Swara Sankar Meant Together Ep 4


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In baadi….

“Ragini what are u thinking about?” Sumi asked “Maa” ragini sits on the chair “ln my college we are going for a tour?” Sumi looks at her “to where?” Ragini replies ” Goa maa” sumi asks “how many days?” Ragini replies “for 3 days” sumi keep thinking

Dadimaa & Shekar come there “Maa if its swara u will send her nah?” Dadimaa says ” Naa laado u are not gonna go” sumi replies “Naa maa let her go naah! She also should know the world” Ragini keeps her chin on sumi’s shoulder & replies “really maa love u so much maa” dadimaa says “but” shekhar cuts her “let her go maa” dadimaa looks on

In Sanskar’s house

Swara caresses jinny’s head “Did u miss me? Did he miss me? Did he tell anything about me?” She kisses jinny & smiles. Swara keep looking around in the house. A servant comes there “Maam what u will have?” Swara replies “pls call me swara” the servant nobes “what is ur name bhaiyya?” Swara asked “My name is Hari Prasad & sab calls me hari kaka” he replied “so im also going to u as hari kaka” swara said “haa maam” ramu kaka replied “no maam only swara” she said & hari kaka nobes.

Swara looks around the house “This house like a palace” she turns around by looking up “hari kaka where is others? Nobody seems here?” Hari kaka replies “Naa beti sab lives alone here” swara looks him ” then where is his family members?” He replies “i dont know beti” swara nobes

In the college…Kolkata…

Ragini comes to the college & see laksh over there “Laksh” she runs towards him & breathe heavily “laksh im coming to the tour” suddenly he hugged ragini & she blushes ” laksh” she pulls him away “oh ragini u dont know how happy i am?” Then laksh puts his hand on ragini’s shoulder “but why” ragini asked from him “for 3 days u gonna be with me nah?” Laksh said “accha because of that?” Ragini replied. Both of them burst out laughing.

In Sanskar’s house…Mumbai…

Swara enter to a room “This is sab’s study room” hari kaka said “oh its well maintained” swara said “haa sab is very possive about his things. He wont give anything to others & u are the first person who came to this house beti also sab asked me to take special care of u” he replied “sachchi?” She asked & he replies “haa beti”

There is a big pic of sanskar hanged on the wall. Its just behind the table. In that pic sanskar wearing a white formal dress (same dress he wore on new year party) & he looks down then keep smiling. Swara goes near the pic & touches his face “he is so handsome” she murmured. In the table, there was a nameboard mentioned “Sanskar Maheswari, Karma Industry” she looks at the name board & goes near the table. She touches his name “Sanskar Maheswari” she whispered herself then smiles.

“Sujatha its 5 years now without our son” ap said “haa jiji i miss him alot” sujatha replied “Maa if u dont mind can u say me about devarji?” Pari asked “haa beta he is so handsome & well matured” ap stood up “he is my fav son” she continued “during his college days he loved a girl named kavitha but she was bengalan so we didnt accept his love. So he decided to get married without permission but dont know why she didnt turned aback to mandhir on that day. He thought we are responsible for it so he left the house” ap wipes & sujatha goes away from there by wiping her tears. “Dont worry maa one day he will realises his mistake & will come back” ap nobes & says “haa I also wish the same… if there is someone to make him realises” ap & pari looks on

Precap : swara & sanskar gets closer

Credit to: Azee

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