Swara Sankar Meant Together Ep 2


Its morning at Mumbai…

Sanskar is driving his car to the office (Karma Industry) then he gets call from his PA “yes Aman I dnt have any problem because im on the way & i want that project so prepone the meeting.” Suddenly a girl jumps infront of his car “OMG” he hits the “No Aman im alright a stupid girl jumped infront the car I’ill call u later” he gets down from the car.

“Oh hello did u find my car to die?” the girl stood up & turned towards him.he shocked “is this she? No i met her again from last 2 days I wanted see her but finally now she is infront of me” he thought in his mind. “Im sorry I wanted this puppy to be safe.it was in middle of the road. I wanted protect it. Im sorry” she made a pouted face “oh she is so beautiful” swara is wearing a white frock and she holding a cute white puppy on her hand “why he is staring me? But his eyes so deep & i feel they are trying tell me something” she thought herself then he saw her elbow is bleeding “u are bleeding” thats first word he said “oh its alright” swara replied “no its not alright! Go & seat in the car” he shouted “why he seems worried? & he shouted just like baba but why cant i see him being worried” swara didnt say a word & went near to his car.

Sanskar calls his PA while opening the car’s door swara looks at him “Aman just cancel the meeting” he said “no i know its loss but i have a work more important than it” he cuts the call & he looks at her. They shares a deep eye lock.

In the college at Kolkata…

“Ragini so are u coming to the tour?” Laksh asked “No laksh I didnt think about it” ragini replied “oh ragini u are so boring” laksh seated on the bench ragini went near him “why?” then she seated next to him “why u are not coming to the tour?” Laksh showed a fake anger to her “I didnt say that Im not coming” ragini replied sweetly. “Now u said” laksh asked “I said that I didnt think about that” ragini replied then laksh puts his hand on her shoulder “so will u come?” Ragini replies “I think about that” laksh says “if u are not coming im also not gonna go” ragini is shocked.

In Mumbai… swara & sanskar are in the car…

“I shouted to her but she didnt say a word. She must be angry with me?” Sanskar thought himself “still he is worried about me & he is keep looking at my wound but why? This is first time we met but still his worried face makes me sad” swara looks outside via window “if I talks to him he might be fine” she turned “Im swara & u?” He looks at her “arent u angry?” She confused “no but why?” He replies “no i shouted” she cuts “oh u shouted because u are worried but now im angry with u” he worries “why?” She smiles “u didnt tel ur name?” He laughs “Im sanskar” she replies “nice to meet u Mr.Sanskar” he looks at me “sir? No need u can call me sanskar” she smiles then play with the puppy.

In the Maheswari Mansion…

“U know nah next week our sanskar’s birthday so” ap said then dp replies “u can call him & wish because u are his mother” ap replies “but u are his father u also have to wish him” dp looks her “no annapurna i will never forget what he did” and leaves.

In the hospital…

She is coming near sanskar after doing dressing to her wound.”is it paining?” Sanskar is looking at her wound “why did u cancel ur meeting for me?” She asked “how can i go to the meeting afterall u was bleeding &?” He looks at her then he saw swara looking at her with concern. “Ok shall we go?” He asks from swara.she realises she is looking him all this time.

Enterance of the hospital…

“Sanskar so shall we be friends?” She asked & she is so happy in his mind “yes sure” she asked & he is so happy in his mind “yes sure” he replied “so we are friends now” both of them shakes their hands “so my friend can u do me a help?” He replies “yeah sure” she asked “can u take jinny to ur home?” He is confused

“But who is jinny?” She smiles “oh hoo sanskar here this is jinny” he asks “u kept a name to this puppy” she replies in childish way “haa sanskar nice name nah?see this puppy its cute nah I dnt want to make it away from me” he asks “but u asked to take ur jinny to my home?” She replies “haa sanskar because in my hostel, they wont allow keep pets with us”

He asks “are u staying in the hostel?” She replies “haa Im staying in the hostel because Im doing my degree on music in Mumbai so will u take jinny with u?” He looked at her face & in his mind “I dnt knw what sort of a feeling I have for her but i cant tell no yo her?” She says “pls sanskar” then he smiles “haa baba I take ur jinny to my home” swara is so happy “thank u so much” he says “ha ha in friendship no sorry no thanks” she smiles

“Ok sanskar then shall I leave now?” But in her mind “no god I dnt wanna go I just wanna stay with him but y?” He shocked “is she gonna go? Oh no pls dnt go but why wanna stay with her?” He thinks “ok bye sanskar see u later” she turns to go before sanskar say something again she looks at him “sanskar can u give me ur number so i cal u & ask about jinny?” He thinks in his mind “oh puppy u made my day” then he gives his number “jinny thank u because i met sanskar & again because of u, i can stay in touch with him but is this LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT?” she thought herself. “Shall I drop u to ur college?” He asked & she is so happy “haa” she said it in excotement then he looks at her with love.

While he is driving she keep talking then she thinks “can i keep talking to u like this for life long? I dnt know what made me to fallen into u but i know already im fallen into u i think i have started to like u” he says “so there we came to ur college” she looks at him “can i come to meet tomorrow?” He shocked “no i meant to see jinny?” He replies “but i cant carry jinny to everywhere” his reply made her sad then he notices her sad face “but u come to my house can u?” She is super happy “haa then I ill come to ur house tomorrow bye sanskar” he says ” bye swara” she gets down from the car & looks at him “I really want see u more than jinny i didnt know what this feeling but never had this type of feeling for anyelse its just u make me feel & i love this feelings” she thought herself & walks towards the college “jinny my man i love u puppy because of i can see her tomorrow also” he smiles & looks on

Precap: swara at sanskar’s place

Credit to: Azee

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