Swara be serious sometimes episode 9


After decision about project. ….a bell rings
Sanskar -why this bell ringing
Maya-office time finished. …
a clerk comes in
Clerk-mam all set
Maya-really and my favourite one
Clerk-yes done….
Maya-okay you be comfortable I am just coming
Sanskar -okay
As Sanky is waiting for maya he here’s music which is played loudly sanskar comes out and see all where enjoying dancing as it’s a disc …….he gets shock to see the business tycoon maya is doing nagin dance…all where having fun…it’s like all were same no employees no employors only buddies

After sometimes all get tired clerk comes with tray of coffee and beer all takes according to their taste….then maya takes beer can and comes to sanskar
Sanskar -maya can I ask you something
Maya-whats is this . going on. …..ha..so it’s a refreshment time daily they comes to office and gives their precious tym to me….so it’s my ŕesponsiblity to make them happy when they go to their family they should go with happy mood not with stress of the day
Sanskar -impressive. …but you being a business tycoon dancing with your employees don’t worry about protocol
Maya-dude we have only one life that we waste thinking about others if we wear this what will parents thinks. ….if we do this what will society think. ..dude we have only one live life fully do what you want because others will never satisfy
Sanskar -but your fame. …
Maya-oh please fame and all after a while disappear it will be on Wall or in file for that I can’t waste my present
Sanskar -then what about work
Maya-if it’s working hours then you are not standing her and asking me this much question
Sanskar -oops. ..nice meeting you miss maya

In mm
Dp-shekhu prepare a quotation for maya enterprise
Shekhar -sure
Dp-shekhu yrr why are you tensed. …
Shekhar -yrr i am worried for swara she is eligible for marriage but she is not ready for it
Dp- give her some time
After some days
Maya and sanskar friendship grows he started to spend more time with maya even though he is with swara he talks about maya only….he falls for maya and admit it to swara
In a restaurant
Sanskar and his friends were sitting and enjoying suddenly his eyes falls on Swara sitting with a guy and talking over friendly…
Sanskar -who is he??why are they so close to each other …I have to find out
Before Sanskar approach to swara …she goes from their

Recap -sanskar jealousy. ….sanskar doubt on maya’s identify

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    uuugghhhSanskar.. don’t be wishy washy, just choose 1, Swara or me ? huh! i mean Swara or Maya..ahem ahem

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