Swara be serious sometimes episode 10

As time passes sanskar confusion increases..one side maya other side Swara ……sanskar loves maya’s passion towards life work dedication. ..loves to spend time with her……but can’t see any guy close to swara her nature .gutts to face any trouble. Her happy nature
Sanskar is sitting in his room thinking all..Laksh comes and inform about the meeting a bond goes
Sanskar going for meeting he view falls on Swara who is eating samosa with a guy in one plate ……sanskar blood boiled in anger but they are standing in distance and he getting late so Sanskar goes from their angrily

Mm office
All were sitting in afraid of what will happen….because sanskar is roaring like tiger and working like injured loin
Dp cabin
Dp-shekhu you told Mr sahil sen gupta is very punctual to Sanlak
Shekhar -yes i did…..but what happen to sanskar
Dp-i think someone bitted him on his bum
Shekhar -then what are you waiting for go and see
Dp-yeak I am not interested in seeing it
Shekhar -shut up go and ask him what the matter. …..more over his is much better than yours
Shekhar-do some work. …always shekhuuuu shekhuuuu
Dp-shekhu I am your boss na…..by the way do you invited swara…
Shekhar -for what
Dp-stupid our business party she is going to organise
Shekhar -i did…..she must be on the way

In conference hall
All where waiting for sahil and swara ….
Sanskar -where the hell are they
Laksh -bhai what happen why are you so angry are you fine
Sanky -yeah
Then they here laughing sounds swara and sahil comes laughing
Sanskar -he is the same guy(thinking )
Shekhar -sahil it’s you …..it has been years we met…
Dp-you know him
Shekhar -yeah he its swara’s childhood friend
Meeting started but sanskar full concentration is on Swara ..
Meeting get over
Shekhar -sahil let’s do lunch together
Dp -no if no but ..we would love to

They are having lunch in dp cabin they are having good time Except sanskar He only want break sahil nose….his actions and frustration is noticed by Laksh
As tym pass swara goes with sahil ….sanskar intentionally puncture Shekhar bike
Dp-shekhu your bike tire is puncture come in will drop you
Sanskar-no dad i will drop him…I am going to that way
Laksh -why…..
Sanskar -woh I am going to maya’s house
Laksh -but sanskar her house in not in that direction
Sanskar -woh …ha….ha her house is not in that direction
Dp- then why are you going to that direction
Sanskar -because dad she purchased a white house near to uncle house
Shekhar -but beta that house was destroyed 2 months before
Sanskar -no no u didn’t get me . actually she purchased next house beside that
Shekhar -beta beside that house their is nothing
Sanskar -think these oldies doesn’t have any other Work
Sanskar -actually uncle that the
Dp-forget it….go and drop Shekhar
Sanskar -thanks
Sahil house
Sahil -how many mask are you wearing swara …….
Swara -now what happened
Sahil -why you presented me as owner of gunj. …..it’s your company and I am an interior designer…..
Swara-so what
Sahil-how many face you have you are owner of gunj. .for your family you are wedding planner for sanskar you are swara and maya…and in past
Swara-thats it don’t worry. ..I will come in front of all in my true identity
Sahil -that you can’t
Swara -okay with present identity
Sahil -let’s go i am starving let’s have some thing
Swara-okay let’s go

In badi
Sanskar drop Shekhar outside Gm..sumi see him
Sumi-beta come inside. ..it has been days you came here
Before Sanskar could say
Shekhar -mishti i also wanted him to accompany us but he came here to meet his gf
Sumi-maya but where is she. …did you propose her
Sanskar -aunty. …..
Shekhar -he is like his dad ….till now he didn’t
Sanskar -uncle. …..okay I will accompany you both for dinner
Sumi- no no beta we don’t want to spoil your date you carry on its your house u can come when u want
Sanskar -(thinking )know what I do god
Sanskar -actually it’s after 3hrs later till then I can join u all if you don’t mind
Sumi-beta come
Ayush -di you came
Sumi-no beta it’s your dad and sanskar bhaiya
Ayush -mom where is she told she will come early then we will go for movie
Shekhar -beta she must be busy
Sanskar to himself -i has been 2hrs meeting get over …..where is she
At that time veer , nikhil ,raghav and kavya comes to call swara. ..at that time swara comes with sahil holding hands by this sanskar fumes and make excuse and go

In mm
In sanskar room
Sanskar is very angry and boxing the punching bag….raglak comes …Laksh make Ragini sit
Laksh -bhai how’s your practice to propose maya going on
Sanskar while boxing
Sanskar -bhai their is lots of work I didn’t get much tym
Ragini -sanskar when you are going to do so when you become old
Laksh -so what your sister is also didn’t married yet
Ragini -I will make her married this year. …I will not listen to her
Sanskar stops boxing …Laksh notice sanskar expression changes
Laksh -do you have anyone in mind
Ragini -yeah sahil
Sanskar again start to box again …Laksh winks at Ragini
Laksh -sahil ….sahil sen gupta. …
Ragini -yeah
Sanskar -but they doesn’t look like couples
Ragini -no Sanskar in childhood swara and kavya always fight to become his wife. …..and sahil is having crush on Swara from childhood
Laksh -they look good and happy with each other
Ragini -yeah
Sanskar -?????? stop it
Laksh -????what happen Sanskar
Sanskar -nothing I need to freshen up
Laksh holds sanskar hands
Laksh -sanskar think about ur feeling it’s for whom before its to late
Sanskar looks on
Raghunath house
Raghunath break things in his house
Raghunath -Ragini is won’t leave u. …hey Shankar. …… do whateveryou want to do but destroy Ragini and her family

Recap -sanskar forcing swara

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