Swara Sankar Meant Together Ep 6


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In Sanskar’s house…Mumbai…

Swara is lost in his eyes but sanskar turns “haa haa why u are staring at me?” Swara is still lost “ur eyes are so deep” then she comes in senses “no i meaned” he makes her more closer “if u keep staring at my eyes u will fallen into me” they both share a eyelock “already im” she replied.

Swara’s phone is ringing then they comes to their senses & move away. Swara attends the call “hello maa” sanskar looks at her then he remembers ap & sujatha so he walk away from the place.

Swara & Sumi Phone Conversation

Sumi : hello shonu how are u?
Swara : haa maa im totally fine. What about u all? How are u maa? & How is baba, dada, dadi & ragini?
Sumi : oh hoo shona u are all are fine
Swara : is there ragini? I want to talk with her
Sumi : naa beta she went to college she didnt come still now i ask her to call u then i keep the phone bye beta
Swara : bye maa

Swara search for sanskar. She goes to upstairs then she saw him standing on balcony. “Sanskar u here im was searching everywhere” she said & he turns “do u miss ur family?” He asked “haa sanskar i think everyone will if they staying away from the family & i know u too” she replied “haa” he said without looking at her “ur family is perfect” She said the he looks at her “how did u?” She cuts him in middle “i saw their pic on ur room” he asks “so u went my room” she replies “haa now i know every single corner in ur home” he smiles then she looks at her mobile.

“Oh no its 8 nw” She replied “why swara? What happen?” He asked “i have to be in hostel before 8” before he say something “im leaving now see u tomorrow” she said & she turns “come i will drop u” he said

In the college… Kolkata…

“Laksh its too late now meet u tomorrow” ragini said “oh hoo Miss. Ragini Gadodia wait i will drop u at home” laksh said “no laksh i can manage” she replied ” now just shut up & come with me” he said then moves toward the car & she follows him
Laksh & ragini got in the car “hmmm so chalo” she said “ok ok madam” he replied. they both burst out laughing.

In the enterance of the hostel…Mumbai…

“Sorry madam its 9 now. We cant let u inside” security said “but where can i stay in this time?” Swara asked “Sorry we cant do anything. Tonight u have to stay outside. In the morning u can come to back to the hostel.” Security replied. “Oh noo a whole night” sanskar comes there & holds her shoulder “come with me” she replies “but where?” He says “to my house” she replies “how can i stay there?” He replies “dont u trust me?” She looks at him & replies unknowingly “more than myself” he smiles.

Back to Sankar’s house…Mumbai…

“So u can stay in the guest room” he said “thank u sanskar” she said “oh yaar” he shouts “oh no sorry sorry oh no not again” she shut her mouth by covering it with her hands. He laughs by seeing her cuteness.
“Swara u are unbeliveable after kavitha u are the only girl making me to smile.”Swara asks “kavitha!is that ur wife’s name?” He looks at her supersingly.

“Im sorry i saw her pics in room &” before she continue “& u thought she is my wife” he said “haa” she replied while looking down “she is not my wife but my life” he holds swara’s hand & take her to the bedroom.

In Sankar’s room…Mumbai…

He stands infront kavithas & his pic & touches kavitha’s face “we loved each other during our college days but she is a bengali so my family members didnt agree because of the marwadi society. We decided to get married without our parents permission.” Swara get teary eyed & he continues “On that day i was waiting for her a whole day in the mandhir but she didnt come” he falls down & cries “sanskar” she runs towards him & hugs him “pls sanskar i cant u like this” she also cries “i think my bade papa blackmailed her but i really love her swara” he also hugged her back.

After some times he breaks the hug “im sorry i became little emotional” he said & stood up without looking her face “swara u must be tired go & sleep dont worry about me” he turns to go then she holds his right hand “swara” he whispers & looks at her face but she didnt say a single word. She walks towards the bed & he keep looking at her. She sits on the bed & make him to sit then she makes him to sleep on her lap. he looks at her eyes. She wipes his tears & closes his eyes by her hand then caresses his hair.within few minutes he slept but she keep looking at his face & caresses his hair.

Precap : Sanskar misses swara in the office

Credit to: Azee

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