Swara be serious sometimes episode 6


Recap -marriage preparation
Chef-then what about snacks??
Swara-make samosa but small in size ….tea…..and purchase 4 bottle of mirinda and 10 rashna. …mix both and ya make lemon juice and mix mountain dew in it
Chef-okay…and sweets
Swara-make what ever you want with available item
Chef-their is only 4kg milk and 3packet of milk powder
Swara-mix water in both

Chef-how will we mix it’s wrong
Swara-okay then mix milk in water okay
In mm
Sanskar -because of u both i forget about my bestest friend birthday
Shekhar -go and apologies
Sanskar -yeah
Sanskar calls his friend many but no answer
Sanskar -i think she is so angry with me
Sanskar -idea I am coming dear
Outside a house
Sanskar knock the door
A girl comes with sweet smile and open the door by seeing sanskar her smiling face turn to angry face and close the door
Sanskar comes in
Sanskar -uma yrr i am sorry yrr…..because of work load I forget yrr
Uma-yeah I know only in this world u have work load
Sanskar -please forgive me please
Uma-this tym your sorry won’t be accepted
Sanskar -look i bought u new dress…which u liked
Uma-really this dress …sanskar i purchase this dress two year before
Sanskar -okay look i purchased your favourite flowers orchids
Uma-sanskar you are making me more angry my favourite flowers are red roses
Sanskar -look i bought dairy milk chocolate for u
Uma-smiles but hide..

Sanskar -look i bought an ausome gift and teddy bear for u
Uma-laugh dumbo I know you will forget my birthday that’s why I invited you one day before my birthday
Sanskar -means?? ? ?
Uma-means today is my birthday
Sanskar shocked
All friends comes out who were hiding and celebrate the birthday
Sanskar geet ready guys we have to attend rahul’s wedding
In venue
Swara- guys hurry up only 30rs remaining guest will start coming
Veer-swara swara
Swara-know want happened

Veer-as per the list we have to shower rose patels and gulab jal on guest….we have only 2 bottle to sprinkle
Swara-ahhhh. …I have only 5rs remaining in that how will purchase …do one thing take a vessel pore water in it then put some rose patels then take it back their will some smell comes in water
Swara-sprinkle gulab jal only on groom and his family and on rest shower only water
Swara-go know. ….
Kavya-everything fine relax
Swara-okay but where is the priest
Priest-I am here

Swara-you know na what you have to do……do whateveryou want to do but finish the marriage before 8am…including vidai muhurat
Nikhil -why so hurry
Swara -because it is shooting set….shooting start from 8.30 am so before their arrival we have to arrange it as before. ..come on quick
Guest started arriving all is going smoothly swara see kavya and two three girls stairing some one
Swara-what are you stairing
kavya-look that boy…(pointing toward sanskar )
Swara -what is in him to stairing him
Kavya-look with dirty thinking then u will see
Swara-i am unable to anything special in him
Kavya-look towards his milky cheeks chocolate eyes shinning hairs ..macho body ..Strawberry lips…

Swara-really yrr i didn’t noticed his beauty
Staff-swara a great problem came
Swara-know what
Staff-manavi sister while ironing the blouse she burned the back side
Swara-hey Bhagwan know from where I will bring substitute. ..
Kavya-its Manish malhotra design na…we can purchase another one
Swara-it’s duplicate which I purchased from market….original is of 3 lakh
Kavya-its price
Swara-20000…and idea strike in her mind. …bring scissor and niddle thread and shoe lace fast..with in 15 mints blouse is ready
It turned as backless which is attached by doori….it was all seen and heard my sanskar and came to know what swara every activities
Sanskar had many things to swara for doing such things
Sanskar -what kind of person you are having for your profile you done such cheep tricks….shame on you by seeing you who will say you are Ragini bhabhi sister ..I am silent because I don’t want to make a seen after marriage i will tell everything to manvi’s dad
Swara-do whateveryou want
As marriage finished badi has going on shooting people comes both parties asking who are they
Swara comes to director and tell everything to him…he also agreed and tell to guest that they came to wrong address

Director-its okay
Bidai done….sanskar bust out everything bride brother raise hand on Swara but stops by bride father
B. Father -it’s truth she done fraud. .but not for herself. .she did it for me as groom parents demanded grand wedding but I have only 60000rs in which thirty thousands is spend on jewellery only….this marriage is happen only because of swara….fold hand thnx beta
Swara-it’s okay. ….and goes
All are busy in cleaning swara drunk alcohol. …and thinks about sanskar. And sanskar is finding swara to apologise. …..abouts sanskar finding swara…someone pull sanskar to room and close the door. ..
Sanskar -swara. …you are drunk
Swara-yes today I will teach you a lesson
Sanskar -what which lesson
Swara-twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are
Sanskar smile

Swara-don’t disturb me what was I telling
Sanskar -twinkle twinkle
Swara-before that…yeah remember. .I will teach you a lesson by raping you…then how will you show your face to anyone then you will be mother my child
Sanskar -what
Swara-yes it’s my first tym so please corporate ha….
Sanskar standing shockingly. ..swara push him on the bed. ..and comes on him and kiss his forehead. ..then his nose tips….sanskar is feeling something something ….swara gets up and start crying
Sanskar -why are you crying
Swara -I read on net firstly kiss. ….forehead then nose tip then eyes then cheeks. …but you have two eyes and two cheeks they didn’t told which one I haveto kiss….mummy. cryingly goes out
Sanskar bust out in laugh
Next morning
In swara room

Swara gets up and see sanskar half lying next to her and seeing her
Swara -what are you doing here
Sanskar -yesterday you are confused while raping me to kiss on which eyes and cheeks first
Sanskar comes on Swara and kiss both of her eyes and cheeks
Sanskar -don’t worry I will teach you. ..and run away from Window

Sorry uma yrr yesterday while writing simply uma name came into my mind …????
Recap-sanky started falling for two……maya’s entry…..Ragini pregnancy

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