Swara be serious sometimes episode 8


Ragini – mom
Sumi- that day unknowingly sanskar has
Shekhar – ussdin sanskar ne swara ke bhare hue jhakhamo ko phir kuredh diya
Laksh -it means she never forgiven him
Sumi-beta kuch sawal nahi kiye jye wohi behtar hta h
In night
Swara’s room
Swara is sleeping peaceful suddenly swara feels someone cuddling to her…she thought it may be Ayush but she feels strong grip on her stomach. ..she opens her eyes and turn and see sanskar
Swara shouts but sanskar keeps his hands on her mouth
Sanskar -don’t shout come with me
Sanskar -one a date
Swara-no way

Sanskar -okay we will sleep together by cuddling each other inside one bedsheet in this cold season …if something went wrong then don’t blame me
Swara- okay come
Outside Gm
Swara-how we will go
Sanskar -by this(pointing toward a cycle )
Swara-are you out of your mind
Sanskar -think sweetie you are sitting in front of me and my ridding cycle cold breeze will blow in speed
Swara- and that breeze will kill u with cold too
Sanskar – don’t waste time let’s go
Sanskar enjoying the ride swara is cursing her decision. ….
Sanskar -look that car let’s chase
Swara-mummmmy today I will definitely die
Sanskar race with the car and he win he stop the cycle and gives victory smile and looks toward. Swara who is tightly hugging him
Sanskar – don’t hug me like this. ……babe if you don’t break the hug then I will forget it’s road.
Swara leave him get down from cycle. ..sanskar looks back
Sanskar -run baby
He starts running and swara also follow him…by runningly he enter railway station and get into local train sanskar sit on a seat
Swara-by u run

Sanskar -otherwise this train will be gone
Swara-seriously are we on a date or you are training me for Olympic
Sanskar -waise tumhari jo harkate h ausse hisab se toh bnta h
Sanskar -still have some patience
Swara-did you have tickets
Sanskar -i have….I booked early
Swara – look t.t is there
Sanskar -so let’s have some fun
Sanskar holds swara ‘s hand and start running in train followed by Tt at last when they are tired they seat on a seat
Tt-know in next station you both will be arrested
Sanskar -why
Tt-you both are travelling with tickets
Sanskar -why how told you we don’t have tickets….have a look
Tt-why you run then
Sanskar -to find seat
Sanskar rocks Tt shocks
In next station

Both went down outside the station sanskar driver is waiting for them when they came he handover the car keys to sanskar. ….sanskar takes swara to a dhabba and order many dish….lovingly and forcefully make swara eat by his hands when swara Tommy is full swara gets up for hand wash but sanskar pull her towards him as a result swara lands on sanskar lap
Sanskar – it’s cheating I feed u it’s your turn know
Swara-thinks it’s waste argue with him…so she feed him
At last sanskar drop swara outside Gd mansion before leaving sanskar kiss swara’s check and run away
Swara-does his screw drop somewhere. ..
In mm
Sanskar room
Sanskar -what’s happening to me….why i am attracting towards swara as we are one …….I didn’t done such crazy thing bit today I done it also
Sanskar -you are really gone mad
Next day
Sanskar went to maya enterprise. ..their he ask receptionist about maya…
Receptionist-sir mam is calling you
Sanskar went inside and shocked completely looking at the girl sitting wearing purple top and white jeans……short hair….Blue eyes
Sanskar -swara
Sanskar -don’t actually swara
Maya-project you mad or something don’t waste my time
Sanskar -okay know I will prove….sanskar takes his phone and daily swara’s no. It’s ringing
Sanskar seeing whether the phone is their or not
Sanskar -look not receiving the call because u
Before completing
On call -hey didn’t feed up by irritating me yesterday. ..
Sanskar -shockingly are you swara
Oc- no her ghost. ..plzzz take ur medicine otherwise you will be made soon
Sanskar cuts the call
Sanskar -i am sorry maya ….actually my close friend face and yours are similar. .have a look
Maya-okay have a seat

Recap-sanky impressed with maya thinking her perception.her nature…….loves swara’s heart her simplicity. …..he is in complete delima

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  1. Simi

    Swara n maya r same??

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    Excellent nd lovely part ?❤?❤?❤
    Really dear is Swara nd Maya r same person or not??????
    Want nxt one soon

  3. awesome. swara and maya are same

  4. Nice but swara and maya are same?

  5. Soujanya

    Awesome….. Are they both same..

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    awesome 🙂

  7. Mica

    waa,, wait soo Sanskar didn’t see Maya yesterday…

  8. Wat an awesome twist……waiting for the next part

  9. Is Swara nd Maya same person ???

  10. Sanji

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    Superrrr loved it.. Sorry I can’t comment a little long one today bcz I am not well.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt.. Haachuuu*sneezing..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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    Swara and maya are same na

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