Swara Sankar Meant Together Ep 7


In Sanskar’s house…Mumbai…

Its morning now. Sunrise will be shown. Sunlight comes to sanskar’s room through the window’s mirror. Sanskar opens his eyes. He can see swara’s face. She is sleeping peacefully by leaning on the pillow. He is still on her lap. “what im doing? This is wrong. I cant do like this” he trys to wake then she caresses his hair. “What this happening to me? she makes feel that…. a strange feeling… i want her be in my side. Will she leave like kavitha? Wait what kavitha? How can i compare her with kavitha? Kavitha is my lady in love. Does it mean i love swara… no its impossible. But if its true… will she accept me?” Swara opens her eyes & sees sanskar is staring at her “are u alright?” She caresses his left cheek.

He sits on the bed “im sorry whatever happened yesterday is” she closes his mouth from her hand “sanskar” then she keeps her face on his shoulder “whatever happend in ur life is bad. But i cant see u crying” he looks at her “ur tears makes me feel helpless pls its ur past may be she had another reason but u are not wrong she missed a gem of person so pls dont let me fell helpless” they both share a eyelock.

“Swara i will drop u at hostel” he said then she realises that she leaning on his shoulder “oh im sorry” he replies “i will get ready” she stood up from the bed “i will make a coffee for u” before sanskar say something she runs out from the room “swara do u feel the same way i feel…”

In the hostel…Mumbai…

Swara calls her friend.”geethu where are u?” Swara asked “Madam u asking from me! where was u yesterday night? how many times i called u? but didnt pick up my calls?” Swara reminiscies her day with sanskar, a little smile appears on her face. “Areey baba im sorry its big story i will tell u later” swara replied “ok swara can i remember our group project which have to submit on tomorrow” geetha said “haa” she replied “so we decided make it done on riya’s place u have come there alright now” geetha ordered “yes madam there is no charge on my phone u dnt worry i’ill come bye” geetha replied “bye”

In the Karma Industry…Mumbai…

“Haa swara tell” sanskar said “sir is she special?” Aman asked then he realises he is at office & swara is not with him “not again” he whispered “sorry sir its 15th time u are telling her name i thinking u are missing her presence” aman said “nothing like that” he said “& i met 2 days ago so how can i miss her?” He continued while signing on a file “but a person to become closer to ur heart doesnt take time” aman said & he start think “sir i think u are in love with her” sanskar looks at aman “to love nothing is required but sir ur heart should feel. From today morning u are checking any of the work sir u are signing without checking sir i never saw u like this” sanskar looks at the file “this enough to say that u are in love” aman takes the file & leaves ” am i love swara?” He asked himself.

Its in the evening…5pm…Mumbai…

“Im still at riya’s place. Project work is still going on. But im not interested. To say honestly I miss him… I miss sanskar… does he miss me?” Swara thought herself. “Hello madam who is in ur dreams? From the time u came u are totally lost in ur thoughts” riya said “oh babaa nothing like that let me help me” she replied “riya this days our swara is lost in her love at first sight” geetha laughs “wow oh swara who is that?” Riya asked “nothing like that u guys also” swara replied “i dont know whether geetha is correct but i think yes u are love” riya said “am i love sanskar? But will he accept my love?” Swara thought herself.

In the Karma Industry…6pm…Mumbai…

“How many times im calling her?” Sanskar said “but her mobile is not working!” He hitted his hand on the table “is she fine? Is she in a problem? What must happened?” He stood up “is she ignoring me? Is she wanna go away from me or else after hearing my story does she thought there is no place for her in my life… oh no swara dont think like that i want u swara”
He looks up “i think i should check in her hostel

In the enterance of the hostel… 6:20pm… Mumbai…

“No sir swara madam is not there she went somewhere few hours ago she didnt return till now” the security said “Oh my god where did u go? Swara pls i want see u right now” he shouted & then went his car leaned on his car “untill i see ur face i wont go here” he said himself

Its 7:45pm… swara & geetha comes back to the hostel. Both of them are laughing on something then identifies sanskar’ car “sanskar” she said then she saw him within a second he also saw her “swara” she runs to him & hugged him tightly then he also hugged back. They felt like havent seen each other for years.

He holds her shoulder “where was u? Do u know how much im scared? & ur phone is not working swara i thought i lost u i thought left me” swara catches his collar with care & looks his eyes “im alright i went to my friend’ place & my phone didnt have charge so i left it in the room” he puts his hands on her waist & holds her tightly then keeps his forehead on her forehead. “never ever do this to me again i cant bear it swara i left like i have lost u” she smiles “I WONT LEAVE U FOREVER” he closes his eyes & takes her more closer to him then caresses her hair “why did u worried?” She asked then he opens his eyes widen “i missed u damn it & i love…” then suddenly they realises their position

“I meant” sanskar fumbles “im sorry” swara said it holding her ears then he smiles at her childsh behaviour “but swara u have a punishment” he said “what? A punishment?” She get worried “haa u have to stay with me tomorrow… a whole day” he said “haa” she shouts in the excitement “a whole day means a whole day swara” he repeated “haa sanskar” she said then he holds her both hands “bye take care see u tomorrow morning” he said “bye” she replied then he left the place in his car.

Geetha comes behind swara & stands but still swara looking at the road “so he is ur love at first sight” swara is shocked “no he is my friend” geetha replies “haa friends? Ok ok” swara looks down with a smile “u love him swara & he does the same” geetha said while her hand on swara’s shoulder.

Precap : laksh & ragini in goa… sanskar & swara romance

Credit to: Azee

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