first day in my office.. I’ve started praying for my sanky…
God please give him all happiness in the world with a healthy long life.. )

Ragini- if your done with praying for sanky.. lets take Prasad and leave.. I don’t want you to go late on the first day of your office.. 🙂

I gave a smile at her and she wished me all the best..

No precap..

Guys!! This is my first FF.. I hope you all like it.. and Sorry if its boring..please do comment and let me know your valuable opinion..

Credit to: Krishna

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  9. Pls don’t make ragini bad and is it swalak

    1. Don’t worry dear.. Ragini is not bad.. Its just swaras pov… And this is swasan!! Sry swalak fans!! 🙁

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