Swara Sankar Meant Together Ep 5

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In Sanskar’s room…

“This is sab’s bed room” swara enters to another huge room “wow” she said then she saw a pic hang on the wall which is behind the bed. Its kavitha’s & sanskar’s pic. They are looking at each other’s faces & his forehead touched her forehead. Swara goes near the pic “who is this?” She gets sad “i dont know beti but i think its sab’s ex wife” she gets teary eyed. “But i think she is no more because i have seen him that talking the pic by saying why u left me?” Swara wipes her tears & touches his face ” i didnt know ur past is like this but i feel for u & i sont want to stop it. I feel like u are mine just mine” she thought her.

In the opposite wall there are lot of pics,some are his pics but some are kavitha’s pics also there was pics of mahewari family “hmm ur family members seems nice. May be because of ur wife’s death, u are staying alone” then she saw jinny is running outside of the room.

She runs behind the jinny the she slips. Just about to fall down then two hands holds her by her waist.she looks at that person’s face.its sanskar she felt like current passing through her body.they both share a eyelock. KAUN MERA song plays on the background.

“Sanskar” she whispered & he made her to stand. “Accha is this ur 30 mints?” She said “Im sorry the meeting got dragged” he replied “how is my house?” She replies “its just like a palace I love it” he smiles “what did ur jinny said?” She replies “he said that u are taking good care of him” she laughs “but I missed u so much” she said “accha? U missed me?” He asked “haa” she blushes

“So did u had something?” He asked “no sanskar” she replied & he gets angry “hari kaka” she says “no its not his fault. I wanted wait till u comes” he looks at her “come” she follows him”so what u want?” He sits on the sofa “cold coffee” she sits near sits him & carries jinny on her hands then he caresses jinny’s head “hari kaka bring one black coffee & one cold coffee” she looks at him “shall I make a coffee for u?” She asked “but there swara, hari kaka is there nah?” He replied “pls” she said it with a pouted face “ok” he said “thank u” she runs to the kichten with a excitement. He looks on.

She comes back with two coffee cups “here” she gives one to sanskar “waah swara u make good coffee” he said after taking a slip of coffee.”thank u” she said “hello madam did u forget there is no thank u no sorry in friendship” both of them burst out laughing. They are keep talking for hours even they didnt notice how close are they.swara is just right next to sanskar & his hands on her shoulder. She keeping her head on his chest & keeping looking at him but he looking at front & talking to her.

Precap : sanskar reveals his past to swara

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