swara sanskar……..love happens at the most unexpected time chap 2 n 3 summary in english

Swara scolds laksh fr throwing ragini out of d house
Swara to ragini: ragini mom dad has become one…dnt want anything else…i ve forgiven u….u go to gadodiyas..i ll manage here…prms u ll get ur luv back
Sumi comes der
Sumi: u r my kid…u ve made mistake…no prb..everything sort out…lets go home
Dey go
Dp asks swara to giv divorce to sanskar as it was a forceful marriage…
Sanskar goes frm der without listening nything
Swara tells dp dat she does nt want to giv divorce to sanskar….she wants to live with sanskar as she cant break d sacred bond of marriage… She further demands him to accept ragini

Sanskar cries in his room

Swara goes to laksh room
She explains all d situation to laksh…n begs him to accept ragini….
Laksh agrees bt says he ll aaccept ragini only wen his heart agrees…
Swara says ok fine
Laksh n swara share a friendly hug n den only sanskar sees dem
He rushes out of mm n goes to a lonly place….he says he luvs swara a lot n want only n only her happiness…her happiness is laksh n she shud go to him….i ll do nything fr dem to start afresh….i do nt care abot my feelings….
Swara goes to sanskar room bt nt find him der…she wonder why she did nt giv divorce to him n whether she s in luv wid him

Ragini calls a killer ask him to shoot laksh
N says if laksh cnt b mine he cant be of nyone else
Swara goes to ragini’s room in gadodiya house n explains her about laksk prms…
Ragini gets shocked n tells dat she has sent man to kill laksh…swara slaps her n ragini realises her mistake….
Swara n ragini goes to save laksh…she clls sanskar n ask him to save laksh….sanky goes…on d way he sees a man aiming at laksh….he takes d shot on him…everyone reach der…sanky smiles seeing swara…n closes his eyes…..
Dey take sanskar to hospital…
In hospital doc says dat chances of his survival are less….dey tell everything to maheshwaries….all come der…swara consoles dem hiding her own tears….
Doc says dat if within one hr he does nt get conscious…. He wil go in coma….after sometimes sanky starts gasping fr breathe n den he calls swara….doc asks her to come der n ask him to come back…he opens his eyes n becomes fine…swara tells everything To family….everyone get happy…swara stays in hoapihospital n in mrng he wakes up n thinks he s dead n is in heaven….he misunderstood swara as an angel n ask her to stay away frm him as he s loyal to his Swara only….swarA explains him dat he s nt dead….he gets happy….swara indirectly hints him dat she luvs him
Sry fr my non hindi speking frnds….plz forgive me dis tymmm surely frm chap 4 i ll nt diappoint u all

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