swara: secret of dark nyt one shot (present after flashback)


Guys im rewriting the present part again with detail in which they proves the shergil culprit


Everyone is crying bitterly after hearing the whole truth sanskar is still hugging swara..

Suddenly swara came back in her senses and said I don’t leave that shergil he killed my neha I don’t leave him every body becomes happy after seeing swara again normal

Swara sees kavitha and goes to her and said im soryy for slapping u but this is the only thing which I had of my neha kavitha nodes her head and hugs her while crying

Swara: now no more crying its time to do action and she sees toward sanskar who is seeing her lovingly but she ignores him

Everybody joins hand for providing the justice to neha and her family

Shergil is a very powerfull personality but gadodia and mehaswari were also a very powerful and dangerous businessmen and one more thing guys kavya is a daughter of shergil he loves her daughter a lot but she hates him because when she was 8 he killed her mother which is seen by kavya and shergil don’t know about dis.he killed his wife because she came to about his illegal activities and she sai to him that she will tell all this to police soo shergil killed her and create the murder as accident..

As per their plan swara has to go to shergil….she goes to shergil mansion as a frnd of kavya but actually kavya was not there it is a plan so that swara can spend some time with shergil..swara rings the bell one servant came and she said that she is kavya’s frnd servant said that kavya madam was out but she said that she will came in half an hr so you can wait for her in the living area.. swara nodes and goes in.. after 10 mins shergil came down he is going out but when he sees a girl sitting he came towards her swara’s back is facing him..shergil said excuse me?? Who r u and to whom u wan’na meet?

Swara turns and said ooh ii uncle im kavya’s frnd and im came here to meet her..

Shergil: I think I’ve seen u somewhere?? Isn’t it?

Swara: (in mind) ya obviously why u don’t saw mee oo rascal and said to him may be uncle with kavya

Shergil sees her with not a good intention and goes and sit opposite to her..

Shergil : so tell mee what is your name and where do u live

Swara: intentionally told him the area where neha’s family lived

Shergil: become shocked but compose and said oo I see

Swara: who is seeing his expressions says uncle r u alright?

Shergil: y im fine and said sorry I’ve to goo

Swara: waisay mr shergil what u thought when I told u about my area where im living?

Shergil immediately turns and said no nothing

Swara: but I know what u thought I think some ram,sujata or neha??

Shergil: gave her the horrified expressions and said how do u know about all this who r u??

Swara: shouts im the 2nd girl who runs from your grip and infront of me u killed my frnd and her family

Shergil: first become shocked but compose himself and lughs eviling and said oo my god soo u r that girl?? I must say I’ve become more beautiful by saying this he came closer to her and tries to touch her but swara gave him a tight slap and said you *** don’t u dare to touch me im here because I want to give u the punishment
Shergil laughs and said oo my child who will believe on you do u have any proof?? Y saying this he pushed swara on sofa and came upon her but before he cross his limits he felf an immense pain on his back he immediately turns and look that his daughter kavya is standing by holding a rod

Shergil become numb and starts giving her justification and said kavya beta your frnd is a characterless girl she is seducing me kavya again hits him with a rod and said enough of your non sense mr shergil u kno who is chracterless who is not u r a blo*dy murderer of my mother also u killed her in front of my eyes
Shergil eyes widen but he starts laughing and said so u know about mee interesting ya I killed your mom because she came to know about my illegal activities I also killed ram and his family raped his wife and daughter but how can u proof that do u have any proof??

Swara turns him and gave him a tight slap and said yes we have a proof this my pendant has a camera and also there is a hidden camera inside your this living area shergil shocked and tries to snatch pendant from her but before that police came and arrest him..

All the hurdles solves

After 1 week One day sanskar came to swara and said that he loves her very much whenever he sees her silent he feels immense pain is his heart but he don’t know why he said that my gang and me only teases you because we want to listen your because which is actually only I wants I wanted you to fight with me and you never spoke always ignore me and when I came to know the real reason my heart only wished to go and hug you tightly he said swara I luv u very much will you marry me? firstly swara didn’t answer her and after sometime said that sanskar I also loves u not from today but actually from the last 5 yrs but due to my trauma im not able to see anything I want to answer you back when u always teased me but my mind doesn’t work on that time that’s why I always goes far from you I luv u too sanskarrr by saying this both hugs each other.. and after 1 month they both get married and lives a happy life

The endd…..


  1. Sumeeta


    |Registered Member

    Thanks rabia for consider my suggest.its really nice and sweet of u.i am verry happy with ur gesture.nd extended part is too good.sorry just for me u have to rewrite this story.nd i am very happy.??

    • Rabia



      No need to say sorry sumeeta actually i was very tired when i was writing soo thats my no idea came at that time but thanks to u who point out that and thanku soo much for appreciating it ???

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