swara: secret of dark nyt one shot

Swara a silent grl from the last 6 yrs who didn’t talk too much accept her 1 frnd ria but he is having a gang of 6 people including her and ria studing in XYZ clg in Mumbai.. age 20…

One day she was going as usual to the clg suddenly a gang of 5 members stops her way and gave her a teasing smile and says soo mis swara today also u didn’t talk to us or answer to our questions swara only nodes in noo and starts going but suddenly one of the boy of the gang hold her hand and pulls her toward him and said in a whisper miss swara what’s your problem why soo much attitude?? U know we are family frnds living in the same colony opposite to each other then why this much ego??

Swara: give her a stern look and jerk him and goes

Another boy: leave her sanky she is too stubborn I don’t know whats her problem.. (yes the head of that gang is sanskar)

Sanskar is very much irritated with her this attitude which he don’t know why…

Swara goes to near to her gang and greets them from just a smile all gang member knows about her habbit soo that’s why they also greets her..

Her gang include ria,herman,richa,swara,karan and shravan

And sanky’s gang include sanky,sahil,kavitha,kavya,sona and chiragh

Guys all are positive here nobody is negative her sanky gang only irritates swara because she did’nt speak or talk to any one freely and openly accept ria..ria is the only person who knows the secret behind swara’s behavior but she also don’t’ know the complete truth..

Sanky is very close to swara’s family.. swara’s is also very close to sanky’s family but both the families also don’t know the real reason behind the swara’s behavior.. after doing many struggles they also stop pressurizing her and accept’s her like the way she is now but today also they wants to see the old swara but alas..

Like as usual day swara’s gang and sanky’s gang sitting in the canteen suddenly swara stands and goes out but before leaving a locket fell her from her neck whish she didn’t notice and it was noticed by kavitha she goes and picks it and shout hey swara is this your locket???

Swara who is going stops and turns and gave her a horrified expressions and runs toward her to grab the locket but kavitha though to tease her that’s why she throws that locket to her gang member all were starting teasing her swara is continuously moving from one side to another and her gang member also trying to snatch that locket but fails finally when the locket goes back to kavitha before she throws again swara grabs her hand and gave her a tight slap that she fall down on floor and in this time swara snatches the locket from her hand and shouts which shoucked everyone because they all are listening swara’s voice first time and that to soo loud

Swara: don’t you dare mis kavitha to touch my locket ever again if you try I’ll cut your hand is pieces and also gave a death glare to her gang including sanky who is in a state of shock..

By saying this swara storms out of the canteen after few minutes everyone came back in their senses and starts gossiping sanky gang is fuming in anger and starts saying how dare she to slap our kavitha I think the locket is of her boy frnd that’s why she reacted too much like this all were start talking non senses about her but ria who is listening all this rubbish finally burst out and shouts enough u all what u all think about yourselves and what u know about my swara??

The girl who is in mental trauma from the last 6 yrs?? Who didn’t shed a single drop of tear from the last 6 yrs?? U all think that shee is showing u all an attitude..

Everyone become numb after hearing this and freezed on their places the most shocked person is sanky because somewhere in his heart he adores her but he also didn’t know that the person who is close to his heart is in very much pain he compose himself and goes towards ria who is crying bitterly and grabs her by her shoulder and said ria what trauma plz tell mee our families are craving for one smile of swara plz tell mee soo that we can help her…ria sees concern in his eyes and decided to tell him the truth one more thing guys only sanky and swara’s gang is present in the canteen

Ria: sanskar I don’t know the complete truth but I only know that when swara is of 14 yrs old she has a frnd name neha she is very closed to her one day neha and her family was going to settle in abroad soo night before their departure swara goes for a nyt out stay in her home and that nyt both neha and her family brutally killed in front of swara’s eyes swara only told me that she didn’t told me how she escaped from there and what exactly happened that day.. by saying this she again starts crying

All the people become numb and shocked after hearing this they didn’t know that a small girl of 14yrs have gone through with too much..

Sanskar who is crying after listening this compose himself and said guys this is not the time of crying we have to do something..

Kavya: sanky I think we should tell about this to your families

Ria: please guys don’t tell this to swara

Sanky: don’t worry ria we only talks to her when we have a solution

Sanky and all members of both gang goes to sanky’s home and sanky calls swara’s parent to his home and told them all about this

Both parents gets shattered after listening this

Shekhar after sometimes said that ya I know about neha and her family but I thought that they shifts to usa but I don’t know that they are no more

Dp: shekhar I think we should takes a need of a doctor

Everyone agrees..

