Swara Sankar Meant Together Ep 8


If im boring u all pls let me know

In the sanskar’s house…Mumbai…

“Sanskar wake up wake up na” he opens his eyes “swara” he said “haa Mr Maheswari” he is surprised “swara u are in here?in this early morning?” She gives him a coffee “haa Mr Maheswari u know my friend Sanskar gave me a punishment that I spend the whole day with him. A whole day means a whole day” he smiles “a whole day” then drinks the coffee

In the baadi…Kolkata…

“Ragini beta did u take everything u want? Once reach there give me a call” sumi said “haa maa u dont worry ur daughter is grown now” ragini replied “but still u are my little princess dont forget call ur didi” sumi said “ok maa i call didi also” ragini takes blessings of the elders.

“Uffo yeh ragini is late nah” laksh said “laksh” then he see ragini is coming “finally” he said “sorry laksh” she made a pouted face. “Miss Ragini Gadodia shall we go?” He said “yes Mr Laksh Maheswari” she replied.

In the evening…Mumbai…

“Sanskar i want to go to beach” swara said “are not u are getting late?” Sanskar asked “no sankar pls we will go nah” she requested “haa ok ok baba” he smiled. They reach to the beach. “Swara” she is not there sanskar gets paniced then he sees she is playing the beach.

He smiles then he keep staring at her. Still she is playing in the water. He smiles at her childish behaviour. He slowly moves towards at her. She didnt notice that he is coming towards her. He comes behind her & hugs her. She is shocked. He keeps his chin on her shoulder. “Sanskar” she murmured.

“Hmmm” he whispered “everyone is looking at us” she said “might be they are jealous” he said. She smiles on his reply. She turns towards him. “Sanskar” she said then hugs him tightly. He smiles & kisses on her forehead. She closes her eyes & he looks at the beach.

In the airport…Kolkata…

“Ragini see we got late” laksh said “oh laksh” she said “even though we can go by ur car” he turns “u wanna go goa by car ragini tum bhi naah” she replies “pls it will be fun” he walks “u made me as ur driver. Is there any other wishes?” She smiles “no my lord”

In Sanskar’s house…Mumbai…

Swara & sanskar keep looking at their eyes. “Swara” he said “haa” she replied “how was ur day? Do u like my company?” He asked “its amazing sanskar” she leans on his shoulder. They are walking towards his room by holding their hands.

“& I love ur company” she said it looking at his face. Then she walks towards his bed & arrange it. “So u love my company then daily u will asks for a day out?” He asked “haa sanskar” she replied “for lifelong?” He leans on the door “haa lifelong sanskar i will travel with u everywhere in this world” she replying without realise what he said. He smiles “pakka nah?” She turns “haa pakka” then she realises what he asked “sanskar” she asked “haa swara will u stay with me lifelong?” She runs towards him & hugs him “haa sanskar haa” she gets tears on her eyes then he smiles.

“Ok u must be tired u go & sleep” he said “good night” she said & she turns to leave “where are u going?” He aksed “to guest room” she replied. He holds her near to the bed then he leans on the bed. He drags her hand so falls down on his top. He hugged her tightly. “Good night” he said “sanskar” she hides her face on his chest & hugged him back. He kisses on her forehead.she closed her eyes.

Precap : sanskar’s birthday

Credit to: Azee

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  3. Hey azee … do u think it is boring ? If u. Then it is wrong.. it is awesome yaar. Infact it is one of my fav… plz continue

  4. Awesome but they didn’t confess their love yet right?? I dont understand…plzz explain me..yr

    1. They feeling their love but they express it very later

  5. samanvitha murty

    Hey its awesome its not at all boring we are enjoying it

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