Swara Sankar Meant Together Ep 3


Thanks for ur valueable comments… today im going focus about swasan only pls dnt wrry in nxt epi i wil add raglak also

In the night…

“Sanskar” swara murmured herself & keep smiling. ” Oh shonu what happend to u? Why u are keep smiling like a stupid?” Geetha asks from her (Geetha is swara’s room mate) “No geethu today I met a handsome guy also he is so sweet u know &” she replies “& u fallen in love at first sight” geetha said “no no nothing like that im so sleepy im going to sleep good night” swara replied “ok ok baba i was joking good night” geetha said

Sanskar looks at the moon through the window & thinks about swara “why I cant forget her cute face? Whole day I was thinking about her only. After Kavitha, she is the only girl who i cant forget & i dnt want to forget” jinny comes near him “i think u also miss her but hopefully i think we can meet her”

“Oh hoo I cant sleep when i closes my eyes i see sanskar only” she sits on the bed “I cant wait till morning to meet him. I really want to be with him” she said ti herself “ufff i dont know where is his house? then how can i meet him tomorrow?” She thinks “No way Im gonna call him at any cost I wanna meet him”

Sankar leaned on his bed and closed his eyes then his phone rings. Sanskar looks at his phone & swara’s name flashes on his phone

Sanskar – “Hello swara are u alright? Is there any problem? How is ur wound? Is it paining?”
Swara smiles
Swara – “Hello hello sanskar Im fine Im fine”
Then he relaxes
Swara – “my wound is better now dont worry”
Sanskar – “No swara I was…”
Swara – “haa I know u are worried sanskar”
Sanskar – “so u didnt sleep?”
Swara thinks “u arent letting me sleep”
Swara – “how can i sleep?”
Sanskar -“why?”
Swara – “u asked come to ur home”
Sanskar – “haa so”
Swara – “U didnt give the address nah?”
Sanskar – “Oh im really sorry”
& gives the address.
Swara – “ok then I’ill come in the morning”
Sanskar – “in the morning? Dont u have to go college?”
Swara – “I have to but now I want to be with u”
Sanskar smiles
Swara – “I meant with jinny”
Sanskar – “I know”
Swara – “so”
Sanskar – “so”
Swara – “u tel nah sanskar”
Sanskar – “so didnt u miss ur jinny?”
Swara – “no i missed him”
Sanskar – “but u didnt ask about him”
Swara – “i think when i hear ur voice i have started forget everything”
Sanskar – “accha really”
Swara smiles. Time goes on but they continue their phone conversation
Its morning… 3am…
Sanskar – “swara”
Swara slept
Sanskar – “swara… swara… are u there?”
Sanskar cuts the call. “May be she went to sleep but this girl is driving me crazy” then he sleeps on the bed.

Its morning… 9am…

“Swara wake up” geetha shouts “hmm 5 mints pls” swara murmurs “its 9am swara” she wakes up & sits on the bed “Oh no Im getting late…in the first day itself I have got late” geetha asks “first day? from last 1 year u going to college?” Swara replies “no today im not coming to college. I have to meet my friend” geetha asks “friend? Which friend?” Swara replies “u dont know him” Geetha asks “him Who is that?” Swara fumbles “I getting late im gonna get ready” geetha tells herself “something fishy”

“Geetha how do I look?” Swara asked “this ur 5th dress swara” geetha replied.swara is wearing pink frock with black combination. “Swara u are looking good & ur friend will get impressed” Swara blushes “ok bye geetha” geetha replies “ok bye swara but u have to come before 8pm” swara says “haa baba Im not going to stay there”

Sanskar’s House

“Oh god Im feeling nervous now” swara stands near the door then she rings the door bell. A servant opens the door “Maam whom u wanna meet?” Sanskar comes down in the staircase “let her inside” & said “hi swara” he is carrying jinny on his hands. Swara gets happy by seeing sanskar. He drops down the jinny. It runs near swara. Swara bends down & carry him on her hand “hi sanskar” he is feeling a strange happiness after seeing her. “Ok swara u enjoy with ur jinny. I have a meeting. I have to go. Bye” swara is shocked “oh no are u going?” She gets sad. Sanskar smiles by seeing her sad face & goes near her. “I will come back within 30 mints” swara looks at him “pakka nah?” He replies “pakka” he goes near the main door & turns “swara feel free. Feel like ur own home. Bye” swara keep looking at him. He turns again “wait till I come dont go pls” she nobes yes & says “bye”

Precap : swara & sanskar comes closer

Credit to: Azee

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