Doctor: mr shekhar after listening all about mis swara I only suggest that u all have to create a murder scene infront of her this is the only solution to take her out of that trauma all nodes and left

All decided to creates a drama in the form of play infront of her eyes

This all planning is done secretly because of swara

Finally the day has come when they all going to play the drama in the audi of the clg and family members were also present

when the plays starts swara starts getting some flashes like in then play 2 girls were playing and their parents were also there… finally when the nyt scene comes swara starts sweating and when someone tries to stab one girl swara shouts nehaaaaaaaaaaa and runs toward them and push the person who is trying to stab and she hugs the girl tightly when suddenly all the lights turn on and swara sees the girl that was ria… swara turns around and sees sanky gang and her gang and their parents were standing around her

Sumi came forward and cups her face and says swara my child please tells us what happened that nyt??

Swara who is shivering with fear starts crying and shouting loudly and sits on the floor all eyes became teary after seeing her in this situation sanky goes forward and hugs her tightly anf starts caressing her hair swara starts telling


I and neha was very sad because we are going to separate because we both were soul sisters and also happy that we are going to stay with each other for the whole nyt we both enjoyed a lot and goes to sleep together but in mid nyt we woke up because of the loud noise from down stairs

We saw that 10-11 men are there with big guns in their hands all are looking like a goons and one men is pointing gun towards neha’s father and said mister ram we told u that u can’nat save u and your family from her clutch then why u thought of shifting from there??

Ram: listen shergil your rivalry is with me please spare my wife and my daughter

Shegil: ohoo I like your this tone which is full of fear but how can I spare soo beautiful lady without enjoying??

Ram and his wife sujata became numb after hearing this starts pleading to him but shergil who is such a moron didn’t pays any head to their pleading and orders his man to take out his daughter also swara and neha who is listening all this from upstairs become scared but before they do anything shergil men grabs both of them..

Shegil after seeing 2 girls smiles evilig and said wow today I thing god is with me that’s why he gave me not 2 infact 3 beautiful ladies one is ram’s wife and 2 were these girls..both neha and swara were shivering..

Ram held shergil collar and said you blo*dy rascal don’t u dare to do anything with my wife and my daughters but shergil one man stabs him from behind ram fall down sujata who is seeing all this shouts and comes near him but shergil grabs her and throw on the floor and comes upon her and brutually raped her after shergil his all men raped her and stabs her brutally and both ram and sujata died the little swara and neha seeing all this with teary eyes because they didn’t understand the whole thing

Suddenly swara bites the hand of one man who is holding them and grabs neha hands and starts running shergil and his men who is bzy sees them running run behind them but swara and neha hides themselves in the bushes when they go from there both came out and starts running again but suddenly neha fell down and she hurt on the knee little neha says swara to plz goo from there but swara denying latter neha gave her… swear and said go in the mean time shergil and his man reached there and grabs neha swara who is seeing all this from far starts crying bitterly after seeing her frnd’s state and on the other side shergil slaps neha and asks her about swara but she didn’t tell him anything he slaps her again and again and tell his men to do whatever they want to do with her and kills her after that his men rapes the little neha also in front of our swara and after that they kills her and shergil orders them throw all the three bodies in the river… swara runs from there and reached her home but she faints and he suffered from a high fever for more than 1 week after that she became silent

Flashback ends


Everyone is crying bitterly after hearing the whole truth sanskar is still hugging swara..

Suddenly swara came back in her senses and said I don’t leave that shergil he killed my neha I don’t leave him every body becomes happy after seeing swara again normal

Swara sees kavitha and goes to her and said im soryy for slapping u but this is the only thing which I had of my neha kavitha nodes her head and hugs her while crying

Swara: now no more crying its time to do action and she sees toward sanskar who is seeing her lovingly but she ignores him

Everybody joins hand for providing the justice to neha and her family

Shergil is a very powerfull personality but gadodia and mehaswari were also a very powerful and dangerous businessmen

As per there plan swara goes to meet shergil and tell him about the incident of before 6 yrs shergil who is watching her lustfully tries to mis behave with her but at a same time police came but shergil denies with everything but swara said that all your confession is recorded in my pendant which is having a camera in it.. shergil is being arrested

All the hurdles solves

One day sanskar came to swara and said that he loves her firstly swara didn’t answer her and after sometime said that sanskar I also loves u not from today but actually from the last 5 yrs but due to my trauma im not able to see anything by saying this both hugs each other..
The endd…..


  1. Sumeeta


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    Nice.shergill aur swara ka confront wala part thoda aur big hota to achha hota.like dialouge hota to achha lagta

  2. Rabia



    Thanku guys and sumeeta i thought that too that’s why i decided to re write the present after after swara’s flashback sgain most probably by tonight ☺

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