Swara Sankar Meant Together Ep 9

Thank u so much for ur support. For raglak fans at the moment they are just friends so im focusing on swasan. I will update their scenes later.

“Swara I love you” sanskar is in his knees down & holding rose bunch in his hand. Swara gets teary eyed “I love u too Sanskar i dont know from first day itself im fallen into u whenever i see u i get a feeling that u just belongs to me i feel i can do anything to u… just anything to u… im love in with u madly… most madly…” she hugs him.

“swara what are u doing?” Geetha shouts “geethu” swara turns “arreey yaar u again lost in ur dream” geetha keeps her hand on her head “no geethu not like that” swara fumbles “swara its ur performance today” geetha said “i forget” swara shouts “there are lot of celebrities from the town its regarding our college’s respect u can do naah?” Geetha asked her “haah baba dont worry” swara said.

Swara comes to the stage. She is little bit nervous. She looks at the crowd then a familiar face “oh no sanskar” swara panics & in her mind “he doesnt like to attend programmes but why he is here today oh no god” sanskar sees her “u can swara i know. I wanted hear ur voice still u couldnt tell u that i like ur music in the first day i met u in the day. That day i fallen into ur music” he smiles at her “not only ur music to u also” she smiles at him back.

Swara closes her eyes then remembers her moments with sanskar then its brings a smile on her face. She starts play the guitar & start to sing on her melodious voice…

” Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage

Kyun tu baandhe mann ke mann se dhaage

Bas chale na kyun mera tere aage

Dhoondh hi loge mujhe tum har jagah ab to, mujhko khabar hai

Ho gaya hoon jab se tera main hawa mein hoon , tera asar hai

Tere paas hoon, ehsaas mein main yaad mein teri

Tera thikaana ban gaya ab saans mein meri

Chod kar na tu kahin bhi dur ab jaana, tujhko kasam hai

Saath rehna jo bhi hai tu, jhooth ya sach hai, ya bharam hai

Apna banaane ka jatan kar hi chuke ab to

Baiyaan pakad kar aaj chal main du bata sabko

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage”

Sanskar keep looking at her. He realises that for him only. She opens her eyes & looks at him. She smiles at him. They both share a eye lock.

In the back stage…

“Swara i think u are suppose to sing another song?” riya asked “sanskar” swara whispered “uffo so this song is for sanskar” geetha said “i think he also love u alot u better tell him ur feeling” riya said “if he reject me?” Swara worried “he wont” geetha replied.

In the entrance of the college…

Sanskar is standing near the car then swara sees him & runs towards him. She stood infront of him. He pulls her from her waist & caresses her hair. “Sanskar u dont like this sort of programme nah but u came” while looking down & playing with his shirt’s buttons “so u dont like that i came” he said “no no i like it no no i love it” she tensed “when i heard ur college’s name i thought i can meet u so came by the way swara tomorrow’s ur prince charming’s bday & he wants start his bday with u” she is in shock “ur bday???!!! U didnt tell im angry with u….. dont talk to me… I dont have a gift to give u” he replies “u itself a gift to me swara u after came again started to live… u are a precious gift my lady… are ready to celebrate my bday?” She gets teary eyes “why sanskar?” He replies “because u are mine… JUST MINE…!!!” she nobes

In the hostel…

“Swara maam! Sir asked give this packet to u” aman said “call me swara… & u must be aman sanskar’s PA” she looks at the pocket “haa maam” he replied “its swara bhai” she said while looking at his face “bhai???” He is confused “haa u taking a good care of sanskar also u are with him from the beginning so thought give u more responbilities” he smiles “sir asked u come to blue lagoon hotel at 11pm & driver will come to pick u” he said “but bhai i cant come out after 8pm” she is worried “then u come to my place my mom is there she can help u to get ready then i will drop u” he said “but” she still worried “im ur bhai naah” he asked then she smiles and nobes.

At Aman’s place…

“Yeh ladki is very beautiful in this white sarees” aman’s mom said. Swara is wearing a white saree then a diamond chain with matching diamonds earrings which sanskar sent to her. “Sir’s choice is always perfect thats why he have selected her” he points at swara. She blushes “i think today u must confess ur feelings to him” he continued “what if he reject me?” She is tensed “i dont think so because i know he loves u alt in this 5 years he never get close any girls except u” she feels proud “haa he is a good person dont miss him by getting late.” Aman’s mom said.

Precap: swara’s love confess! Will sanskar accept her?

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