Swara story- swaragini

He was hugging me and sleeping happily. His tongue is sometimes reaching my neck which is suffocating my breath.

“Ranveer… plz..!” I said even I liked his sweet torture.

“No Swara.. I can’t control myself when you are around” he said huskily. He buried his face in my neck and now I lost all my control…

It was three months back…when we met first time.

It was Ajanta caves area. It is famous for all the matured statues. I was looking at them.

Then my 5years old sister.. “didi..! What are they doing..??”
I closed her mouth, but I was already seen by that Ranveer. He is my classmate, he happened to come there too.

I presented a weird smile to come out of situation.

The second meeting was still weird…

A movie, the kissing scene has come. Again my sis, “didi, what are they doing..??”
I was again embarrassed, as Ranveer was beside.

So many incidents.. just happened like that. We were married arranged by our parents. And, we r together now.

“Thanks Ranveer..” i said in his ears. He grabbed me by waist and kissed my lips.

“You didn’t explain them to your sis. Will u tell them to me..?” He asked naughty. I blushed. He covered us in bedsheet and he made me moan…

I love his sweet torture..


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